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  • Air Pollution - 1,567 words
    Air Pollution Acid rain is a problem that has plagued earth for years. It is poisoning our waters, animals, plants, soil, and more. It is a problem that can not be ignored or it might have catastrophic results on our environment. Acid rain is caused by air pollution, which is due to man-made actions. Scientists have discovered that air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels is the major cause of acid rain. Power plants and factories burn coal and oil, which is used to produce the electricity we need to heat and light our homes and to run our electric appliances. We also burn natural gas, coal, and oil to heat our homes, and our cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes use gasoline to run, whic ...
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  • Air Pollution Report - 1,203 words
    ... es not affect all parts of the world. It is most common in a city such as Los Angeles where these weather conditions exist. Ozone depletion is looked upon as a problem that up till now, we can not fix. Air pollution has caused this hole in the ozone layer. The ozone layer absorbs 99% of the sun's harmful energy. It prevents ultraviolet radiation from reaching the Earth's surface and the troposphere. It protects humans from sunburn, skin and eye cancer, and cataracts. It also prevents much of the oxygen in the troposphere from being converted to ozone (gas). In the mid-seventies chemists F. Sherwood Rowland and Mario J. Malian discovered CFC's were creating a global chemical time bomb by ...
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  • Rafael Lopez Perez - 880 words
    Rafael Lopez Perez TOXIC WASTE Pollution Prevention GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS DEFINITIONS Pollution prevention consists of all those activities that reduce the generation of hazardous waste. Many terms are used to describe these activities: waste minimization, waste reduction, source reduction, waste diversion, pollution prevention, recycling, and reuse. In a recent policy statements EPA suggested the following hierarchy for management of wastes: * Source reduction * Recycling * Treatment * Disposal In plant practices that reduce, avoid or eliminate the generation of hazardous waste as to reduce risks to health and the environment. Actions taken away from the waste generating activity, includin ...
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  • Tradgedy In The Commons - 603 words
    Tradgedy In The Commons There has been growing concern about the environment and what is safe and not safe. Several new programs aimed at protesting the environment and human health, have been initiated under the 1990 Amendments to the clean air act (Chicago). But what is it exactly that is really wrong with the environment.. Well, its the people who need to get around using things such as cars that give off pollutants into our atmosphere. The wants and needs of society grow mainly because of population expansion and a growing desire for a more comfortable life. But is the U.S. only dealing with this? Beijing has been proven to be the worlds smoggiest city. The air has diminished so severely ...
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