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  • Behavioral Learning - 982 words
    Behavioral Learning BEHAVIORAL LEARNING THEORIES Educational Psychology Journal Article Presentation Most theorists agree that learning occurs when experience causes a change in a person's knowledge or behavior . Behaviorists emphasize the role of environmental stimuli in learning and focus on the behavior, i.e., an observable response. Behavioral theories are based on contiguity, classical and operant conditioning, applied behavior analysis, social learning theory and self-regulation/cognitive behavior modification. Early views of learning were contiguity and classical conditioning. In contiguity learning, two events are repeatedly paired together and become associated in the learner's mind ...
    Related: behavioral, classroom learning, learning process, learning theories, learning theory, observational learning, social learning
  • Born Addicted To Alcohol - 1,333 words
    Born Addicted to Alcohol annon There are different characteristics that accompany FAS in the different stages of a child's life. 'At birth, infants with intrauterine exposure to alcohol frequently have low birth rate; pre-term delivery; a small head circumference; and the characteri stic facial features of the eyes, nose, and mouth' (Phelps, 1995, p. 204). Some of the facial abnormalities that are common of children with FAS are: microcephaly, small eye openings, broad nasal bridge, flattened mid-faces, thin upper lip, skin folds at the corners of the eyes, indistinct groove on the upper lip, and an abnormal smallness of the lower jaw (Wekselman, Spiering, Hetteberg, Kenner, & Flandermey ...
    Related: alcohol, alcohol syndrome, fetal alcohol, fetal alcohol syndrome, short term
  • Childhood Education And Social Inequalities - 1,127 words
    ... g a mother. The parents who show this usually have children who speak less, have poorer cognitive and linguistic outcomes, are impulsive, aggressive, have social withdrawal, insecure attachments, and poor peer relationships. Maltreatment of children is another big risk-factor with significant bearing on the social class. Maltreatment is associated with aggression, and four times as many(about 20%) of maltreated children go on to become delinquent. The causes can be associated with biological psychological, and social bearings. There is no doubt that early maltreatment of children can affect their neurodevelopment as well as their behavior. If the parents have access to community resource ...
    Related: childhood development, childhood education, early childhood, social class, child behavior
  • Developmental Disabilities - 783 words
    Developmental Disabilities Imagine seeing the world through the eyes of a person with a disability. For an individual employed with the Bay St. George Community Employment Corporation, this is a major aspect of his/her job as a human service worker. Located in Stephenville, The Bay St. George Community Employment Corporation is an innovative organization which is responsible for developing training and employment for people with developmental disabilities and supporting them(The Bay St. George Community Employment Corporation,1999,p.3). The purpose of the organization is to help individuals find suitable work in the form of a regular paying job, or by owning their own business. One on one su ...
    Related: developmental, developmental disability, family leave, community health, workforce
  • Motivation Theory In Business - 1,098 words
    ... ature passive, but become so as a result of experiences, management should enable employees to develop their motivational characteristics, and that it is essential for management to arrange organizational conditions in a manner where employees can achieve their own goals by directing their personal effort towards organizational objectives. The contrast between X and Y solely relates to who controls human behavior. Theory X touts external control, and Theory Y promotes self control and self direction. The main dilemma with McGregor's premises is that Theory Y places an unrealistic amount of burden on the management. Heroics cannot be the responsibility of a manager and the difficulty a ma ...
    Related: employee motivation, expectancy theory, motivation, human psychology, personal goals
  • Music Therapy - 1,096 words
    Music Therapy Music therapy is the prescribed use of music and musical interventions in order to restore, maintain, and improve emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual health and well-being (Lindberg). So one finds the selections under the New Age/Relaxation section of the record store about as relaxing as water torture? Just because one's taste runs more to Sousa than to soothing doesn't mean one can't reap all these relaxation benefits music is supposed to have. Music therapy works primarily by changing moods, which alters brain chemistry. This can have many effects--making concentration easier, easing anxiety and fostering patience(Hendrick-16). "Music," as the old saying goes, ...
    Related: music, music therapy, therapy, different kinds, mental illness
  • Problems In Education In Society - 1,150 words
    ... learn during the time they spend in that class. This enables the educator to formulate their own opinions of that student. Also, instead of doing the IEP meetings during the middle of the year, we should wait till the end of the semester to inform the educators of certain aspects of the student instead of giving them all the information earlier in the year. Finally, it is up to the educator himself to evaluate their own teaching methods to be able to recognize, and change, the way they present themselves to the entire class. To be able to know what we are doing, and how we are doing it, at different times in the day is crucial to the aura we present to the students. Schools are often bl ...
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