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  • Agreeing To Disobey - 1,235 words
    Agreeing To Disobey Blindly obeying authority often results in disobedience to one's personal morality. Since rules were established and exist for the common interests of the general population, some would say adhering to the rules is obedient. However, when rules conflict with people's morals, one has the right, and furthermore the responsibility to disobey. Contrary to popular belief, disobedience does not center around ignorant rebellion. In fact, disobedience is the manner in which people shed enlightenment on the well-traveled path of benightedness, by offering another point of view. By the dictionary's definition, disobedience is a violation or disregard of a rule or prohibition. Never ...
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  • Obedience - 1,110 words
    Obedience Psychologists, social scientists and writers have long been interested in the whys of obedience and disobedience; many experiments have been conducted to help in understanding these issues and the influences exerted by outside forces on individuals in their decision making processes. Unthinking obedience can be as dangerous as unthinking rebellion in any society, neither is done with self-reflection as a part of the process; however, care must be used in determining the appropriate time for thoughtful disobedience so that society is not destroyed by the dissention. In a short story by Shirley Jackson entitled The Lottery, reprinted in Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum (382) ...
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  • Obedience - 645 words
    Obedience Does everyone in society go against what they believe in merely to satisfy an authority figure? Stanley Milgrams "Perils Of Obedience" expresses that most of society supports the authority figure regardless of their own personal ideals. Milgram says to the reader, "For many people, obedience is a deeply ingrained behavioral tendency, indeed a potent impulse overriding training in ethics, sympathy, and moral conduct" (Milgram 606). Is Milgrams statement telling us obedience is an unparalleled force in todays society? Two authors, George Orwell and Langston Hughes, provide us with incidents that support Milgrams findings. George Orwells work, "Shooting an Elephant," can be used as an ...
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  • Was Milgram Ethical In His Obedience Studies - 399 words
    Was Milgram Ethical In His Obedience Studies? Was Milgram Ethical in his Obedience Studies? When trying to determine weather or not Stanley Milgrams experiment on obedience vs. destructive obedience is ethical you need to know two things: One, determine a set of ethical means that Milgram must follow, in this case they were already laid out. Two: Determine if Milgram stepped out of the ethical rules that he had agreed to follow. The code of ethics that were placed on this experiment are the same set of codes that are placed on every experiment it includes: Respect for peoples rights, and dignity, concern for others welfare, social responsibility, among others. These codes of Ethics come from ...
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