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  • Ancient Egyptian Medicine - 1,065 words
    ... le from the Fourth Dynasty that indicates that there was an attempt to drill a hole in one of the teeth. Possibly the first prosthesis was found in 1929 in Giza where two teeth were found with gold wire fixed to the teeth. Also they have found several mummies with artificial teeth. The study of several mummies indicates poor teeth condition. This can be attributed to the lack of nutrition, mostly lower class citizens. In the Papyrus Ebers, they found parts of a dental monograph titled "The Beginning of Remedies for Stronger Teeth." Carious teeth were treated with a mixture of ocher, flour, spelt, and honey. Fillings were made out of a combination of malachite and resin. The Ancient Egypt ...
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  • Polands Syndrome - 946 words
    Poland's Syndrome POLAND'S SYNDROME There is a rare and perplexing congenital condition known today as Poland's Syndrome. This extremely unusual disorder that is present at birth falls very near and dear to my heart. I will explain in later paragraphs. An anatomy student by the name of Alfred Poland made the first documented observation in 1841 at Guy's Hospital in London. Alfred Poland discovered this extraordinary and unexplored abnormality while dissecting the cadaver of a convict that was hung for murder. The description Alfred Poland first provided was that of a congenital thoracic anomalies involving the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor with additional abnormalities on the affecte ...
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  • Prostetic Limbs - 1,091 words
    Prostetic Limbs In 1985 the movie going community was enthralled with its newest hit movie titled Short Circuit. The movie portrayed a robot that due to accidental electrocution believed that it was alive. In the final scenes the robot know as Johnny five was seen removing one of its damaged robotic arms and replacing it with a new and identical arm. This idea of replacing one limb with another of equal function was unfortunately only movie fiction. This fiction however is quickly becoming a reality for countless thousands of people living with prosthetic limbs. In the October 1998 issue of Scientific American the story of Melissa Del Pozzo a thirteen year old girl living with a prosthetic l ...
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  • Prosthetics - 646 words
    Prosthetics Introduction Prosthetics is the branch of surgery dealing with mechanical devices used to reproduce the form and function of missing body parts. Prosthetics is the replacement of faulty or amputated body parts with artificial body parts. Artificial limbs have been in use since at least 300 BC. In AD 1509 German knight, Gtz von Berlichingen, called Gtz of the Iron Hand, wore an artificial hand with jointed fingers. Early in the 19th century a German prosthesist built a hand with fingers that could be flexed or extended and that could hold light objects, such as a pen or a hat. Before World War I (1914-1918), wood was considered the best substance for making artificial legs, but la ...
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  • Radiology - 1,878 words
    Radiology Radiology Humanity, constantly learning, growing, and facing more challenges each second of the day. Whether the challenges are mental or purely physical. We have found more efficient, safer, and easier ways of doing the tasks we may face. From moving cargo, to sending information via the Internet. Probably the greatest accomplishments we have made, are in the studies of medicine/treatment. And to be specific, the study of radiology. Radiology, the process of working and viewing inside the human body without breaking the skin. By using radiant energy, which may take the form of x rays or other types of radiation, we are able to diagnose and treat many diseases and injuries. Both di ...
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  • Silicon - 1,220 words
    Silicon Silicon is an essential element in humans, found in significant concentrations in hair, bone, epidermis and dental enamel. It is also the second most abundant element on the earths crust, constituting about 28% by weight.(cite) Many foods and beverages, including certain vegetables, grains, rice, and beer have been shown to contain significant amounts of silicon. Silicone is a synthetic form of silicon and includes 40% silicon by weight. The silicones are synthetic polymers and are not therefore found naturally. They have a linear, repeating silicon-oxygen backbone akin to silica. However, organic groups attached directly to the silicon atoms by carbon-silicon bonds prevent formation ...
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  • Transmandibular Joint Dislocation - 765 words
    transmandibular joint dislocation Michelle Arney Temporo-Mandibular Dislocation Definition Temporo-mandibular joints (TMJ) are just forward of the ears and connect the jaw with the skull. With dislocation the jaw slides backwards into the skull, and at this time the mouth cannot be closed. Symptoms include inability to close mouth, pain and swelling in jaw and can also include numbness in chin and lower lip (Jaw Dislocation). Patients also describe TMJ as a tightness, sticking, or catching of the jaw. (Walling, Anne D.) TMJ is also associated with people who grind their teeth (Soothe Away Jaw Pain). This makes the person's jaw incredibly sore. It also causes headaches and insomnia. (Walling, ...
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