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  • Eleven - 372 words
    Eleven The author Sandra Cisneros, captures the innocence and insecurity of a teennageer named Rachel, that experiences a mixed of emotions during scholl when she calls girls in her class ''stupid.'' The diction as we can see is very normal for the audience to understand, because the main character is only eleven years old. The content of the essay is composed of simple language that charaterized Rachel, as a normal teenager that is going through transitions by growing up. One of the major reasons for easy interpretation and connection is done by the effective use of syntax, and tone. The reader can comprehend the estate of mind and the athsmosphere that Rachael was involved, because Cisnero ...
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  • House On Mango Street - 267 words
    House On Mango Street Close Reading Darius & the Clouds Page 33-34 In the chapter Darius & the Clouds Sandra Cineros uses descriptive language and metaphors to engage the reader in the story. In this chapter the general theme of freedom is also exhibited when the author talks about Darius and also talks about the sky. The sky in this chapter represents the theme of freedom. The sky is used as a metaphor to describe freedom and how there are no boundaries and there is no limit. You can also not have enough freedom and never get sick of having freedom. This is shown in the first paragraph where it says, You can never have too much sky. You can fall asleep and wake up drunk on sky, and sky can ...
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  • The House On Mango Street - 798 words
    The House on Mango Street We are all affected by cultural standards that our own society imposes to us as what is perceive to be normal and acceptable. In United States, the American Dream- the dream of success, wealth and power all rolled up into one influences many people especially in the minds of the immigrants who perpetually believe that they can get a piece of the so-called American dream. In the short story, the House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros reveals the theme of illusion vs. reality conflicting with one another through images and the setting of the story. We continuously wage war when it comes to dealing with the complexities of life. It is easy to succumb to the illusion ...
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  • The House On Mango Street - 597 words
    The House On Mango Street The House on Mango Street By Sandra Cisneros The main characters name is Esperanza. She is only about thirteen and is telling the story of her life on Mango Street. Esperanza is definitely a dynamic character. In the beginning of the story she does not like their new house on Mango Street or its surrounding. But as the story progresses she learns to be more grateful for what she has. In one short story of her experiences, she describes how she had to walk home everyday for lunch and how she wished she could eat in the canteen with the other kids. She goes home after school and begs her mom to pack her a lunch and write a note so she can eat with the other kids. Afte ...
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  • Themonkeygarden - 633 words
    Themonkeygarden Can I Come Out and Play? Aging promotes the loss of childhood and innocence. Little girls go from skinned knees and imaginary friends, to runs in their pantyhose and boyfriends. Sandra Cisneros', The Monkey Garden, addresses the emotions that occur during this drastic transition through the view of herself as a little girl. This paper will discuss the author's central theme and plot, the background of Cisneros , and the downward spiral of American childhood. The main theme of the story is that the transition from childhood to adolescence is not only uncomfortable, but also painful. This theme is revealed through The Monkey Garden's plot. First, the freedom of childhood is add ...
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  • Women And Writing - 1,622 words
    Women And Writing Since the beginning of times, human beings have found various ways to express themselves and more specifically how to declare their feelings and emotions. We all know that art (in a general term) is supposed to be the tool used for expression. People from different communities, cultural backgrounds, and religions, have been appealed to manifest and share their uniqueness through art. Art, whether it was music, painting, sculpting or writing has been highly censured through time because of its contents of truth. The majorities of a society did not allow minorities to fully express themselves with fear of manifestations and revolts . Women, as a minority have fought to tell ...
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