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  • A Doll House - 1,407 words
    A Doll House Nora Perceived by Other Characters In the Victorian age many woman were thought of as mere objects. Most woman has no real social status and were not allowed to express themselves freely. A Dolls House, a play by Henrik Ibsen, has brought controversy to the conclusion in which Nora leaves her family. Nora perceived in many different ways is the catalyst that forces Nora to leave her family. Many people had found it difficult to understand how Nora could dessert her husband and children. In the Victorian Age it was not only unheard of to walk out on your loved ones but unethical as well. There are many incidents that inch by inch helps Nora come to the conclusion that she must le ...
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  • A Doll House - 1,376 words
    ... he will use Nora to influence Torvald to promote him to second-in-command who actually runs the bank. When he does not get his promotion but rather a dismissal, out of anger and revenge sends a letter to Torvald explaining Noras forgery and lies. Krogstads turning point comes when his old flame, Christine, comes to him to reconciliate. She wants someone to love and someone to take care of and Krogstad fits the description. She explains that she had to jilt him not because she did not love him but to marry someone with enough money to support her family. Krogstad confesses that her rejection was the beginning of his downfall. Krogstad is hesitant at first to trust her love but Christines ...
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  • Barbie Doll By Marge Piercy - 638 words
    Barbie Doll By Marge Piercy The poem, Barbie Doll, written by Marge Piercy tells the story of a young girl growing up through the adolescence stage characterized by appearances and barbarity. The author uses imagery and fluctuating tone to describe the struggles the girl is experiencing during her teenage years, and the affects that can happen. The title of this poem is a good description of how most societies expect others, especially girls to look. Constantly, people are mocked for their appearance and expected to represent a barbie-doll-like figure. Few are blessed with this description. The female gender is positioned into the stereotype that women should be thin and beautiful. With this ...
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  • Doll House - 729 words
    Doll House Feminist Criticism Through the eyes of society in the late 1800s, women were seen only as incompetent pretty little nothings. Keeping an eyeful watch on the house, starting their pre-destined act of motherhood, and becoming followers on the narrow path behind their husbands were the duties of a woman. In Ibsen's A Doll's House, he criticizes the sexist ways women were exploited in 1879, during a time known as The Victorian Era. Nora's character, in A Doll's House, represents the treatment that every woman was subjected to during The Victorian Era. As pure little play dolls for their husbands, women were treated in extremely childish ways. Such as the scene demonstrated in A Doll's ...
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  • Doll House - 1,376 words
    Doll House ACT II "A Doll House" represents Nora as the essential doll in the house. Nora is being threatening by krogstad, because she forged her father's signature on the agreement they made. In order for him not to tell her husband about the transaction, she has to convince Torvald, to give him back his position at the bank. In order to convince him, she tells him, Krogstad is a dangerous man, he will try to hurt "our family." She begs him to protect his family in everyway that she could possibly think, she even go as far as to be a doll try one of her "slippery tricks", call herself those childish names he like to call her, but still Torvald is not convinced. This is something hard for h ...
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  • Doll House By Henrik Ibsen - 1,551 words
    Doll House By Henrik Ibsen Many of our choices and the things one does in a lifetime can be directly based on what society perceives to be proper. The choices one makes based on societys views, may sometimes have no logic to support them. These choices are sometimes chosen because society would look down upon the person making the"wrong" decision. The values and morals upheld by a society may directly affect how one acts. This is held true for the character Nora in Henrik Ibsens play "A Doll House". Nora is the 19th century middle class wife of Torvald Helmer. She is a woman who is devoted to her husband and family. Nora minds her husband Torvald as a child would a father, and Torvald in ret ...
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  • Doll House By Ibsen - 1,575 words
    Doll House By Ibsen Today a reader might find it hard to imagine how daring Nora Helmer was a hundred years ago. The theme of womens liberation makes this story seem almost contemporary. This was considered a controversial play featuring a woman seeking individuality. "A Dolls House" was the play that made Ibsen world famous. It was written well ahead of its time. In Ibsens time it was considered an outrage for a woman such as Nora to display a mind of her own. It was unthinkable that a woman would leave her husband to obtain freedom. This play presents problems and that still appear in todays society. This play, one of Ibsens most popular works, was a simple classic story of womens liberati ...
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  • Doll House By Ibsen - 1,563 words
    ... the changed woman she had become. She let the illusion of the old Nora continue well after she became a new person. Nora slammed the door on more than Stevens 6 Torvald. She also slammed the door on everything else that happened in her past. It took time to evolve into a new person, but after she did she became a person who could not stand to be married to Torvald any longer. There is foreshadowing hinting that Nora will leave before the play is over (Magill). She says, "do you think that [the children] would forget their mother if she was gone for good?"(Kirszner 993) There are three minor characters in the play, but they each have a very important role. Kristine Linde was a childhood f ...
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  • Doll House By Ibsen - 519 words
    Doll House By Ibsen Nora Helmer and Kristine Linde are two totally different women. First of all, Kristine is a widow, but doesnt suffer of the loss of her husband. " ... Not even a broken heart to grief over" p.8 The only thing she suffers from is the fact of being all alone. Shes a very calm and wise woman. Nora on the other side is like a little child in the beginning. She wants to do whatever she wants; for instance she always eats macaroons behind her husbands back. Shes always very gay and singing. Shes very innocent and never thinks what the consequences could be of her acts. She starts to panic once Krogstad threatens her and wants to leave everything behind, so she wouldnt have to f ...
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  • Doll House By Ibsen - 867 words
    Doll House By Ibsen Helmer is a successful bank lawyer in the drama "A Doll House" written by Henrik Ibsen. His wifes name is Nora. She is a housewife with three children and gets help raising them from her maid Helen. Nora and Helmer are both busy people within their lives. Little do they know that their marriage is not safe due to the fact that it is not given first priority in the lives they led. The action takes place in their home. Helmer is very protective when it comes to the family image that is portrayed to the public. This is because his career, as a lawyer, depends on it. He feels that he should have a perfect public image for the sake of his career and not his family, since that ...
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  • Doll Story Plot - 565 words
    Doll Story Plot This short story, "The Doll" is about poor out of work okies back in the early 1930's looking for any type of job they can find, so they can get paid or something to eat. Mrs. Hollis and the two okies are the main characters in the story. The story tells about these okies asking for work from a well off woman, Mrs. Hollis, and how she treats them. In spite of her will to help them, she eventually sends them away after meager payment and food. The story starts off as two ragged boys walk up Mrs. Hollis' lawn coming from the camp, where poor out of work families live. They were two "okies" looking for a job to get some food. Mrs. Hollis is disgusted at all of the dirt and ragge ...
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  • Henrik Ibsens A Doll House - 1,257 words
    Henrik Ibsen's A Doll House It is our human spirit that separates us from animals. Because animals lack a spirit of their own, they have no conscience to guide them with the inner sense of right and wrong. T.C. Boyle's "Carnal Knowledge" portrays two people, Jim and Alena, who live as if they lack a human spirit. Like animals, they act as they please, satisfying their own wants with no sense of morality. From Jim's lies of being a vegan to Alena's hatred towards mankind, we see an underlying theme. This theme is that a human being without spiritual depth and moral reasoning becomes just meat. Being the first-person narrator, Jim tells the reader about himself and eventually exposes what an a ...
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  • In Isbens A Doll House As In Glaspells Trifles, The Women In The Play Are Seen As - 581 words
    In Isben's A Doll House as in Glaspell's Trifles, the women in the play are seen as subordinates to their male counterparts. The men believe that the women are not capable of making difficult decisions, or thinking for themselves. They also fail to give importance to the women's jobs as homemakers. In the case of Trifles, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters discourse is seen as insignificant to the murder of Mr. Wright. In A Doll House, Nora chooses to abandon her duty as a wife and mother to find her own individuality. The men in both of the plays are responsible for their own fall, their false presumptions of women and patronizing ways are the main conflicts in the plays. The women in Trifles are se ...
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  • Marge Piecys Barbie Doll - 1,025 words
    Marge Piecy's "Barbie Doll" Gender Identity in Piercys "Barbie Doll" Dolls often give children their first lessons in what a society considers valuable and beautiful. These dolls often reveal the unremitting pressure to be young, slim, and beautiful in a society which values mainly aesthetics. Marge Piercys "Barbie Doll" exhibits how a girls childhood is saturated with gender-defined roles and preconceived norms for how one should behave. In order to convey her thoughts, the author uses familiar, yet ironic, imagery, as well as uses fluctuating tone in each stanza to better draw attention to the relevant points of her contention. The first four lines of "Barbie Doll" are written in a trite, ...
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  • Poetry Comparison Barbie Doll Youths Progress - 437 words
    Poetry Comparison Barbie Doll & Youth's Progress Young versus old. Death versus eternal life. The positive effects of society's pressure versus the negative. Marge Piercy's "Barbie Doll" and Dick Schneider's "Youth's Progress" are a study in the themes mentioned above. There are many obvious similarities in the chronological structure and irony of the two works. However, the reader will find that there are more thought-provoking contrasts than initially meet the eye. Not surprisingly, the poems follow the natural course of chronological time: beginning to end, young to old. Both poems unfold with birth, continue through the "growing up" years, but do not surpass adulthood. The separation of ...
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  • 65279 It Is Unusual When A Masterpiece Develops Out Of An Assignment, But That Is, More Or Less, What - 1,904 words
    It is unusual when a masterpiece develops out of an assignment, but that is, more or less, what happened in the case of Gullivers Travels. The Martinus Scriblerus Club proposed to satirize the follies and vices of learned, scientific and modern men. Each of the members was given a topic, and Swifts was to satirize the numerous and popular volumes describing voyages to faraway lands. Ten years passed between the Scriblerus project and the publication of Gullivers Travels, but when Swift finished, he had completed a definitive work in travel literature. Moreover, he had completed what was to become a childrens classic (in its abridged form) and a satiric masterpiece. Swifts main character, Gul ...
    Related: masterpiece, unusual, make sense, time passes, principal
  • A Dolls House - 760 words
    A Doll's House The following essay will critically analyse a passage from the play A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen. Between the pages 222 and 225 there seems to be shift in the plot, as Nora takes a different attitude towards her and Helmer's relationship. All of a sudden instead of trying to preserve it, she wishes to leave the house. It could be argued that her radical change in mind is not irrational or unprovoked. Before she starts getting changed to leave, Helmer had just finished forgiving her, for he had received and read Krogstad's second letter which included the forged document, but prior to this he had basically told her that he could no longer love her: Helmer: ...Oh, to think that ...
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  • A Dolls House - 1,195 words
    A Doll's House The events begin to succeed each other more and more rapidly and the circle begins to spin around her. We find that, for saving her husbands life, Nora has committed forgery and Krogstad is ready to use this information in order achieve his goals : ()if I produce this document in court, youll be condemned.(791) This element gives us a hint of women condition in a deeply- rooted man thought society . In addition, Dr. Rank, who had a lethal disease, confesses his love for her : You know now that Im at your service, body and soul.(802) All these events make the circle tighten and spin faster around Nora, who can hardly resist to this pressure and seeks the relief in wildly danci ...
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  • A Dolls House - 855 words
    A Doll's House Becoming Independent Throughout A Dolls House, Henrik Ibsen illustrates through an intriguing story how a once infantile-like woman gains independence and a life of her own. Ibsen creates a naturalistic drama that demonstrates how on the outside Nora and Torvald seam to have it all, but in reality their life together is empty. Instead of meaningful discussions, Torvald uses degrading pet names and meaningless talk to relate to Nora. Continuing to treat Nora like a pampered yet unimportant pet, Torvald thoroughly demonstrates how men of his era treat women as insignificant items to be possessed and shown off. While the Helmer household may have the appearance of being sociably ...
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  • A Dolls House And Tess Of The Durbevilles - 497 words
    A Doll's House and Tess of the D'Urbevilles A Doll's House and Tess of the D'Urbevilles During the late nineteenth century, women were beginning to break out from the usual molds. Two authors from that time period wrote two separate but very similar pieces of literature. Henrik Ibsen wrote the play A Doll's House, and Thomas Hardy wrote Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Ibsen and Hardy both use the male characters to contrast with their female counterparts to illustrate how women are stronger by following their hearts instead of their minds. Ibsen uses Torvald, to depict a world where men choose to follow their minds in place of their hearts. Ibsen has Torvald believe that he is truly in love with ...
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