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  • Pygmalion - 1,025 words
    ... c role, to live a sophisticated and proper life of her own. In fact she won the heart of a fine gentleman, Freddy, and is planning a marriage with him. Higgins is surprised, although he doesnt show it, and continues to act as if he is not bothered at all by this development. In his mind though, hes remembering how accustomed he has grown to her face, that he will soon miss. The two say their good-byes, and Higgins returns home to find himself listening to the first recordings of Eliza. Shortly thereafter Eliza returns back to Higgins home and surprises him with the truth of her true feelings for him. She finally admits to herself that she has grown to love both him and his lifestyle, and ...
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  • Responding To Stress - 736 words
    Responding to Stress Suppose that you are in your car in the middle of a traffic jam heading home from school after a terrible day. You feel frustrated and groan as you think about the calculus midterm you have tomorrow, which you still have to study for. Suddenly, you have to hit the brakes. Your heart starts beating faster and you insult the driver whom nearly made you crash. Are these reactions normal? Indeed they are, since they are merely examples of stress. Many everyday circumstances, such as deadlines, tests, debts, and conflicts in personal relationships are stressful. Routine hassles at home, school, and work may create strain that affects mental and physical health and decreases t ...
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  • Same Sex Harassment - 1,523 words
    Same Sex Harassment Joseph Oncale was employed from August to November of 1991 by Sundowner Offshore Services, Inc., as a roustabout on a sea-based oil rig for $7 an hour. He had worked on offshore rigs before (and does today), but says he's never encountered such abusive treatment as when he signed on with Sundowner. Oncale claims that while on the job he was sexually harassed by three male Sundowner employees: John Lyons, his supervisor; and Danny Pippen and Brandon Johnson, two co-workers. Early during Oncale's employment, Lyons, Pippen, and Brandon began threatening Oncale with rape. Oncale endured months of constant harassment and verbal threats while on the job. On October 25, 1991, th ...
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  • Sexual Harassment - 1,033 words
    Sexual Harassment Many companies have instituted formalized sexual harassment policies. Israel Discount Bank, PepsiCo., Mitsui & Co., and Time Warner were questioned regarding their sexual harassment policy. The opening statement of a policy establishes the tone for the rest of the policy, clarifying a company's position on the issue. Three of the above-mentioned companies opened their statements of policy forcefully and definitively, stating that all employees have the right to work in an environment free of sexual harassment. The fourth company, Mitsui & Co., was less explicit, stating that all employees have the right to equal employment opportunities. It later proceeded to state that unl ...
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  • Sexual Harassment Case - 1,466 words
    Sexual Harassment Case Susan Parker vs. Randy Louvenberger The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) sexual harassment guidelines and the Civil Act of 1964, indicate that Susan Parker was indeed sexually harassed throughout her employment at Plastech Industries. The EEOC has created a set of guidelines that determine liability. These EEOC guidelines say that "A key factor in determining liability is whether the employer has an effective internal grievance procedure that allows employees to bypass immediate supervisors (who are often the offenders)" (Making the Sale p.46). According to the EEOC and section 703 of Title VII in the Civil Act of 1964, sexual harassment is: " ... sex d ...
    Related: harassment, harassment policy, sexual, sexual harassment, sexual orientation
  • Sociocultural Aspects - 3,060 words
    Sociocultural Aspects At the beginning of this semester, I went into a classroom without the intentions of it having any impact of my life. What I did not know was that this course held not only a vision for the future but also answers to my past. Growing up, I was influenced by a society that was inhabited almost entirely by whites. For that reason only, I have been completely unaware of any bias or unfair treatment to minority and female students. Because of this upbringing, I found many incidences discussed in class quite unbelievable. However, my views on our society and the educational system have been broadened which leads me to believe that the teachers of the future now have the key ...
    Related: sociocultural, female students, video games, middle school, enormous
  • St Augustine On Death - 1,615 words
    St. Augustine On Death Death is a very natural occurrence in life, and everyone experiences death differently, but yet in the same way. When Augustine was a young boy his father died, and he makes a small account of this in the Confessions. Later on in life, he loses a dear friend, and his loving mother. With time, he mentally matures and death affects Augustine differently each time. The death of his father was merely mentioned in the Confessions, while the death of Monica, his mother, was an elaborate detailed account of the time of her death. The death of his close friend, when Augustine was a child made him realize that life is temporal. Growing up, Augustine was not very close to his fa ...
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  • Tempest And Prospero Character - 1,046 words
    Tempest And Prospero Character Shakespeare, by concealing part of the truth at first, shows us the development of Prospero's character while on the island, from excessively trustful, too tyrannical, to a man who is willing to forgive. By the end of the play, Prospero indeed combines power over himself with power over the outer world (Elye 7). Although this does put him in an ideal position to lead, Prospero is brought to a point where he develops control over himself, rather than being presented as such a character immediately. Prospero's magical powers allow him singlehandedly to take control of a situation of slowly developing chaos, caused by his eviction from Milan. He has powers over hi ...
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  • The Color Purple - 472 words
    The Color Purple The letter describing the last dinner that Celie had before breaking out of jail was very emotional. The fact that she was beaten and abused caused all kinds of emotions. The letters that Celie's sister, Nettie, wrote were never given to her, and she took it personally. She was separated from the only person that loved her, and that was her sister. Her youth was stolen from her in vain. All of her problems were from one man, the mister. The person that supported and stood by her was the woman sleeping with her husband. She was beaten and abused because she didn't do what she was told. She was forced to raise children that were not her's, and she she was also abused by them t ...
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  • The Color Purple - 1,763 words
    The Color Purple Wilson, 1 Katie Wilson Ms. Allen English 11, 3 10 June 2000 The Color Purple Change over time was a theory that was first realized by the Greeks and, only thousands of years later, accepted as fact. As time goes by, things change. And this change is never more evident than in human growth and development. But what is it that causes human metamorphosis to occur? Oftentimes, the change comes from within, simply the innate desire to improve oneself. Other times, the transformation is directly the result of outside influences; such as a significant event or inspiration from respected individuals and role models. The latter is the case in Alice Walkers The Color Purple. In this n ...
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  • The Holocaust - 1,480 words
    The Holocaust Historically, the word holocaust meant a religious rite in which an offering was completely consumed by fire. In current times the word holocaust has changed to a darker more tragic meaning and refers to more than a religious sacrifice. During World War II, a fire raged throughout Eastern Europe. Guns, bombs, and military groups did not ignite this fire. This fire burned intensely in the hearts of men -- sparked by centuries-old prejudice. One man, Adolf Hitler, took this flicker of hatred and fanned the flames. Hitler energized and stoked the embers, spreading them throughout Eastern Europe causing widespread destruction in the pursuit of a perfect Aryan nation. Although the H ...
    Related: holocaust, nazi party, german people, best friend, tribune
  • When Comparing Mens Ability To Womens Ability, Is There Really A Big Difference Many People Believe That - 1,208 words
    When comparing men's ability to women's ability, is there really a big difference? Many people believe that differences do take place, but how? Both men and women have hopes, dreams, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Even though these similarities exist, women are still sometimes thought to be lower than their male peers. There have been many cases in which women felt they were being treated differently than the males around them. But, did you ever think there would be the problem of inequality between men and women in America's defense system? Both men and women have the right to serve in the military; but, many times women face discrimination and the problem of being unaccepted, possibly a ...
    Related: comparing, men and women, mens, people believe, strengths weaknesses
  • Wife Battering Is A Serious Issue That Is Usually Looked At By Feminists As One Of The Most Relevant Signs Of The Oppression - 1,862 words
    Wife Battering is a serious issue that is usually looked at by feminists as one of the most relevant signs of the oppression of women. This form of oppression symbolizes the fight women have against the patriarchy and it's hold on social freedoms. There are different spheres which women fight in, music and the music industry is one example of an arena of struggle. Wife Battery is a subject usually delved into by feminist bands or female song-writers, but it takes on a different light when written about and performed by an all male team. With the different perspective comes a new way to prevent this social dilemma. "The Watchmen" and "Matchbox 20" are both male rock bands which have hit the t ...
    Related: battering, feminists, oppression, relevant, medical care
  • Wife Battering Is A Serious Issue That Is Usually Looked At By Feminists As One Of The Most Relevant Signs Of The Oppression - 1,927 words
    ... egies are best suited for treating women suffering from the syndrome. A simple, yet effective, behavioral strategy consists of two stages. In the initial stage, the battered woman removes herself from the uncontrollable or "shock cage" environment and isolates herself from her abuser. Generally, professionals help the victim escape by using assertiveness training, modeling and recommending use of the court system. After the woman terminates the abusive relationship, professionals give the victim relapse prevention training to ensure that subsequent exposure to abusive behavior will not cause maladaptive behavior (Brown 1995). Although this strategy is effective, the model offered by Dr. ...
    Related: battering, feminists, oppression, relevant, effective treatment
  • Women Murders - 1,420 words
    Women Murders Marriage is a life long commitment between two people. Vows are taken as a promise to one another, " Till Death Do us Part" may be the most well known vow, but with the two women I will be discussing they take it into their own hands to speed up the process. The following stories are about two women who commit murder in some form, perhaps intentional or not who are not punished as far as the story tells us. Fortunately, we have a legal system that is designed to prevent these homicides and programs specifically designed to help women in cases like these that feel they have no other choice but to murder their husband to achieve freedom. As you will see these women were so desper ...
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