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  • Catcher In The Rye - 595 words
    Catcher In The Rye The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger, portrays Holden Cawfield a New York City teenager in the 1950's as a manic-depressive. Holden's depression starts with the death of his brother, Allie . Holden is expelled from numerous schools due to his poor academics which are brought on by his depression. Manic depression, compulsive lying, and immaturity throughout the novel characterize Holden. Events in Holden's life lead him to become depressed. Holden's depression centers on Allie. The manner that Holden sees himself and how he sees others leads him to be expelled from school. The speaker expresses, "One thing about packing depressed me a little," (51). Holden expresses th ...
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  • Dressed In A Baggy Tshirt, Cotton Pants And Runners With Long Wavy Hair Falling Around Her Shoulders, She Looks Like An Ordin - 1,423 words
    Dressed in a baggy T-shirt, cotton pants and runners with long wavy hair falling around her shoulders, she looks like an ordinary teenager. Yet because of her crime she spent her "sweet sixteen" birthday locked up in one of British Columbias closed custody units for youth. Janice" which is not her real name because the Young Offenders Act prohibits publication of a youths identity is incarcerated for her part in the brutal murder of 14 year-old Reena Virk in November 1997, an event that shocked the country and prompted "Bad Girl" headlines coast to coast. What made this case so unbelievable was that seven out of eight of the teens who participated in butting out a cigarette on Virks forehead ...
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  • Emotional And Behavioral Disorders In Children - 1,367 words
    Emotional And Behavioral Disorders In Children Coping with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders When defining students with emotional or behavioral disorders one may encounter difficulties because it is such a broad topic. There are many divisions and subdivisions of this issue. Children are presented with many different disorders and tribulations, however when these disorders are detected early and with immediate attention, their situation may be remedied. A child afflicted with emotional or behavioral disorders may exhibit signs of poor self confidence. This may lead to, but not necessarily related to, social withdrawal, task avoidance, frustration or anxiety. About three to five percent of ...
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  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - 1,797 words
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a condition affecting children born to women who drink heavily during pregnancy. There are three criteria used to describe the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and to make a diagnosis of FAS. The first of these is a pattern of facial anomalies, these features include:  Small eye openings  Flat cheekbones  Flattened groove between nose and upper lip  Thin upper lip These characteristics can gradually diminish as the child ages, but it is important to note that diagnosis does not change because of this. The second criteria is growth deficiencies:  Low birth weight  Decelerating weight ove ...
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  • Jane Is Twelve Years Old, And She Has A Younger Sister She Is Your Average Student From What Seems To Be Your Average Family - 639 words
    Jane is twelve years old, and she has a younger sister. She is your average student from what seems to be your average family. Last night, she held her little sister back as they watched their mother being beaten black and blue because their father had had a hard day at work. Jane has seen this before, but this time her mother does not make it out of the fight. Jane and her little sister are sent to live with a relative, while their father goes to jail. Jane vows that the situation that killed her mother will never happen to her. Do you know Jane? Have you seen her smile? Do you know that her teachers say she has potential? Or are you familiar with the terror she faces everyday reliving the ...
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  • Juvenile Drug Courts - 1,101 words
    ... ion that includes requiring the child to participate in treatment, submit to frequent drug testing, appear at regular and frequent court status hearings, and comply with other court conditions geared to accountability, rehabilitation, long-term sobriety, and cessation of criminal activity. Enhancements introduced by the juvenile drug court to the traditional court process for handling these types of cases include: Immediate intervention by the court and continuous supervision of the progress of the juvenile and his/her family by the judge; development of a program of treatment and rehabilitation services that addresses the family's needs, not simply the child's; judicial oversight and co ...
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  • Life And Christ - 491 words
    Life And Christ In 1994 my Pa (Grandfather) died and in 1995 my Dad died and now just last month my other Grandfather died. When my Pa died I lost Faith in God for a day or to because I thought God did it for some bad reason or the other. When my other Grandfather died nothing affected me I guess because I didn't know him that well but it did bring back memories of my father dying and another thing was that when we were at the site of the grave my Grandfather was being buried right next to my Dad and they set up all the Chairs where my Dad's grave was and hid it. It may not seem like a big deal to most people but it had affected me. When my Dad died I lost faith more than any other time beca ...
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  • Multiple Personality Disorder - 1,275 words
    Multiple Personality Disorder Multiple Personality Disorder More than two million cases can be found altogether in psychological and psychiatric records of multiple personality disorder also called dissociative identity disorder. It is often thought that multiple personality disorder is a trick, a bizarre form of play-acting that is committed by manipulative, attention-seeking individuals. It is not. Multiple personality disorder is a disorder of hiding wherein 80-90% of multiple personality disorder patients do not have a clue that they have the disorder. Most know that there is something wrong with them; many fear that they are crazy, but few know that they have a disorder. What is Multipl ...
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  • Play Therapy - 998 words
    Play Therapy Play Therapy Play therapy is a good intervention approach for working with young children who lack the verbal abilities to describe their difficulties clearly enough to receive support and assistance from counselors. This strategy seems to work with children experiencing a broad range of difficulties. The play therapist must carefully select toys that will help children to express their thoughts and feelings. The arrangement of the toys and the atmosphere in the play therapy setting must provide comfort and consistency so that children will feel safe in acting out problem situations and relationships. Although each approach to play therapy has its own philosophy for the process ...
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  • Uniforms In Public School - 1,561 words
    ... e of students has dropped rapidly and 600 students have been given detention and 200 suspended. This did exactly the opposite of what uniforms are "suppose" to accomplish. If policy makers are serious about finding solutions to the problem of school violence, maybe they should ask the real experts: the students themselves. The ACLU recently conducted a series of focus groups with high school students asking them what would help reduce violence in school. Uniforms did not make the list. Their suggestion: 1. Since school violence mimics that of society at large, schools should seriously confront and discuss issues of racism and cultural conflict. 2. School entrances should be secured. 3. M ...
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