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  • Adventures Of Tom Sawyer - 806 words
    Adventures Of Tom Sawyer I. Introduction A. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain B. This type of book is realistic fiction. C. The main character is Thomas Sawyer, a twelve year old boy, whose parents are dead. Tom lives with his aunt, Polly. Tom is busy either making trouble or thinking up new schemes. Another character is Huckelberry Finn, hated by all mothers and loved by all children. Tom is friends with Huck and they share many adventures together. Becky Thatcher, the daughter of a judge, who likes Tom but sometimes fights with him. Injun Joe is an indian who kills someone named Dr. Robinson and makes everyone believe that the real killer is a man named Muff Potter. Mr. Potter, a ...
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  • King Lear - 1,259 words
    King Lear Every situation in life has an appearance, and a reality. The appearance of a situation is usually what we want to see. The reality, what is really going on, is not always as obvious to the observer. People who cannot penetrate through the superficial appearance of a situation will see only what they want to believe is true; often, the reality of a situation is unappealing to the perceiver. These are the circumstances surrounding the conflict that occurs in William Shakespeare's King Lear. As an audience, you find that there is a major character flaw in the characters King Lear and the Earl of Gloucester. In the story, neither of these two men are able to establish the difference, ...
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  • King Lear - 840 words
    King Lear KING LEAR: THE PLOT There are really two plots in King Lear, a main plot and a fully developed subplot. Each has its own set of characters. In the main plot, there is the head of the family, the 80-plus-year-old king of Britain, Lear. He has three daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia. The Duke of Albany is married to the oldest, Goneril, and the Duke of Cornwall is married to Regan, the middle daughter. Cordelia has two suitors, the Duke of Burgundy and the King of France. The court jester, the Fool, is by extension a member of the Lear family and part of the main plot, as is the Earl of Kent, Lear's loyal follower. The Earl of Gloucester, also a member of Lear's court, is the h ...
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  • King Lear - 1,311 words
    King Lear Question #3: Consider the wisdom of King Lear's fool. Look closely at the interplay between Lear and his fool and at the speeches of the fool, which offer instruction to the king. Look for connection the play makes between Lear's fool and the other "fools" in the play - Cordelia, Kent, and Poor Tom. King Lear's fool is undoubtedly one of the wisest characters in the play. He is not only able to accurately analyze a situation which many other characters are blind to, but he is also able to foreshadow the actions of many characters and many other incidents to come. The main instruction the fool gives to the king is to beware of doing things that are unnatural, such as giving his inhe ...
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  • King Lear - 507 words
    King Lear King Lear, in Shakespeares tragic play, goes through drastic changes as a man, both father and king. He is forced to face the problems he causes when he turns over the kingdom to his two evil daughters Regan and Goneril. Lears tragic flaw is his inability to see the true nature of people because of his pride and anger. This causes him to override his judgement. This is best shown when he disowns his most truthful and loyal daughter Cordelia. He much prefers his elder daughters Regan and Goneril because he liked their shameless flattering of him. He shows that he does not truly know his daughters, because he has never taken the time to. Lear will eventually lose his sanity, due to b ...
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  • King Lear Blindness - 1,389 words
    King Lear - Blindness In Shakespeare's "King Lear" the issue of sight against blindness is a recurring theme. In Shakespearean terms, being blind does not refer to the physical inability to see. Blindness is here a mental flaw some characters posses, and vision is not derived solely from physical sight. King Lear and Gloucester are the two prime examples Shakespeare incorporates this theme into. Each of these characters' lack of vision was the primary cause of the unfortunate decisions they made, decisions that they would eventually come to regret. The blindest of all was undoubtedly King Lear. Because of his high position in society he is supposed to be able to distinguish good from bad: un ...
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  • King Lear Play - 566 words
    King Lear Play In the play King Lear written by William Shakespeare a collection of images are used to express different points Shakespeare is trying to relay to his audience. One reoccurring image that kept popping up was animal images. Shakespeare displays these animal images when King Lear and many of the other characters in the play talk about Goneril and Regan. The animals that Lear and the other characters compare the two sisters to are not very pretty. They are compared to the likes of tigers, serpents, and even monsters. These reoccurring images have an important idea behind them that Shakespeare hopes to communicate his readers. Shakespeare waste no time in comparing Goneril and Reg ...
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  • Theme Of False Reality In King Lear - 887 words
    Theme of False reality in King Lear In Shakespearean terms, being blind means something entirely different than our common day view. Blindness can normally be defined as the inability of the eye to see, but according to Shakespeare, blindness is not a physical quality, but a mental flaw some people possess. In other words, its the ability to see life not from an openly logical point of view, but instead through their emotions and false pretenses that are the base of their societyShakespeares most dominant theme in his play King Lear is that of blindness. King Lear, Gloucester, and Albany are three prime examples Shakespeare incorporates this theme into. Each of these characters blindness was ...
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  • Title Of Paper : King Lear - 1,743 words
    ... , being oppress'd, commands the mind to suffer with the body." (2.4, ll. 104-106) This statement is applicable mainly to his state of mind, more than anything else. The pathos appeal of this once strong ruler remaining so willfully blind to all of this is! strong, but it taxes Lear to the point where, after he tells his own daughter, Goneril, that they will never see each other again, we begin to wonder how much sanity he has left. With Lear's speech, "But yet thou art my flesh, my daughter; or rather a disease that's in my flesh, which I must needs call mine; thou art a boil, a plague-sore, an embossed carbuncle, in my corrupted blood," (2.4, ll. 222- 226) we see that perhaps he recogni ...
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