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  • Child Development - 308 words
    Child Development I really enjoyed reading about cognitive and social development in infancy, I can relate to it after being around my nephew and niece when they were going through their infancy. First of all, I would have to say that I also disagree with Piaget's theory. I think that infants develop perceptual vision and can tell the difference between objects and backround earlier than Piaget believed. I believe that they develop memory earlier also. For example, a favorite blanket or stuffed animal they may ecspecially like and remember, or even the infant recognizing and knowing their parents is an example of memory. I thought the section on language was interesting. I would have to agre ...
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  • Chinese American Fortune Cookie - 1,038 words
    ... he was married to a bad man who left her after a short time to follow other women. Her love for him turned to hate, and she killed her unborn baby. This act gave her remorse for all her life since she considered it a murder. Tortured by this incident, she had a mental breakdown, for a period of time, when her second son -- with her second husband, St. Clair -- died at birth. She saw it as a punishment for her previous behavior. After leaving her first husband's house and returning home, she abandoned herself to whatever life offered her. She lived like a shadow, letting other people or events to decide for her. When she met St. Clair, she passively let him believe that she was from a poo ...
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  • Interrogations Of Chinese Immigrants At Angel Island - 2,232 words
    Interrogations of Chinese Immigrants at Angel Island Chinese immigration, after being shut down for many years by governmental legislation and an anti- Chinese climate resumed quickly after 1906. The major earthquake and fire that occurred in San Francisco lent the Chinese immigrants a window of opportunity to regain entrance to America. Immigrants could now claim, without proof, that they were indeed the son or daughter of a citizen or a partner in a legitimate business. These paper sons and paper merchants increased the number of Chinese immigrants by an unbelievable rate. It was this supposed population explosion that would lead the United States to investigate all incoming Chinese immigr ...
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  • Saul Perkins Us Multicultural Visions - 985 words
    Saul Perkins U.S. Multicultural Visions November 4th 1998 Paper 3 Ask any typical-looking Asian students around campus whether they are Chinese or Japanese and the reply will probably be universal: Neither, Im Chinese-American. In reality, developing a clear concept of exactly how they define themselves as a race has become a difficult thing to do in this day and age for most Chinese-Americans. Many have become so well adjusted to the American way of life, that the only thing still tying them to their ancestral roots is physical appearance and the answer to the SAT questionnaire about ethnicity background. This is the basis for the overall theme of The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. The Joy Luck ...
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  • Successful Points Of The Ancient Chinese Civilization - 649 words
    Successful Points Of The Ancient Chinese Civilization SUCCESSFUL POINTS OF THE ANCIENT CHINESE CIVILIZATION The Ancient Chinese civilization went through a series of successful social affairs as well as a series of social disarray. Each Dynasty resulted in slightly different reforms, but it seems as though the overall Chinese population held the same general beliefs on such things as family, education and the civilization as a whole. I believe that these morals are what really held the Chinese civilization together in times of conflict and political division. FAMILY A Chinese family was traditionally very large. It was what would be called an "extensive family" today. The grandparents, paren ...
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  • The Chinese Economy, Culture Society - 2,255 words
    The Chinese Economy, Culture & Society The social values and history have shaped and formed the economical developments and the current environment of business in the People's Republic of China. They have determined the patterns for negotiation and the Chinese perceptions of business, and their feelings towards westerners. The implicit and explicit rules that the Chinese society has on the development of businesses, and the economy in general, are very important issues for any person going into China to understand and consider. In order to achieve a successful partnership between Chinese and Western cultures it is essential to have a basic understanding of history and cultural developments t ...
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  • The Life Of Mao Zedong - 1,073 words
    ... and drinking wine. Although the peasants rejected the traditional Buddhist religion by spurning idols, Mao praises the peasants for saving certain idols such as, a statue of Pao Cheng who was a official in the Sung Dynasty (960-1127), an impartial judge. 31 Finally, he applauds the Hunan peasant association for restoring order, which was to be a theme echoed by Mao during the Cultural Revolution when Mao relied on the military to restore order. Mao's belief in the ability of peasants to organize and rule was at the heart of the Communist success in attaining power. In 1927, the Guomingdang broke with the Communists. Chased from the urban areas, the Communists fled to the countryside. 32 ...
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