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  • Psychotherapy Vs Crisis Intervention - 508 words
    Psychotherapy Vs Crisis Intervention Psychotherapy, also known as crisis counseling, is an organized conceptual framework, which uses multiple psychological theories to assist an individual towards problem resolution. This type of therapy / counseling may be appropriate after crisis intervention since the goal of psychotherapy is problem resolution and the goal of crisis intervention is problem management. The two should always be treated separate. Both in terms of function and application. Psychotherapy is usually a longer-term type of counseling. It relies mainly on establishing communication between the therapist and individual as a means of understanding and modifying the individual beha ...
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  • Alternative Medicine - 1,097 words
    ... d physiological processes are closely linked. The connection between stress and immune system response, for example, is well documented (Epiro and Walsh). Some scientists suggest that the power of prayer and faith healing, like some forms of meditation, might also be physiological in that they may protect the body from the negative effects of stress hormone norepinephrine. In addition, experience shows that relaxation techniques can help patients enormously. 'Medicine is a three-legged stool,' says Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School (Epiro and Walsh). 'One leg is pharmaceuticals, the other is surgery, and the third is what people can do for themselves. Mind-body work is an esse ...
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  • Cognitivebehavioral And Psychodynamic Models For College Counseling - 1,595 words
    Cognitive-Behavioral And Psychodynamic Models For College Counseling Short-term or Brief Counseling/Therapy: Cognitive-behavioral and Psychodynamic Models for College Counseling Abstract Short-term or Brief Counseling/Therapy and the current mental health system seem to be inexorably linked for at least the foreseeable future. This paper discusses the history, objectives, appropriate clientele, efficacy, and the other benefits, and short comings, of this therapeutic/counseling modality and its relevance to my present career direction, College Counseling. Cognitive-behavioral, Psychodynamic, and Gestalt applications of brief therapy/counseling methods will be addressed. For a working definiti ...
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  • Developmental Disabilities - 783 words
    Developmental Disabilities Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of a person with a disability. For an individual employed with the Bay St. George Community Employment Corporation, this is a major aspect of his/her job as a human service worker. Located in Stephenville, The Bay St. George Community Employment Corporation is an innovative organization which is responsible for developing training and employment for people with developmental disabilities and supporting them(The Bay St. George Community Employment Corporation,1999,p.3). The purpose of the organization is to help individuals find suitable work in the form of a regular paying job, or by owning their own business. One on one su ...
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  • Domestic Violence: Theory, Effects Interventions - 2,773 words
    ... m establishing a meaningful context for understanding the abuse and may provide, especially for their daughters, a model of passive and ineffective problem solving. Therefore, this passivity can be reflected in school by low academic achievement, school phobia, difficulties in concentration, and social isolation. Mediating Factors It is important to state that much of the research on the effects of children witnessing domestic violence is contingent upon mediating factors, and thus these factors have been taken into consideration when conclusions have been made on the severity of the effects. These mediating factors include the following. Severity of Violence Witnessed Children who witne ...
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  • European Studies - 2,806 words
    European Studies SUBJECT : EUROPEAN STUDIES A TITLE : Discuss the relative merits/demerits of an agricultural policy oriented to price reform rather than one based upon structural reorganisation GRADE : First Honour AUTHOR's COMMENTS : I think it's pretty okay. Email if anyine has any comments @ TUTOR'S COMMENTS: Excellent essay! Indepth, critical analysis. Watch length!! "The common market shall extend to agriculture and trade in agricultural products. Agricultural products means the products of the soil, of stock-farming and of fisheries and products of first-stage processing directly related to these products....The operation and development of the common market for agricultural products ...
    Related: european currency, european monetary, european union, environmental protection, international relations
  • Healthcare - 1,074 words
    ... y. Nurses need to assess: (a) psychosocial needs, (b) functional outcomes, (c) quality of life, (d) daily living, (e) psychiatric outcome, and (f) financial needs. The nurse must use skills in crisis intervention to help ease the disequilibrium of the family. Nurses need to be sensitive to patient and family needs. Nurses must help the patients and their families to cope with(a) disease chronicity, (b) waiting period, (c) role reversal, (d) hospitalization, and (e) complicated medical regimen as well as take into consideration the demands on(a) time, (b) energy, (c) finances, and (d) relationships that the disease has placed on patients and their families. The burdens and challenges that ...
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  • Problems In Education In Society - 1,150 words
    ... learn during the time they spend in that class. This enables the educator to formulate their own opinions of that student. Also, instead of doing the IEP meetings during the middle of the year, we should wait till the end of the semester to inform the educators of certain aspects of the student instead of giving them all the information earlier in the year. Finally, it is up to the educator himself to evaluate their own teaching methods to be able to recognize, and change, the way they present themselves to the entire class. To be able to know what we are doing, and how we are doing it, at different times in the day is crucial to the aura we present to the students. Schools are often bl ...
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  • Rape Trauma Syndrome - 1,934 words
    Rape Trauma Syndrome Dictionaries most commonly define rape as a sexual act committed by force especially on a woman. (The American Heritage College Dictionary. 1997 pg. 740) Until a few years ago it was limited to penial penetration of the vagina. Penal Code 261 defines rape as "an act of sexual intercourse accomplished with a person not the spouse of the perpetrator without the lawful consent."(Roberson, 1998, p. 188) Penal Code 263 goes on to say that "the fundamental wrong at which the law of rape is aimed is . . . the violation of a woman's will and sexuality." (Roberson, 1998, p. 190) All other sexual assaults are classified under varied names, yet the aftermath is usually the same. Ra ...
    Related: forcible rape, rape, syndrome, trauma, psychodynamic therapy
  • Requirements For Mental Health Technician Mht - 580 words
    Requirements for Mental Health Technician (MHT) 1. Must take post test after each video Videos Are As Follows... a. Video is crisis Intervention b. Intoxication & withdrawal side effects c. Suicide 2. Read assigned books & chapters & complete workbook questions. Chapter assigned are as follows 1,2,3,4,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,(25 -33) 3. Verbal discussion with a Registered Nurse (RN) / Scheduled Classroom lecture with Instructor (You will be notified of Classroom Lectures) 4. Mandatory Quiz after each video / (Mandatory Test after curriculum) Every student will be notified on externship hours which they will need to grasp the social and verbal concepts. ( These are the topics th ...
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  • Sexual Harassment And Rape - 1,699 words
    Sexual Harassment And Rape Sexual Harassment and Rape Cheryl, sixteen, trainer for her high-school girl's volleyball team and photographer for the school newspaper, arrived at the gym at about 9:00 Saturday for a volleyball tournament. She left her purse and equipment with friends while she went to the restroom. When the game started and she hadn't returned to the team's bench, her friends went to look for her. Her raped body was found behind some stage backdrops on the balcony of the school auditorium(Booher 12). Sexual harassment and rape are prevalent in all aspects of society. Sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that makes someone feel uncomfortable or unwelcome by ...
    Related: acquaintance rape, date rape, harassment, rape, rape victims, sexual, sexual abuse
  • Sport Psychology - 1,008 words
    Sport Psychology In our society today it seems like sports rule the land. Everywhere we look, there is some kind of sporting event going on or being televised. Almost everyone could be considered a fan of at least one sport. Some people follow sports like a religion. With such an increased focus on sports, the athletes performances are put under a microscope. This puts more pressure on athletes to give a winning performance. No longer do athletes play for fun, they play to win. This isnt happening just on the professional level; it is happening on all levels of sport. From little league to backyard football, the goal is to win at all cost. With this increase pressure, athletes are looking fo ...
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  • The Physical And Psychological Effects Of Aids - 1,445 words
    The Physical And Psychological Effects Of Aids The reality of AIDS has insinuated itself into everyday life and language over the past decade. Though looked at as a foreigner, AIDS is in our entire society; employment, homes, and our intimate relationships. People with the AIDS virus feel trapped and have a desire to break away from the bondage that this horrible disease has with the person. However, running from the issue at hand only makes the problem worse. With ones own strength and the loving support of others a positive result can be attained. Ignorance is the main problem with AIDS today. Too many people are judgmental about the disease without having any knowledge of its nature. AIDS ...
    Related: aids, psychological, psychological effects, psychological theory, blood transfusion
  • United Way - 1,411 words
    United Way There are approximately 495,000 tax﷓exempt/nonprofit organizations in the United States (excluding churches) that may receive tax﷓deductible contributions. Of those with incomes above $25,000, roughly 55,000 are classified as human service organizations and another 28,000 are health related (Hodgkinson and Weitzman, 1996). The term nonprofits refers to these health and human service organizations. The types of health and human services that nonprofit organizations provide include housing and residential care, youth development, recreation, services to children and families, employment assistance, crime and delinquency prevention, food and nutrition, and substance abu ...
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