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  • European Exploration And Settlement - 527 words
    European Exploration and Settlement I. Europeans Look to New Worlds For Many Reasons. A. Renaissance- revival of classical art, literature, and learning. 1. Took place in Europe in 15th and 16th centuries. 2. Sparked imaginations and made people eager to explore. B. Protestant Reformation 1. Challenged Catholics who in turn persecuted Protestants. 2. Protestants longed for a place where they could worship as they wanted. C. European Nations Begin to Form Stable Governments and Resolve Power Struggles. D. Trying to Find a Quicker Route to Asia and Start Up a Rich Trade. E. New Developments in Travel. 1. Caravel- more maneuverable and quicker ship, moved with and against wind. 2. Navigation- c ...
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  • Panama - 1,574 words
    Panama The official name of Panama is the Republic of Panama or (Repblica de Panam). Panama is located on the narrowest and lowest part of the Isthmus of Panama that links North America and South America. This part of the isthmus is situated between 7 and 10 north latitude and 77 and 83 west longitude. Panama is slightly smaller than South Carolina, approximately 77,082 square kilometers. The country's two coastlines are referred to as the Caribbean and Pacific, rather than the north and south coasts. To the east is Colombia and to the west Costa Rica. Pacific. Dominant features of their landform is highlands forming the continental divide. The higher elevations near borders with Costa Rica ...
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  • The Longest Shortcut - 1,234 words
    The Longest Shortcut Section One The problem was the great 12,000 mile distance to go around South America to get to from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean or vice versa. The solution was to make canal to cut the distance down significantly. Vasco Nunez de Balboa discovered the Pacific coast in the 1513. Many famous people including Benjamin Franklin suggested that a route could be made through Panama to shorten the path. However, others people disagreed that it could be done in Panama. German explorer Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt believed that Panama was too mountainous and the wrong place to build the canal. U.S. Army Col. Charles Biddle concluded after four days of hiking in the ...
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  • Thomas Milano - 486 words
    Thomas Milano WFL 3 The "Rocky" movies allow their titles to stand alone, but here's a suggestion for a subtitle to the latest "Rocky V: The Well Has Gone Dry." Suggesting screenwriter-star Sylvester Stallone has gone to the well once too often is perhaps about four films late, but "Rocky V" is so shrill, so over-the-top, so annoying that one wonders why director John G. Avildsen bothered taking the assignment. To say "Rocky V" is heavy-handed is to understate, with every actor getting an opportunity to look foolish and none to develop any dimension. When, early on, Rocky says, "Ahhh, yo!" it sounds like self-parody. The climactic bout of "Rocky IV" is reprised under the cre ...
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