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  • Alcohol And Tobacco In Sports - 886 words
    Alcohol And Tobacco In Sports With sports becoming more and more commercialized, sponsorships have taken over professional sports. In this paper, Alcohol and Tobacco sponsorships will be the issue of this paper. Sports sponsorship has become an important marketing tool for advertisers because of the flexibility, broad reach, and high level of brand or corporate exposure that it affords, (Krapp, 49). Yet some sponsors have created an uproar with in the society, these are namely alcohol and tobacco products. These two make up about half of the sponsorship in professional sports today. Sports sponsorship has been around since the creation of professional sport in the late nineteenth century. It ...
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  • Alcohol Tobacco Advertising On The Web - 1,210 words
    Alcohol & Tobacco Advertising On The Web As adults, how do we encourage our children to explore the rich resources of the Internet without exposing them to a steady stream of marketing massages, such as junk e-mail, sexually explicit material and hate-mail? This is a question that many people in our society, including parents and educators are struggling to answer. Although we have yet to reach a consensus on this matter, one possible solution is to filter or block this objectionable material from our children without interfering with the rights of adults to view and visit any Web site they like. When the US Supreme Court overturned the Communications Decency Act in June of 1997, industry an ...
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  • Bureau Of Alcohol And Tobacco - 871 words
    Bureau Of Alcohol And Tobacco BUREAU of ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, and FIREARMS The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is one of the most important Federal Agencies we have. It is dedicated to reducing violent crime, collecting revenue and protecting the public. The ATF, for short, has many different programs for alcohol, firearms, arson and explosives, and tobacco. The ATF has a long background starting in 1789. It serves a huge function to keeping illegal alcohol and guns off the streets. The ATF is in the news a lot for different reasons. It is a large agency with tremendous power. The ATF roots have been around for hundreds of years. It all started in 1789, when the first congress imposed a ...
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  • In The Case Of Tobacco, Manning Estimates The Gross Cost Of Medical Care For Smokingrelated Diseases At 26 A Pack, Or Just Ov - 590 words
    In the case of tobacco, Manning estimates the gross cost of medical care for smoking-related diseases at $.26 a pack, or just over one penny per cigarette. This turns out to be largely compensated by savings in retirement pensions and nursing home care for smokers. The final balance is highly sensitive to technical assumptions about the economic discount rate, and can even be made to show net external benefits at interest rates under 3%. Manning's final net estimate of $.15 per pack assumes a 5% interest rate. By estimating the equivalency between joints and cigarettes, one can translate these costs to marijuana. On a weight-for-weight basis, pot smokers inhale about four times as much noxio ...
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  • Nicotine And Tobacco - 963 words
    Nicotine And Tobacco "One out of three people who use tobacco will die from it." Nearly 3,000 young Americans each day become regular smokers. Of these, 1,000 will die early from tobacco-related diseases. More Americans die due to complications from smoking than from any other major killer such as AIDS, car accidents, drug abuse and homicide. Why do so many people continue to smoke when they know the possible risks involved? Many have become addicted to cigarettes because of the addictive substance, nicotine, which cigarettes contain. How much did tobacco companies know about this addictive substance, and what is their defense for making addicts of their customers? Also, do people realize ho ...
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  • The Tobacco Industry - 1,651 words
    The Tobacco Industry The Tobacco Industry From the beginning of time, the Tobacco plant has had a prominent impact on the lives of those involved, those involved being absolutely everyone, for smoking and chewing tobacco affects both the users and those surrounding them. While years ago, tobacco was not so much of an industry, but actually just randomly used as gifts or a simple pleasure for oneself, it certainly has become one today. This industry has greatly evolved over the years to be now one of the most prominent industries in the United States. From its history to an in depth look at its economic side, much can be learned about the tobacco industry in general. The history of tobacco in ...
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  • The Tobacco Industry - 1,670 words
    ... mmonplace in our society. The Tobacco Industry is in the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) manual. The industry's specified four digit SIC is 2131, which is in Division D: Manufacturing and in Major Group 21: Tobacco Products. The industry group that I have analyzed is Group 213: Chewing And Smoking Tobacco And Snuff. This analyzes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff. The manufacturing division includes establishments engaged in the mechanical or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products. These establishments are usually described as plants, factories, or mills and characteristically use power driven ma ...
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  • Title Of Paper : Tobacco And Western Culture - 1,104 words
    Title of Paper : Tobacco and Western Culture Grade Received on Report : 89 Essay 1: Tobacco and Western Culture The use of tobacco dates back to the 17th century. The primary reason for its beginning was purely economic at first. It later became apparent to researchers over the decades that tobacco was more than just a commodity to be traded for economic gain. It was actually a drug, nicotine, which developed into physical dependency and had adverse side effects as people began to live longer. Further research at the social level, revealed its social impact on the western culture. It didn't take long before early traders began to realize the economic benefits of trading tobacco as a primary ...
    Related: tobacco, tobacco industry, western culture, western world, birth control
  • Title Of Paper : Tobacco And Western Culture - 1,079 words
    ... of manufacturing processes allow us to more effectively address the issue with rubber, spermicidal gels, and oral contraceptives, which actually control the female release of hormones to prevent pregnancy. It is a necessity to control population even more so today than back then. Our current social situation is by far a product of overpopulation and under control. It can only get worse as it has been doing so far. Essay 3: Consumer Culture The original consumer culture suffered a tremendous change in the 20th century as a result of consumers becoming fascinated by the idea that life is based on status and not reality. The original consumer was created as a result of the need for people t ...
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  • Tobacco - 327 words
    Tobacco Canada has one of the world's toughest antismoking campaign. They have passed laws against tobacco advertising and have used virtually all of the Presidents proposals against tobacco. Now they are saying that if Clinton's proposals do become a law it won't do much good. By 1993 the tobacco taxes in Canada had a pack of cigarettes up to $5.00 a pack . Thanks to these measures, Garfield Mahood, Executive Director of the Toronto based Non-Smokers Rights Association., said, " Canada has had world precedent-setting declines in teen smoking." Between 1979 and 1989, the number of teens aged 15 to 19 who smoked at least occasionally was halved to 23%. In contrast U.S. efforts have been a hug ...
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  • Tobacco - 1,274 words
    Tobacco Tobacco is a plant grown for its leaves that are smoked, chewed, or sniffed for a variety of effects. It is considered an addictive substance because it contains the chemical nicotine. The tobacco plant is believed to have originated in the Western Hemisphere. The cultivated species most often grown for North American and European tobacco products is Nicotine Tabacum. The leaves of the plant are prepared for smoking, chewing, or sniffing. In addition nicotine tobacco contains over 45 carcinogens and more than 4,000 chemicals. Prior to European influence in the Americas, the Indians of Mexico and Peru used tobacco for the ceremonies, medical purposes and to alleviate hunger pains duri ...
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  • Tobacco - 1,368 words
    ... eadly for non-smokers. In addition to causing respiratory problems, ETS is responsible for 3,000 to 5,000 lung cancer deaths a year in non-smokers, as well as 35,000 to 40,000 deaths from heart disease. It is easy to see why tobacco smoke is so deadly. It contains more than 4,000 chemicals and at least 45 of its ingredients are known or suspected to be cancer causing. But what is truly alarming is that secondhand smoke contains greater concentrations of certain carcinogens than primary smoke. It also contains greater amounts of nicotine and tar, both strong and addictive toxins. The first interview I had conducted was with my grandmother who happily admits she has never been a smoker or ...
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  • Tobacco - 891 words
    Tobacco THIS IS A PAPER REGARDING THE TOBACCO INDUSTRY (3 PAGES). The Killing Business? This paper is about the tobacco industry. Some would find that the label 'killing business' is very appropriate. Others would say that that name is misleading and inaccurate. Biased, I am not. So we will look at the issue in regards to the industry from both consumer and producer points of perspective with fairness and equality in reach. With an open mind now, let's peer closer at the aftermath tobacco has left us standing in. Something has to get a non-tobacco user to try his/her first cigarette, cigar, chew, or whatever it may be. What is that something? Tobacco ads play an important part in getting peo ...
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  • Tobacco - 249 words
    Tobacco ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO SMOKE Tobacco smoking has long been recognized as a major cause of death and disease, responsible for an estimated 434,000 deaths per year in the United States. After the Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeon General stated that cigarettes cause lung cancer there was a tremendous movement to make cigarettes illegal. Now the debate is on environmental tobacco smoke also known as secondhand smoke, passive smoking, and sidestream smoke. The worry is that when non-smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke they face the same health hazards as smokers. Tobacco smoke contains more than forty known carcinogens. Sidestream smoke carries these carcinogens into the ...
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  • Tobacco And Kids - 713 words
    Tobacco and kids Tobacco Ads Target Youth Everyday 3,000 children start smoking, most them between the ages of 10 and 18. These kids account for 90 percent of all new smokers. In fact, 90 percent of all adult smokers said that they first lit up as teenagers (Roberts). These statistics clearly show that young people are the prime target in the tobacco wars. The cigarette manufacturers may deny it, but advertising and promotion play a vital part in making these facts a reality (Roberts). The kings of these media ploys are Marlboro and Camel. Marlboro uses a fictional western character called The Marlboro Man, while Camel uses Joe Camel, a high-rolling, swinging cartoon character. Joe Camel, th ...
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  • Tobacco In Malaysia - 1,276 words
    Tobacco in Malaysia Tobacco is one of the leading preventable causes of death in Malaysia. Under the current law, smoking is banned in all public places. These include amusement centres, theatres, hospitals, clinics, public vehicles and air-conditioned restaurants. Likewise, anyone under age of eighteen is not allowed to buy cigarettes or any tobacco products. If the seller is not sure of the buyer's age, then it is advisable to check his identity card. Free cigarette samples are not allowed to be distributed at the public events or places as this carries a maximum fine of RM 5000 or not more than two years' jail. Cigarette advertisements in all locally published materials are also banned wi ...
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  • Tobacco Industry - 571 words
    Tobacco Industry Since my presentation was on Microsoft, I am going to try to analyze the Tobacco industry presentation. The Tobacco industry is an industry where they make tobacco products, then distribute it to stores, which then sell them to the consumer. Some tobacco manufactures are Camel, Marlboro (lights or reds? you choose), and Newport. Many people like to smoke cigarettes so they usually are the ones that purchase the tobacco. Because many people smoke tobacco, the Tobacco industry makes millions of profit off people who smoke. Tobacco has proven to cause cancer and other diseases. Tobacco is addicting, so many consumers have trouble quitting. Tobacco therefore, causes death. One w ...
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  • Tobacco Smoke - 1,073 words
    Tobacco Smoke Did you know that most people are at the risk of dying from just breathing the air around them? Every day at least ninety-five percent of American people suffer from (E.T.S.) Environmental Tobacco Smoke, or more commonly known as second hand smoke. For those that are not familiar with what second hand smoke is let me explain it to you. Second hand smoke is a mixture of the smoke exhaled by smokers and the smoke that comes from the burning ends of cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. This smoke contains about 4,000 substances in which about fifty percent of these toxic substances can cause cancer and other bodily problems. Environmental Tobacco Smoke has been a problem for many years, ...
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  • Tobacco Smoke - 1,050 words
    ... ions were adjusted to give higher fractions at younger ages and lower fractions at older ages. This indicates that younger individuals are more exposed to Environmental Tobacco Smoke than older adults (Bender 58-76). During a research that I created, I asked fifty nonsmoking adults (males, females) a series of questions. The questions I asked were: When you are around second hand smoke do you notice any discomforting problems? Do you find that the problems you have due to secondhand smoke are worse in an indoor or outdoor environment? Do you try to avoid associating yourself with smokers? Why? The majority answered that second hand smoke causes their eyes to burn and they notice some dis ...
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  • Buckley Jr - 2,713 words
    1. WM. F. BUCKLEY JR. Last summer WFB was asked by the New York Bar Association to make a statement to the panel of lawyers considering the drug question. He made the following statement: We are speaking of a plague that consumes an estimated $75 billion per year of public money, exacts an estimated $70 billion a year from consumers, is responsible for nearly 50 per cent of the million Americans who are today in jail, occupies an estimated 50 per cent of the trial time of our judiciary, and takes the time of 400,000 policemen--yet a plague for which no cure is at hand, nor in prospect. Perhaps you, ladies and gentlemen of the Bar, will understand it if I chronicle my own itinerary on the sub ...
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