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  • Body Language: Cultural Or Universal - 1,115 words
    ... is tolerated. In private there is a great deal of touching and less privacy than in Western homes. Traditionally young people walk behind their parents and wives walk behind their husbands. Arabs are also very sensitive to nonverbal behaviour. They too engage in a great deal of behaviour that is ritualized or socially determined; it is the nonverbal cues that clarify meaning. Tradition dictates that interactants should control their emotions and the pitch of their voice. In reality men often show powerful displays of emotion, even going so far as to tear at their clothing and scream in public (Hottinger, 1963). Interpersonal attitudes are conveyed almost entirely by nonverbal cues. Becau ...
    Related: body language, cross cultural, cultural perspective, cultural studies, cultural understanding
  • Freud - 1,232 words
    Freud Sigmund Freud is perhaps the most radical psychologist of the 20th century. His ideas have had an impact on almost every facet of society and his works opened human culture to a whole new approach to understanding human sexuality and how its effects play a key role in the growth of every society. Sigmund believed that human sexuality should be more liberated, because humans are naturally aggressive and modern knowledge has shown that sex tells one something about themselves. Freud was one of the first people to make a generally imaginative contribution that sex pervades everything in life, even the small gestures. His studies began in the 1890s and his ideas were gathered from years of ...
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  • Metamorphic Insight Into Dreams - 1,506 words
    ... in his journey back to wholeness. The dream is as follows: Mario Andretti sees John driving and declares that John is Benito Andretti. John knows without a doubt that this is true. The following list of questions given by Dr. Gucciardi will show how recalling John's dream is used as a form of therapy to help him uncover his frustrations and problems concerning the lack of concentration and difficult focusing on tasks. Q- Who is Mario Andretti? A- He is the greatest racing car driver in the world. Q- Who is Benito Andretti? A- He was Mario's little brother who disappeared under mysterious circumstances at the age of 2 or maybe even younger. Q- What would it mean if you were Benito, Mario' ...
    Related: dreams, insight, metamorphic, different types, different cultures
  • Nostradamus - 1,089 words
    Nostradamus For four centuries Nostradamus's prophecies have inspired fear and controversy. His followers say he predicted the French Revolution, the birth and rise of Hitler, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Did he, as his believers claim, predict some of history's most monumental events - from the Great Fire of London to the launch disaster of the space shuttle Challenger? Nostradamus was typical of the Renaissance time period. He made many prophecies and was a major contributor to not only the Renaissance but the 'Spirit of the Renaissance'. Michel de Nostrodame (or his more used Latin name of Nostradamus) was born a Jew in the small town of St.Remy de Province in southern France ...
    Related: nostradamus, shuttle challenger, book encyclopedia, southern france, ryan
  • Oral Communication - 1,529 words
    Oral Communication Once viewed as two separate disciplines, business and communication, have now meshed together to produce a hybrid business environment in which the everyday functions of business are intimately tied to communication (Pincus, 1997). Communication in the business world is imperative for success. This holds true for interpersonal communication, communication between management and staff, and for practically every other contact a business has, both within its own establishment and the outside world. Effective communication is critical for the success of any organization. Through the use of proper communication skills, individuals will be better able to function as a group, thu ...
    Related: business communication, communication education, communication skills, cultural communication, effective communication, interpersonal communication, oral
  • Premarital Sex - 1,563 words
    ... zing, at first, with out knowing how far they have gone. For most college student's sex is a source of pleasure and a release, not relating sex to marriage or love in any way. Many students do however eventually grow out of this stage of wanting premarital sex but by then it is too late and they have already committed the sin. Many students have to drop out of college due to a pregnancy that developed from premarital sex. Other students, however, may find someone special, perhaps the person they hope to marry, and feel that their love legitimizes premarital sex within a monogamous relationship. Like never before, students in this situation may begin to question and examine the sexual val ...
    Related: premarital, young people, social issues, early christian, commitment
  • Race Relations In The Us - 1,331 words
    ... the logs in leather straps attached to their shoulders. They plowed using mule and ox teams. They dug ditches, spread manure, and piled coarse fodder with their bare hands. They built and cleaned Southern roads, helped construct Southern railroads, and, of course, they picked cotton. In short, slave women were used as badly as men, and were treated by Southern whites as if they were anything but self-respecting women. From the black women who were even partially literate, hundreds of letters exist telling of the atrocities inflicted by "massa." Both physical and sexual assaults on black women were common at the turn of the century. Nothing I have read captures the true devastation to the ...
    Related: black race, race relations, toni morrison, york press, cotton
  • Ralph Emerson - 1,267 words
    Ralph Emerson From wise men the world inherits a literature of wisdom, characterized less by its scheduled education than by its strength and shortness of statement. Thought provoking and discerning, Ralph Waldo Emerson gave a cynical world an unbiased perspective on human frailty. Emerson first and foremost was a poet. He has not written a line which is not conceived in the interest of mankind. He never writes in the interest of a section, of a party, of a church, or a man, always in the interest of mankind." (Carlyle 19) From Emersons poetry the reader is able to derive a central theme of idealism and reality. Emerson was "a poet that sings to us with thoughts beyond his song." (Howe) His ...
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  • Taoism - 2,768 words
    ... timately, even Mencius shi-fei (this-not this) are input to the xin. Our experience introduces them relative to our position and past assumptions. They are not objective or neutral judgments. XUNZI also concentrated on issues related to philosophy of mind though in the context of moral and linguistic issues. He initiated some important and historically influential developments in the classical theory. His most famous (and textually suspect) doctrine is human nature is evil. While he clearly wanted to distance himself from Mencius, the slogan at best obscures the deep affinity between their respective views of human nature and mind. Xunzi seems to have drawn both from the tradition advoca ...
    Related: taoism, make sense, classical theory, more important, outlook
  • The Decision To Drop The Atomic Bomb - 1,179 words
    ... if the war had lasted only three months longer, according to Franks work Downfall. The war could have come to an end without the Atomic Bomb already August 1945 or earlier. On the other side, the most important argument is that Japan was on the verge of surrender during August 1945. If the allied forces had let them keep the emperor they would have surrendered quickly. To add to the argument for the Atomic bomb, it is necessary to investigate the opinions of allied military officers about the decision. Gar Alperovitz in his book The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb, and the Architecture of an American Myth, concludes that the bomb was unnecessary. He believes that he has deconstructed an ...
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  • The Hudson River And Pcb Pollution - 1,523 words
    The Hudson River And Pcb Pollution The Hudson River and PCB Pollution The Hudson River is a body of water that stretches for 315 miles from the Adirondack Mountains to the Battery in Manhattan, reaching its deepest point of 216 feet in the Highlands near Constitution Island and West Point and reaches its widest point of 3 miles across at Havestraw. This river is one of the most beautiful and scenic of the Tri-State area. Unfortunately, it happens to be New Yorks most polluted river. The river has been influenced upon since the early 1600s, when Englishman Henry Hudson commanded the Dutch ship Half Moon on an exploration of the river, certain that he had discovered a trade route to China. It ...
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  • Thich Naht Hahn And His Life - 1,212 words
    Thich Naht Hahn And His Life Thich Naht Hahn and His Life Thich Naht Hahn is wonderful Buddhist monk and a great asset to the Buddhist religion. He has had and is having an interesting life. He is known for many things. These include he talks during the Vietnam War for peace, organizing help for villages, instituting schools for youths, and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King Jr. Thich Naht Hahn has one of the most amazing backgrounds that lead up to the legacy of this Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. Thich Naht Hahn has been living in exile from his native land of Vietnam since he was forty years old. In 1966, he was banned by both the non-Communist and Communist go ...
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