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  • Cognitivebehavioral And Psychodynamic Models For College Counseling - 1,595 words
    Cognitive-Behavioral And Psychodynamic Models For College Counseling Short-term or Brief Counseling/Therapy: Cognitive-behavioral and Psychodynamic Models for College Counseling Abstract Short-term or Brief Counseling/Therapy and the current mental health system seem to be inexorably linked for at least the foreseeable future. This paper discusses the history, objectives, appropriate clientele, efficacy, and the other benefits, and short comings, of this therapeutic/counseling modality and its relevance to my present career direction, College Counseling. Cognitive-behavioral, Psychodynamic, and Gestalt applications of brief therapy/counseling methods will be addressed. For a working definiti ...
    Related: career counseling, college students, counseling, psychodynamic, crisis intervention
  • Create Your Own Political Party - 525 words
    Create Your Own Political Party Changes. Changes everyone is looking for changes. Will you ever find changes? I guarantee change. I will change Welfare by making it easier to aquire and most effective. Business will also see this change by being more controlled and safe for you and your family. Abortion options will be exposed to my Changes. I will improve Victims Rights therefore making our country feel safe. Health Care will not be a problem after my changes. Immigration will be safe and easier. I also propose a change on E.R.A (equal rights amendment). My plans for changing Welfare are simply to make it available for people making under $10,000 a year (or an extreme case) to inquire Welfa ...
    Related: equal rights, health insurance, effective business, coverage, health
  • Myersbriggs Type Indicator - 1,142 words
    ... fers to communicate in creative ways. Table 3 shows words that are normally associated with each of these two preferences. How do you prefer to make decisions? Do you prefer on the basis of logic and objective considerations or on the basis of personal values? If it is on the basis of logic and objective considerations, it is called thinking, denoted by the letter T. If it is on the basis of personal values, it is called feeling, denoted by the letter F. Table 4 lists words often associated with each of the two preferences. How do you prefer to organize your life? Do you prefer in a structured way, making decisions and knowing where you stand or in a flexible way, discovering life as you ...
    Related: indicator, personality type, type indicator, grade level, school students
  • Requirements For Mental Health Technician Mht - 580 words
    Requirements for Mental Health Technician (MHT) 1. Must take post test after each video Videos Are As Follows... a. Video is crisis Intervention b. Intoxication & withdrawal side effects c. Suicide 2. Read assigned books & chapters & complete workbook questions. Chapter assigned are as follows 1,2,3,4,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,(25 -33) 3. Verbal discussion with a Registered Nurse (RN) / Scheduled Classroom lecture with Instructor (You will be notified of Classroom Lectures) 4. Mandatory Quiz after each video / (Mandatory Test after curriculum) Every student will be notified on externship hours which they will need to grasp the social and verbal concepts. ( These are the topics th ...
    Related: health, health agency, health services, home health agency, mental health, mental illness, mental retardation
  • Retaining Staff Reducing Employee Turnover - 1,177 words
    ... nies offer profit sharing plans. A typical profit sharing award is 5% to 6% of employees' base salary. Lump sum merit awards provide financial recognition for an individual's job performance in lieu of merit-based salary increases. This is an effective way to provide financial recognition, especially to those individuals whose base salary is already relatively high. The lump sum merit award must be re-earned each year and is usually paid during an annual salary review period. Although paying all employees higher than average salaries and bonuses would seem to be a pay strategy that would attract the best employees, there are several drawbacks to this approach. Employees who receive highe ...
    Related: employee, employee benefits, employee turnover, reducing, retaining, staff, turnover
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