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  • Ramona - 241 words
    Ramona All Ramona`s problems are from kindergarten and from home too. 1. Ramona had a problem when her sister and her parents called her a pest, because she would always sign and jumped. 2. Ramona had a problem understanding the different meanings of the word " present." When her teacher telled her " For the present I would like you to seat here Ramona please." Ramona tought her teacher was going to give her a present. 3. Ramona hated being embarrasad like the time when Miss. Biney telled her that there was no present, she got really embarrassed. 4. Ramona wanted to know parts of a story that were not important like " I want to know how Mike Mullison went to the bathroom." 5. Ramona had a pr ...
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  • Alfred Adler - 1,265 words
    ... nly two survivors remain. At that point, the seven most recently eliminated castaways will return to form the final tribal council and decide who will be the final survivor, the winner of $1,000,000! Episode 1: The 16 survivors, divided into two eight-person groups, float their rafts to their respective beaches on the South China Sea island of Pulau Tiga. Ramona, the 28-year-old biologist, sits on the raft barfing. On the Tagi beach, tubby Richard, a 38-year-old corporate trainer, sits on a tree branch and tries to tell everyone how to process decision making; the other group members roll their eyes. Stacey, a cranky 27-year-old lawyer, doesn't get along with Rudy, a 72-year-old former N ...
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  • Helen Hunt Jackson And - 464 words
    Helen Hunt Jackson And Helen Hunt Jackson and The Campaign for Ponca Restitution, 1880-1881 by Rosina Villarreal Writer, poet; born in Amherst, Mass. She was schooled briefly in Massachusetts and New York City, and was a neighbor and good friend of Emily Dickinson. She married Edward Hunt (1852). Following his death (1863), she turned to writing poetry, stories, and essays. She married William Jackson (1875) and they settled in Colorado Springs, Colo. She is best known for her novel Ramona (1884), an indictment of the U.S. government's treatment of Native Americans. I didn't even know she existed much less she was so willing to help the Ponca Indian. But I can believe the insults from our Go ...
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  • Jerome Salinger - 1,452 words
    Jerome Salinger Born on January 1, 1919, Jerome David Salinger was to become one of Americas greatest contemporary authors. In 1938 Salinger briefly attended Ursinus College in Pennsylvania where he wrote a column, "Skipped Diploma," which featured movie reviews for his college newspaper. Salinger made his writing debut when he published his first short story, "The Young Folks," in Whit Burnetts Story magazine (French, xiii). He was paid only twenty-five dollars. In 1939, at the age of 20, Salinger had not acquired any readers. He later enrolled in a creative writing class at Columbia University. Salinger was very much interested in becoming an actor and a playwright, which was quite odd bec ...
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  • Mumia Abujamal - 427 words
    Mumia Abu-Jamal Edward Vassallo Monologue 2/25/01 I don't know if you heard but last week Ramona Africa spoke at Penn State University. She discussed the freedom of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a so-called political prisoner. If you're from Philadelphia you're probably familiar with these individuals. Africa was a member of the MOVE organization in Philadelphia, which is against all forms of government, and technology. Abu-Jamal was a radio journalist, a member of the Black Panther Party and of MOVE. He is a convicted cop killer and currently sits on death row. Thomas Paine wrote, "It is an affront to treat falsehood with complacence." Yet this man has conned people into believing he was framed by the P ...
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  • The Chrysanthemums - 1,196 words
    The Chrysanthemums On Henry Allen's ranch east of Salinas Elisa plants yellow chrysanthemums as Henry is selling thirty head of cattle to agents of the Western Meat Company. After he and Scotty go to round up the cattle, a tinker shows up. He asks for work which Elisa says she hasn't. He asks for seeds for a lady on his route. Elisa gives him seedlings with instructions, and then she finds work for him which he does professionally. To celebrate the sale Henry drives her to Salinas for dinner at the Cominos Hotel and a movie; they drive past the tinker on the road and she privately weeps. 2. The White Quail Mary has her garden designed before its lot is bought, before she's married. She picks ...
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