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  • Buddhism - 1,651 words
    Buddhism In Life there is suffering. This spurs on the unending search for universal truth and meaning. Jodo Shinsu is an answer to this search. The "practice" of Jodo Shinshu is the recitation of the Nembutsu with self-reflection. It involves hearing the call of Amida Buddha, the Buddha of Eternal Life and Infinite Light, Compassion and Wisdom, within others' or ours recitation of the Name. Which calls us to raise our spiritual perspectives beyond immediate ego interests to universal concerns for compassion, justice in the human community and concern for the life of nature. The hole of life is Nembutsu. A life lived in awareness, that we ourselves are the expressions, the manifestations, of ...
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  • Exegesis Of James - 2,045 words
    ... is that some things are to fought for but these should be done inside of the parameters of the Christian life (Laws 166-167). At any rate, it seems that James is disturbed by the selfish spirit and bitterness of the quarrels than by the rights and wrongs of various viewpoints (Moo 139). James identifies the source of the quarrels as the passions that in your members. 'Passion' is translated the word hedone which means pleasure and is often known as sinful or self-indulgent pleasure (Nystrom 223). James' use of military imagery in the opening words of the verse is continued on when he describes the passions as 'waging war in your members'. He may intend to suggest the conflict of the pas ...
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  • Japanese Negotiations - 1,809 words
    ... one down in front of others. It is looked upon as part of the job. Japanese are not argumentative, even if they are right. They tend to avoid confrontation to save personal relationships. The American approach is somewhat different. They will argue to great extent even if they are wrong. The American thinking of negotiations is often perceived as an opportunity to sit down and beat out an agreement trough debate and confrontation. We focus on the give-and-take approach and are allowed to make spontaneous decisions. We find great pleasure and prestige in being persuasive and are given a lot of leeway in our options to make an agreement. Most of all, Americans see negotiations as problem s ...
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  • Man God - 1,368 words
    Man & God Man and God A conflict exists between leaders and lay members alike in two of the world's mainstream religions. Christianity and Islam, are in conflict or their respective stances over their disagreement over the divinity of man and God. The philosophical perspective held by each of these religions about the divinity of man and God is paramount in insuring that it's teachings will dominate whether it is Islamic or Christian. The philosophical assumptions that cause the disagreement generate in a follower the belief that his or her religion is dominate over the other. What problems and benefits does the concept of the divinity of man being placed in the form of God afford the follow ...
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  • Managed Care - 1,383 words
    Managed Care Managed Care By Debbie Barbaroussis-Goot Regis University Dr. Ron Shaver April 16, 2001 To decide on whether or not an issue is considered ethical or moral we need the hard cold facts. Facts expose or explain what is to be decided upon - not what the outcome should be. Decisions regarding health care and mental health issues represent a major portion of ethical and moral choices. As individuals we are not always able to understand the justice, or fairness, behind the decisions supposedly based on hard cold facts. Once upon a time being a therapist was considered a calling. The images of a counselor sitting back in their comfy cushioned chairs listening to hours and hours of pati ...
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  • Preserving Flowers - 1,127 words
    Preserving Flowers As evidenced by the discovery of preserved flowers in ancient Egyptian tombs, people have for centuries engaged in the art of preserving flowers. Today, a large variety of annuals, biennials and perennials are successfully preserved. Because properly dried flowers can persist for years after harvesting, they are often referred to as everlastings or immortelles. To ascertain the optimum growing conditions and harvesting time for a particular species, one should not rely solely on books or articles. Experienced growers will frequently be the best sources of information. In general, flowering plants require ample sunlight, good drainage and a growing season with a minimum of ...
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  • The Prince By Niccolo Machiavelli 14691532 - 1,812 words
    The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1532) The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1532) Type of Work: Political and philosophical discourse Book Overveiw "It is customary for those who wish to gain the favour of a prince to endeavour to do so by offering him gifts of those things which they hold most precious." To Machiavelli, his own most precious possession was the "knowledge of great men," which he acquired through experience and "constant study." He offered his guiding gift of knowledge to his prince, Lorenzo the Magnificent Di Medici. "All states and dominions which hold or have held sway over mankind are either republics or monarchies." Thus begins his primer for princes, combining ...
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