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  • A Look Into Music Technologies: - 1,585 words
    A Look Into Music Technologies: A LOOK INTO MUSIC TECHNOLOGIES: HOW HAS THE INFORMATIONAL AGE INFLUENCE MUSIC? INTRODUCTION As we enter a new millennia, so will our music. The entire field of music has experienced dramatic changes due to the post- industrial/ informational age. This paper will focus primarily on the expansion of musical research and the development of new tools to aid in learning. The overall reaction details innovations that enhance and expand the depths of music. RESEARCH In the 1970's, the US government underwent a secret project making an underground port of communication. This project created what we now know as the Internet. The term Internet is often used to describe ...
    Related: music, world wide, global communication, internet service provider, station
  • A Rose For Emily Time And Setting - 963 words
    A Rose For Emily (Time And Setting) In A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner, the author uses the element of time to enhance details of the setting and vice versa. By avoiding the chronological order of events of Miss Emily's life, Faulkner first gives the reader a finished puzzle, and then allows the reader to examine this puzzle piece by piece, step by step. By doing so, he enhances the plot and presents two different perspectives of time held by the characters. The first perspective (the world of the present) views time as a mechanical progression in which the past is a diminishing road. The second perspective (the world of tradition and the past) views the past as a huge meadow which no w ...
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  • Banned And Censored Music - 1,100 words
    Banned and Censored Music Banned and Censored Music The discussion of whether or not the censorship of music is constitutionally sound has come about. This problem has been around since the beginning of music in one way or another. The fact of the matter is that there is technically no such thing as the censorship of music in the United States(Banned Music 1). Although that is supposedly the case, that statement can be very misleading. It is stated in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution that every American is granted the Freedom Of Speech. This includes all musicians. Contrary to this statement, there has been a numerous amount of cases in which a song or music group has be ...
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  • Body Art In The Extreme - 666 words
    Body Art in the Extreme Body Art in the Extreme Tattoos are becoming a popular phenomenon that is seen everywhere. Todays youth are getting permanent tattoos to be cool and trendy, but are not considering the long-term effects. Teenagers should be aware of all that body modification may include, it is not just a pretty picture. Adolescences must consider the dangers and conscientious result of attaining diseases, being underage, and having a permanent mark on their body. The unsanitary conditions of getting a tattoo tend to go unnoticed by teenagers. The increase popularity in body art has also caused an increase in the incidences of Hepatitis, especially Hepatitis C. Hepatitis C is spread b ...
    Related: human body, term effects, government regulation, job interview, stick
  • Body Modification - 1,086 words
    Body Modification Body modification and adornment is a universal culture. All civilizations have attempted to change their body in order to fulfill their cultural construct of beauty, religious and/or social obligations. Body adornment and modification is a very broad subject, ranging from ceremonial body paint to the amputation of appendages. In modern society many people today are looking more like tribal warriors of many African cultures. In fact many of these modifications actually do come from many ancient cultures. So why is body modification just now coming to the attention of the modern world? It is my belief that a greater amount of young adults are finding that imitating traditions ...
    Related: modification, third world, personal statement, ancient world, pleasure
  • Childhood And Treatment Of Children - 752 words
    Childhood And Treatment Of Children Childhood and the Treatment of Children Children all over the world are treated differently at different times, during different centuries. Some children are raised by both of their parents in a good environment, with good conditions, and with a good education. Those kids are well taken care of and are happy if love is added to all that. The place that they live in becomes perfect. There are other kids, though, that have no loving parent, or no parents at all; no beautiful warm home, or no home at all; no healthy food, or no food at all and no good education, or no education at all. They have to work all day just to survive and get a little bit of somethin ...
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  • Conflict Management In Negotiations - 1,666 words
    Conflict Management In Negotiations Conflict Management In The Negotiation Process Conflict Management in the Negotiation Process Conflict is an expressed struggle between two or more interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals (Wilmot, 1998, pg.34). It would seem strange to have a conflict within a conflict, wouldn't it? The whole negotiation process is in existence because of some sort of disagreement or conflict, and aside from the actual act of the negotiation, I want to discuss some of the behind the scenes conflict that can exist. Since people do the negotiating, it us understood that the people can act ...
    Related: conflict management, interpersonal conflict, management, management journal, negotiation process
  • Death Of A Salesman Charatcer Dvelpomnet Essay - 754 words
    Death Of A Salesman Charatcer Dvelpomnet Essay A person's attitude is mostly what everyone around him or her will view them as. From this they can tell many things. Whether it is if the person is funny or down to earth or even irresponsible. Many times people change personalities often and they would be classified as being a dynamic type of person. A person who is doesn't change is classified as being a static character. Willy, from Death of a Salesman written by Arthur Miller, is a static character for his inability to grasp reality, his poor parenting and his constant lying to his wife. Foremost, Willy has a problem with his inability to grasp reality. As he grows older his mind is startin ...
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  • Drugs And Crime - 1,450 words
    ... t if they live with the general population, it is much harder to break away from old habits. The primary clinical staff is usually made up of former substance abusers that at one time were rehabilitated in therapeutic communities. The perspective of the treatment is that the problem is with the whole person and not the drug. The addiction is a symptom and not the core of the disorder. The primary goal is to change patterns of behavior, thinking, and feeling that predispose drug use (Inciardi et al. 1997, pp. 261-278). This returns to the general theory of crime and the argument that it is the opportunity that creates the problem. If you take away the opportunity to commit crimes by chang ...
    Related: crime, crime prevention, drug abuse, drug treatment, drugs, drugs and crime, war on drugs
  • Essay Over The Epic Of Gilgamesh - 745 words
    Essay over The Epic of Gilgamesh Essay over The Epic of Gilgamesh The main character in the book The Epic of Gilgamesh, is Gilgamesh himself. In the beginning of the book one realizes that Gilgamesh is an arrogant person. Gilgamesh is full of himself and abuses his rights as king. He has sexual intercourse with the virgins of his town and acts as though he is a god. Although some readers of this classic book may say that Gilgamesh does not change from the beginning of the book, it can easily be interpreted the other way. Throughout the book, many things cause Gilgamesh to change. He gains a friend, he makes a name for himself by killing Humbaba, and he tries to become immortal because of the ...
    Related: enkidu gilgamesh, epic, epic of gilgamesh, gilgamesh, main character
  • Fingerprinting Kids - 1,047 words
    Fingerprinting Kids Copyright 1983 NPG,Ltd. Issue: Should parents voluntarily create detailed identification records (including fingerprints) on their children in anticipation of possible runaway problems or abductions? (1) Yes. You can never tell when terrible things will happen to a child, so its best to be prepared. (2) No. The vast majority of missing children are not abducted. Whether abducted or not, fingerprinting will do no good. It wastes time and money and pushes us that much closer to the creation of the Orwellian National Data Center that Congress rejected fifteen years ago. BACKGROUND: As of early 1983, 11 states had launched programs to fingerprint children.( These were New Yor ...
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  • Heart - 636 words
    Heart Of Darkness By Conrad In the novella Heart if Darkness by Joseph Conrad Marlow and Kurtz undergo similar journeys through the most evil and dark regions of their psyche; however, Marlow is able to realize the darkness inside him and retain his soul before he reverts to a savage animal-like Kurtz has. Marlows disillusionment begins as he arrives on the shore of Africa. When he first arrives on the coast of Africa he sees a large warship bombarding the overgrown forest that has encroached on the beach. This firing is random and is only pointless destruction. He sees the natives, and the people view them as their enemies. Marlow thinks of them as enemies at first, however when he sees the ...
    Related: heart of darkness, the manager, joseph conrad, human mind, savage
  • How Has Psychology Helped Us With Language And Intelligence - 1,484 words
    How Has Psychology Helped Us With Language And Intelligence How has Psychology Help us understand the concept of Language and Intelligence as related to Human Beings? Psychology, the study of behaviour and mental processes concerns itself with the reasons organisms do what they do and how they behave in a particular way, For example why acquired skills are not lost when learnt ; Why do children rebel against parents and, why humans speak, love and fight each other. These examples of learning and behaviour are directly related to intelligence and language in human beings. It is said that language, foresight, musical skills and other hallmarks of intelligence are connected through an underlyin ...
    Related: applied psychology, human intelligence, human language, intelligence, intelligence testing, psychology, sign language
  • Hypoglycemia - 496 words
    Hypoglycemia subject = Human Anatomy title = Hypoglycemia Hypoglycemia means low blood sugar or low fuel in the blood. It also refers to a distubed carbohydrate metabolism, since some people change between high and low blood sugar levels. When the body tries to work under these conditions, mental processes are impaired and body systems are broken. Hypoglycemia is sometimes related to other conditions like drug addiction, alcoholism, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, mental illness, anti-social behavio, an juvenile deliquency. There are numerous causes of hypoglycemia including; inborn errors of metabolism, defects in enzyme systsms, disorders of various glands and organs (hypothalamus, pituita ...
    Related: hypoglycemia, nervous system, human anatomy, blood sugar, alcohol
  • Introspective Look Into - 1,392 words
    Introspective Look Into Written on the wings of a long lost trip.. April 19, 1999 A gross and sickening introspective look into the mind of a truly demented person.. You better believe.. C'mon mothers, set your children free. Let them run with us, in the forests and the streams. Let them dwell amongst us, may we all get along? I remember what happened last time your children freed themselves, all hell broke loose. That won't happen again though, we promise. Sign the permission slip and let them follow us.. it won't cost much, but they might be gone for a while.. He decided that everything he believed in was in vain, he felt that all his bearings were off course.. he began to use drugs, at fi ...
    Related: the girl, second grade, last time, occasion, disagree
  • It All Begins With Attitude - 2,804 words
    It All Begins With Attitude IT ALL BEGINS WITH ATTITUDE from the seminar BREAKING THROUGH LIFE'S BOUNDARIES by Pat Spithill Seminar Leader * Author * Keynote Speaker (C) Copyright, 1989, Pat Spithill P.O. Box 505 * Hutchins, Texas 75141 214-225-8051 This material may not be reproduced or altered without written permission of the author and copyright holder. The Importance of Attitude The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word "attitude" as "a mental position or feeling with regard to an object." The mental positions or feelings are our thoughts, beliefs and opinions. The object is life. In other words, attitudes encompass all of the thoughts, beliefs and opinions which people have about ...
    Related: positive attitude, webster dictionary, people change, went wrong, complaining
  • Lord Of The Flies The Evil In Us All - 642 words
    Lord of the Flies - The Evil in Us All The choir belongs to you of course. They could be the army-. or hunters ( Lord of the Flies pg. 21 ). That was Ralphs big mistake, giving Jack that power and the right to be hunters. That power led to the fall of their civilization and the take over of Jacks savage tribe. There is evil within everyone and everything, it is just a matter of whether or not you let it take control of you. That is what The Lord of the Flies , a novel by William Golding, tries to express. Through analyzing the character of Jack you can see how the savagery takes him over little by little as he develops mentally, physically, and emotionally throughout the novel.. Jack declin ...
    Related: flies, lord of the flies, william golding, young boy, knife
  • Making Friends - 1,513 words
    Making Friends The process of making a friend is a very unique one. It depends on the person one is trying to become friends with, it depends on one's gender, it depends on one's age, but most importantly it depends one's personality. Every individual is different and how they make friends differs just as greatly. The way I make friends depends heavily on my personality. As an introverted person, I tend to first meet potential friends through what I call forced association. After the initial meeting, I evaluate them and determine whether or not I think they should be my friend. Bonding, specifically male bonding, follows and acceptance is the final stage. Before I can delve into the sometime ...
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  • Male Response To The Female Form - 1,991 words
    Male Response To The Female Form... Every action has a reaction. All human beings react to certain situations in certain ways. Little children cringe at the sight of brussel sprouts, people cry at sad movies, and everyone laughs at jokes. How do men react when they are brought before the nude female form? What is the basis for their reactions? Do people change personalities when exposed to this? I have tried to learn the mysteries behind these questions, and brought myself to many conclusions. The explanations of these questions' answers are not short and simple. They are in fact very complex. To sum up the topic, there is not just one reaction, and this depends on many key factors. All peop ...
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  • Narcissism - 586 words
    Narcissism "Is our negative branding of narcissism a defense against a demanding call of the soul to be loved?" Thomas Moore - Care of the Soul Narcissism is the egotistic sense of self-importance, but paradoxically underneath this attitude, the narcissist is simply a victim of a fragile low self-esteem. It is the underlying sense of inferiority that is the real problem of the narcissist, and their pretense is just a disguise used to cover their deeper feelings of inadequacy. Since narcissists are often incapable of asserting genuine self-meaning, they seek admiration from others because they desire acceptance and approval (as we all do) but lack the ability to find any from within. In looki ...
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