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  • Chasidim And Old Order Amish: A Comparison - 1,765 words
    Chasidim And Old Order Amish: A Comparison Chasidim and Old Order Amish: A Comparison The two groups to be examined are the Chasidim and the Old Order Amish. We will begin with a brief look at the history of each group. The Chasidim, or Hasidim, as more commonly known, are a cult within the tradition of Judaism. The word Hasid derives from the Hebrew word for pious. Hasidism dates back to the early eighteenth century and originated in central and Eastern Europe. Its founder was a man named Israel ben Eliezer (c.1700-1760). He is otherwise known as the Baal Shem Tov. In Hebrew Baal Shem means, master of the [good] name. It is a title given to men who are endowed with mystical powers. Accordin ...
    Related: comparison, social control, eastern europe, mental retardation, psychological
  • Discussions On The Scared Straight Program - 1,889 words
    Discussions On The Scared Straight Program The recent media obsession with the scared straight program, juvenile boot camps and other scare tactics has lead to the question as to whether they actually are beneficial or not in treating adolescent criminal recidivism. On television programs like Maury (Pauvich) the answer to treating the troubled young girls who are brought to the show is boot camp. Those in charge take these girls to prisons, dangerous streets at night and often morgues to make a visual argument as to where they will end up as a result of the path they've taken. They also go through a rigorous run with drill sergeants to break down their egos. Of course it only last one day a ...
    Related: straight, waveland press, scare tactics, television programs, worthwhile
  • James Madison And The Slavery Issue - 1,573 words
    ... d result from the act of manumission. This is rendered impossible by the prejudice of the whites, prejudices which must be considered as permanent and inseparable. It only remains then that some proper external receptacle be provided for the slaves who obtain their liberty, (Hutchinson, 14:163). Madison was concerned with slave labor and his involvement with the institution. HE was quoted as writing Edmund Randolph and saying that he wished to depend as little as possible on the labor of slaves, (Madison II, 2:154). Madison's marriage to Dolly Payne Todd, a Quaker widow, is thought to have had had a considerable amount of influence on his thoughts towards slavery. Upon moving to Philade ...
    Related: james madison, james monroe, madison, slavery, north america
  • Juvenile Delinquency And Religion - 1,338 words
    Juvenile Delinquency And Religion Over the years, countless efforts have been made to find a comprehensive explanation for delinquency. The results of these efforts have offered possible reasons as being both biological and social. It is still debatable as to what forces have the greatest influence on youth crime, but it is undoubted that several factors clearly make an impact. The direct relationships a child has with concrete social elements, like his family and friends, are likely to give some intimation of his involvement in crime. However, it must be noted that there are more abstract contexts for socialization that also exist as potential explanations for a childs behavior. The most pr ...
    Related: civil religion, delinquency, juvenile, juvenile delinquency, religion
  • Womens Rights - 1,679 words
    ... ere both writing these documents on behalf of their own people, demanding freedom, whether it be from the tyrannical rule of King George, or the tyrannical rule of man. In the first line of the second paragraph, the original copy read, "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal", while Stanton's copy read "that all men and women are created equal. As normal as that sentence may sound now, back in 1884, it was a controversial proclamation. The next significant change that was made was the omission of the words "among men" in the line, "to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men". Stanton believed that males only should no longer run the gove ...
    Related: keeping women, married women, men and women, property rights, right to vote, rights movement, women's rights
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