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  • Americas Inhumanity - 1,054 words
    America's Inhumanity Americas Inhumanity The greatest tragedy is war, but so long as there is mankind, there will be war. -Jomini The Art of War Military History 4/2/00 On March 16, 1968, Charlie Company of the Americal Division moved into the hamlet of My Lai and committed one of the most brutal atrocities in the Vietnam War and American history. However much their actions resulted from inherent stresses of the war, their brutal targeting of noncombatants was said to be an exceptional deviation from orders. Some 500 civilians were killed and it was not until a year later, with a letter from Ron Ridenhour, that the Criminal Investigation Division of the US Army checked the validity of the ac ...
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  • General William Westmoreland - 1,276 words
    General William Westmoreland During the late nineteenth century the French concouquered Vietnam and made it a protectorate and in 1941 the league for the independence of Vietnam (Viet Minh) was formed to fight for independence from the French and on Sept. 2nd .1945. Ho chi Minh proclaimed it independent from France. The French opposed this and wanted to re-establish their rule but where defeated on the battlefield by the Viet Min and where forced to surrender this ended a war and French rule. After the war there was a conference in Geneva where Vietnam was divided into two parts along the seventeenth parallel there where now a north and a south Vietnam similar to Korea the north being lead b ...
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  • The Tet Offensive, Which Occurred On January 31, 1968, Proved To Be A Political - 1,380 words
    The Tet Offensive, which occurred on January 31, 1968, proved to be a political and a psychological victory for the Vietnamese communists. And, although it only lasted for about one month, it was one of Americas most notable battles that taught the Americans and the Vietnamese valuable lessons about life and war. The background of the Tet-Offensive is very interesting, one hidden within the conflict of the Vietnam War. While the offensive was being planned, there were anti-war demonstrations taking place in the U.S. against the Vietnam War. Lyndon B. Johnson, in a close election, won the primary over McCarthy who happened to be against the war, and then went on to running the country with fe ...
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  • Vietnam - 841 words
    Vietnam In the early 1960s, North Vietnam wished to unify North and South Vietnam through military force. Since the United States feared the spread of communism in Asia, John F. Kennedy provided economic and military aid to South Vietnam to prevent the takeover by North Vietnam. At this time, this was still a civil war. The United States were not yet officially involved. The North Vietnamese resented this intervention by the United Sates and so, three Vietnamese torpedo boats fired on the U.S. destroyer, Maddox on August 2nd, 1964. The Maddox had been in the Gulf of Tonkin ( international waters ), thirty miles off the coast of Vietnam. On August 3rd, 1964, President Johnson gave the right t ...
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  • Vietnam War - 942 words
    Vietnam War The Vietnam War was a military struggle starting in 1959 and ending in 1975. It began as an attempt by the Vietcong (Communist Guerrillas) to overthrow the Southern Vietnam Government. This research paper will discuss the Vietnam War, US involvement in this war, and significant battles. Following the surrender of Japan to the Allies in August 1945, Vietminh guerrillas seized the capital city of Hanoi and forced the abdication of Emperor Bao Dai. On September 2 they declared Vietnam to be independent and announced the creation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, commonly called North Vietnam, with Ho Chi Minh as president. France officially recognized the new state, but the sub ...
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  • Vietnam: Americas First Rockandroll War - 715 words
    Vietnam: Americas First Rock-and-Roll War The Vietnam War could not compare to any other war the United States had seen before. The average age of soldiers was 19, and some figures gather that 90 percent were all under the age of 23. This was also the first war in which the GIs listened to antiwar and protest songs while fighting in the conflict. In previous wars, the music had always been supportive, more or less hiding the truth of what was really going on. With Vietnam it actually told the soldiers and their families what was really happening: murdering innocent people for a lost or unknown reason. Like may people back home, many GIs brought their taste of music into the front lines. Rock ...
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