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  • Rise Of Christianity In The Roman Empire - 417 words
    Rise Of Christianity In The Roman Empire Rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire In St. Pauls Epistle to the Romans, he explains that Gods justice is Gods way of righting wrong. St. Paul says in Jesus sacrificial death God meant by this to demonstrate his justice. According to Paul, human pride is excluded because the keeping of law would not exclude it, but faith does. St. Pauls reason for this is that a man is justified by faith quite apart from success in keeping the law. St. Paul also discusses that a person must use their gifts for the good of people. We have to use our gifts because the gifts we possess differ as they are allotted to us by Gods grace. A teacher should employ his gift ...
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  • Ancient Celtic Religion - 1,457 words
    Ancient Celtic Religion Ancient Celtic Religion When thinking of Celtic religion, the first thing that comes to ones mind is generally Druidism, and maybe even Stonehenge. There were many other components to religion in Celtic society before the Common Era, and they were integrated within the daily life, and still remain part of the culture. The sources available are mostly second hand or legends that have become christianised over time, but we can still learn a lot about their beliefs, and how they were intertwined with daily life. The people who lived 25,000 years ago were in awe of nature. They believed that each aspect of nature, such as rain, rivers; thunder and all other natural evens ...
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  • So Deeply To Be Reverenced, So Fair, - 713 words
    So deeply to be reverenced, so fair, My lady is when her smile bestows, All sound of speaking falters to a close And eyes which would behold her do not dare Of praises sung of her she is aware, Yet clad in sweet humility she goes A miracle in which the world may share. Dante Alighieri Sonet XXVI Lavita Nueva At age nine, Dante was graced by the beauty of Beatrice Portinari, and for the rest of his life, many of his writings portrayed his intense love for merely the thought of her which seemed to haunt him. Although his relationship with her was only from afar, within his mind, Beatrice captivated him as he believed she was a miracle sent from heaven. Women have been portrayed in every way th ...
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  • The Catacombs And Christian Persecutions - 782 words
    The Catacombs and Christian Persecutions The Catacombs and Christian Persecutions The catacombs are the ancient underground cemeteries used by the Christians and the Jewish people in Rome. The Christian catacombs began in the second century and the hollowing out continued until the first half of the fifth century. In the beginning they were only burial places, but later they gathered to celebrate their funeral rites, and the anniversaries of the saints and of the dead. During the persecutions the catacombs were used as places of momentary refuge for the celebration of the Eucharist. After the persecutions they became real shrines of the saints and held centuries of relics of Christians from ...
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  • The Female Breast In History - 1,010 words
    The Female Breast In History The Female Breast and the History of Western Civilization Throughout the ages, the female body has been revered as a work of art and beauty and as a source of life, from which all people are born. The breast is one of the most predominate features of a woman and stands out as a symbol of womanliness and livelihood. Eroticism, nourishment, abundance, hunger, feminine power, as well as feminine subservience, are different contradicting themes of the breast played out in time. Different repeating views of its importance and the way it should be displayed are used to reflect upon the views of women of the time and life in Western society in general. At times, it is n ...
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  • Women: Their Rise Over Time - 1,580 words
    Women: Their Rise Over Time Women: Their Rise Over Time Dating back to ancient times, the role of women has never reached true equality with men. We can trace this inequality back to as early as the great Athenian society, where life as we know it today started taking form. On the other side of the inequality, throughout the ancient history of the world, the roles and positions that women have had have improved over time. We can see this tracing time from Athens, to Sparta, the Roman Republic, it's Empire and the rise of Christianity. Although some of theses societies lived parallel in time, each one shows a difference in the way they treat women. Each one did not treat women the same, but t ...
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