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  • The World We Dont Live In - 1,582 words
    The World We Don't Live In Steve Lippo Final TV Essay 10/26/00 The World We Dont Live In Television is not real life. Its not even close. From Friends to Frasier, peoples lives do not resemble TV show plots by any means. Televisions number one goal is to portray what viewers would want their lives to be like. Dawsons Creek is no different. The world does not revolve around a small group of high school students, yet in this show it seems to. Dawson's Creek chronicles the wry humor the undeniably intense period of awakening known as teenage years. Set in the Boston suburb of Capeside, this series explores the blooming self-awareness and growing pains that go hand-in-hand with the triumphs of g ...
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  • Tobacco And Kids - 713 words
    Tobacco and kids Tobacco Ads Target Youth Everyday 3,000 children start smoking, most them between the ages of 10 and 18. These kids account for 90 percent of all new smokers. In fact, 90 percent of all adult smokers said that they first lit up as teenagers (Roberts). These statistics clearly show that young people are the prime target in the tobacco wars. The cigarette manufacturers may deny it, but advertising and promotion play a vital part in making these facts a reality (Roberts). The kings of these media ploys are Marlboro and Camel. Marlboro uses a fictional western character called The Marlboro Man, while Camel uses Joe Camel, a high-rolling, swinging cartoon character. Joe Camel, th ...
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  • Towards A Sustainable Community - 1,389 words
    Towards A Sustainable Community Not until the spread of the Industrial Revolution in the late nineteenth century, has man possessed the ability to adversely alter, on a global scale, the geologic and climatic cycles that have existed for millennia. Planet earth, which man calls home, is approximately 5 billion years old. The science of paleontology tells us that man is a relative new comer to the planet. Modern man did not arrive on the scene until approximately 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. Developments in hunting, agriculture, literacy, and the sciences, have allowed man to thrive and inhabit nearly every corner of the planet. However, this success has not been good for the earth. The world' ...
    Related: sustainable, washington post, solar system, health problems, traffic
  • Tragic Night - 750 words
    Tragic Night A Tragic Night The dark sedan pulled quietly in front of a comfortable family home located in the Broncs. The brick residence stood silent and dark in the early hours of the morning, looking much like the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. However, inside this house lay the prosecution's sole witness in the most important case in the history of the state. Without him, the trial could not go to court. His life was in danger. Federal agent Michael Black stepped from the car with two colleagues and the three men made their way carefully and quietly to the boy's bedroom window. Agent Black stood watch with his pistol drawn and ready. The FBI didn't normally do this sort of thin ...
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  • Urban Sprawl - 1,224 words
    Urban Sprawl Urban Sprawl Introduction I. Each morning, millions of Americans start their engines and grind their way to work. They leave quiet settings for the hustle and bustle of the cities. When evening approaches, these same people make their way home. Home, however, is no longer just across town. Many of these people will commute miles and miles to their *country= homes. II. They are not alone in their commute though - the entire rest of the subdivision is doing the exact same thing, day in and day out. They endure the traffic, lost time, and general inconvenience to be surrounded by farmland and open space and a hundred or so homes exactly identical to theirs. (Transition)Today I am g ...
    Related: sprawl, urban, urban sprawl, sierra club, shopping malls
  • Urbanization - 1,335 words
    ... al Benefit Society was one answer to this problem for the ethnic Jews of Toronto. The establishment served to facilitate Jewish immigrants with difficult times following their arrival, and to assist them in transporting other family members to the city from the old country (Harney, 1985). Thus at the level of the individual, ethnic networks and resources are the structural links between destination and origin which mediate the migrant's integration into a new society (Locher, 1979). They contribute to the creation of an ethnic neighbourhood where immigrants of the same cultural background assist one another with incorporation in the new society. Though the integration may be slow or tedi ...
    Related: urbanization, east asia, ethnic groups, factors contributing, winnipeg
  • Values Of Americans - 835 words
    Values of Americans America is the most powerful country in the world. The American economy has been a symbol of the wealth of a nation. The efforts of our forefathers and present geniuses have created economic values, which have caused Americans to thrive. Two of these influences are Bill Gates and Ben Franklin who through genius and hard work, have made huge advances in economic values. Although their efforts spaced by hundreds of years, they believe similarly in the success of workers. Two articles "The Way to Wealth", by Ben Franklin and "Microserfs", by David Coupland, support economic values of their specific time periods. Franklins essay is written in 1733, when agriculture was the wa ...
    Related: american dream, american economic, american economy, american lifestyle, american lives
  • Why Kids Join Gangs - 851 words
    Why Kids Join Gangs A teenage boy puts on his best clothes, shines up his car, and heads for the mall. He finds a couple of young girls and tells them about a cool party. Since there are two of them and only one of him, they feel safe. Not until they are at the party, the security doors locked behind them, do they realize: that they are the only girls there; that the guys are gang members; that they, the girls, are the party; and that there is no way out. Why would any teenage boy choose to have this life of crime? Although the behavior gangs partake in during initiations and even just every day activity sound unbelievable, the fact is that the number of gangs and gang members is growing by ...
    Related: hierarchy of needs, social issues, sibling rivalry, sibling, fulfill
  • Wireless Technology - 2,058 words
    ... ss, you would have to use the same brand of network interface card throughout your network. Right now you are, for the most part, tied to whichever brand of wireless LAN you pick. Most of the products in this comparison listed their wireless protocol as Ethernet carrier sense multiple access/collision avoidance (CSMA/CA), a variation of standard Ethernet. Unfortunately, each vendor has put its own spin on CSMA/CA, which means even their protocols are incompatible. 5 Wireless services As technology progresses toward smaller, lighter, faster, lower power hardware components, more computers will become more and more mobile. For space concerns this paper will exclude any further discussion o ...
    Related: technology, wireless, wireless technology, operating systems, application software
  • Women - 608 words
    Women In Architecture Of what historic and contemporary concern is it that the architecture profession has been, and continues to be, strongly male dominated in Australia (currently 90% of registered architects in NSW are men). Ideally, what proportion of the profession should women occupy and why? From the start of human history, we always experience certain level of inequality between sexes. It can be seen everywhere around the world and is a concern to everyone, both men and women. This inequality is an important issue within the workforce of many professions, such as being an architect, landscape architect, city planners and designers within the built environment. Industrial revolution i ...
    Related: men and women, industrial revolution, human history, gender roles, formally
  • Women And Traditional Roles In Girl Interupted - 997 words
    Women And Traditional Roles In Girl Interupted. Essay #2 Women and traditional roles in Girl Interrupted Films tell us stories and present us with values and messages about our society and what needs to be changed. In the film Girl, Interrupted, Susannas struggle with self-discovery and her fight to find a place in society illustrates the view that the women who do not fit into traditional roles should be ostracised from mainstream society given that they pose the threat of change. It is clear that women like Susanna, who have little ambition in becoming a carbon copy of their mother, are seen as a threat and therefore classified as crazy. Susanna is clearly misunderstood by her peers as wel ...
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