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  • Al Gore - 1,488 words
    Al Gore Al Gore Running mate: Sen. Joe Lieberman. Current position: Vice president of the United States Political experience: Vice-President of the United States (1993-present); US senator from Tennessee (1985-1993); candidate for the Democratic nomination for president (1987-1988); US representative from Tennessee, (1977-1985) Work experience: farmer (1973-1990); investigative reporter, editorial writer, The Tennessean (1971-1976); home builder and land developer, Tanglewood Home Builders Co. (1971-1976) Party affiliation: Democrat Educational background: • B.A., Harvard University, 1969; • Vanderbilt University Law School, 1974-76. Military experience: • U.S. Army, 1969-1 ...
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  • Americas Youth And Todays Violence - 901 words
    Americas Youth And Todays Violence Americas Youth and Todays Violence The media believes every child is capable of what happened at Columbine. Therefore, when a person picks up a paper or turns to his or her favorite news channel, all they learn about is how schools are enforcing new rules and regulations to control violence. People hear about the media blaming everything as a part of todays violence in schools. The media blames different groups of people, as a part of todays violence in the schools. The incident at Columbine was a freak act of violence, and there are hardly any children that would have anything to do with violence of this nature. The media thinks there may be someone to bla ...
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  • Bush Vs Gore - 809 words
    Bush Vs. Gore Bush Vs. Gore My plans help real Americans at every stage of their lives. From birth through the retirement years, I have a plan to improve education, lower taxes, strengthen Social Security, and provide healthcare, said Bush. In the 2000 presidential election, George Bush and Al Gore will be running against each other and they have set many goals for our country, but Bushs goals seem more reliable. Bushs overall strategy for the stabilization of our nation will give our future the hope it needs. First, Bush plans to focus on education for all children. Reading plays a major role in all schools; therefore, he wants to promote reading and also donate five billion dollars to make ...
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  • Is Zero Tolerance Realistic - 1,065 words
    Is Zero Tolerance Realistic? Is Zero Tolerance Realistic? A topic of importance that has been in the news recently is whether zero tolerance is needed in schools. Students are able to get expelled for smoking cigarettes to carrying weapons. Many times the crimes that the students are expelled for are not serious enough to warrant the punishment. Other people feel that unless some method of discipline is imposed upon the children they will continue to behave in the exact same manner. I feel that zero tolerance is an extreme method of punishment that is not needed for many of the times that it is used and can cause students not to return to school, commit crimes, and doesnt give them the chanc ...
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  • Juvenile Crime Boot Camps - 996 words
    ... and show great progress to be controllers, and accountants, giving the kids an even greater sense of responsibility. After the kids got out of boot camp, they would be required to return to the boot camp to give talks on how their lives have changed since going through the program. The graduates would also be required to give peer tutoring, one hour for every day they were incarcerated, as a way to give back to the camp. This would give the kids who get out a reason not to do it again because they would see how their freedoms were actually stilted and it will help the kids in the camp by giving them a role model, a person who has been through similar things and came out on top. To get in ...
    Related: boot, boot camps, crime, crime prevention, juvenile, juvenile crime, juvenile detention
  • The Problem Of Violence In Schools - 1,069 words
    ... isting problematic traits to help educators and parents identify the seriousness of a students threat. The report will detail warning signs in four areas of a students life: 1.) Personality, 2.) Family, 3.) School behavior, and 4.) Other factors such as drugs and alcohol. This report should be very helpful to the parents and administration in controlling the safety of their school. Some of the indicators of what would make a student turn to violence are: social withdraw, excessive feelings of isolation and persecution, and a history of aggressive behavior. The question of what went wrong early on in these kids lives is brought up more that one. It is wondered what made them into killers ...
    Related: american school, school environment, school uniforms, school violence, violence, youth violence
  • Violence In School - 4,148 words
    Violence In School Violence and Discipline Problems in U.S. Public Schools: 1996-97 Executive Summary No matter where you are, parents want their students to be safe and secure ... that might even precede a quality education ... With drugs, gangs, and guns on the rise in many communities the threat of violence weighs heavily on most principals' minds these days ... Anyone who thinks they are not vulnerable is really nave. (Principal Michael Durso, Springbrook High School, as quoted in the Washingtonian Magazine, September 1997). Background Recent events have again focused the nation's attention on violence in U.S. public schools, an issue that ...
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  • Violence In School - 3,975 words
    ... hools reported at least one serious violent crime, while 8 percent of rural schools and 5 percent of schools located in towns reported any serious violent crime. Eleven percent of schools in urban fringe areas reported a serious violent crime, which was not significantly different from cities. Schools with the highest proportion of minority students were more likely to report crimes than schools with the smallest proportion of minority enrollment. Sixty-eight percent of schools with minority enrollments of 50 percent or more reported some crime compared with 47 percent of those with less than 5 percent minority enrollment. Further, schools with 50 percent or more minority enrollment were ...
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