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  • I Swear - 1,663 words
    I Swear All For One This song relates to Romeo and Juliet when they are getting married. Romeo can see the questions in her eyes asking if theyre good for each other. Romeo knows whats on Juliets mind, and she should be sure of his heart. Hell stand by her through their hard times and he will always be there to brighten her day. He knows that he will make mistakes but he means no harm. He swears to her by the moon and the stars in the sky that he will always be there for her. Romeo says that they will always have their memories from each other so no matter where they are or how far apart they are theyll be together. The rough times will pass and the god times shall bring them closer together ...
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  • I Swear - 1,675 words
    ... st cloud and the whitest dove will bring you upon the wind of heavens love. They will pass the planets and the stars, they will leave this lonely world of ours. They will escape the sorrow and the pain and they will fly. They need to fly because their endless journey has begun. They need to take their gentle happiness that is far too beautiful for dead and they need to cross over to the other shore. There they will find peace forevermore but hold their memories bittersweet until they meet the angels. They fly and they need not to fear. They shouldnt waste a breath or shed a tear. Their hearts are pure and their souls are free. Above the universe they will climb on beyond the hands of tim ...
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  • Jane Eyre And Mr Rochester - 1,399 words
    Jane Eyre And Mr Rochester Jane Eyre, written in 1847, is a novel written in autobiographical style about an orphan girls quest for love. The novel reflects contemporary life of that period and everything that happens is seen from Jane Eyres, the protagonists point of view. Although the story reflects the language, customs, and style of the Victorian period, the elements of mystery, emotions and struggles transcend time. The emotion of love is universal to all human beings and in not defined by a period of time. It is written about similarly from century to century. For the most part, people seek to be loved and to love. In this respect, Jane Eyre does not differ. Websters dictionary defines ...
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  • Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte - 1,390 words
    Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte Title: Jane Eyre Author: Charlotte Bronte Genre: fictional novel Setting: 19th century England, Yorkshire Moors Point of View: first person Narrator: Jane Eyre telling it as an adult flashing back to her childhood CHARACTERS: Jane Eyre: Jane is the orphaned daughter of a poor parson and his disinherited wife. She lives at Gateshead Hall in the care of her aunt, Sarah Gibson Reed. She is lonely and depressed here because she is abused emotionally and physically. She later enrolls at Lowood, a boarding school for poor, orphaned girls. There, Jane distinguishes herself in her classes and finds love and compassion through the kindness of Ms. Temple and Helen. She ev ...
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  • Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte - 1,037 words
    Jane Eyre By Charlotte Bronte In Charlotte Brontes novel "Jane Eyre", there is a slightly inconspicuous character that many readers may choose to ignore. The character that I speak of is Adele, the adorable French girl that Edward Rochester has taken as his own. While many people may undermine the importance of this character in the novel, it is easy to see that she plays a vital role in the coming together of Mr. Rochester and Jane Eyre. Unlike many novels or stories, Bronte chooses to use Adele as more of a symbol, than someone who directly helps in the marriage of two people, meaning that Adele is unaware of her bringing her master and Jane Eyre together. The role of Adele can be describe ...
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  • Opera Today - 970 words
    Opera Today Music has the capability to bring forth many emotions and feelings in a person. Depending on the tone and the melody of the music, emotions such as anger, joy, and grief may arise. For example, rap music, in general, brings forth emotions such as anger, frustration, and rage to a person's mind. Melodies such as Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On and Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing often arouse emotions of love, sadness, and hope; lovey-dovey feelings which remind a person of a past or current love. In Mozart's Opera Don Giovanni, many emotions and feelings, such as hatred, distress, and sorrow are portrayed and felt through the characters. Opera is a unique genre of spoke ...
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  • The Slaughter House Five - 5,060 words
    ... rm of authority, and therefore it is capable of the same or greater evils. How many atrocities have been justified by the claim that God is on our side? - DEATH People are dying constantly in Slaughterhouse-Five, and of course the destruction of Dresden brought death on a massive scale. Vonnegut follows every mention of death with that familiar phrase, So it goes. In this way he attempts to find a saner attitude toward death by emphasizing that death is a common aspect of human existence. Billy Pilgrim finds consolation in the Tralfamadorian notion that people who are dead in the present remain alive in the times of their past. Perhaps the author is saying that we too should be consoled: ...
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