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  • Leadership Theory: - 1,217 words
    ... In short, they accrue and use power. Power can be used pro-socially (responsibly) and it can be used capriciously. The fact that power can be abused should not blind us to the fact that it is necessary for organizations to function. Excellent leaders use their power to build up their organizations, develop their people, and make them successful. OH #7 Leadership Principles. Let us talk about leadership principles that guide people toward the actions that lead to successful leadership. If traits are the necessary preconditions for leadership; then principled actions are the fulfillment of the promise. OH #8 Moral courage is not an all or nothing proposition. Exceptional leaders consisten ...
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  • Rethinking Leadership In The Learning Organization - 440 words
    Rethinking Leadership In The Learning Organization A proclamation by a CEO that "we are going to become a learning organization" will likely be met with collective eye rolling and wonderings of, "What workshop did he attend last week?" Indeed, many employees are so accustomed to these management "initiatives-of-the-month" that seeing any results from such a managerial decree is extremely unlikely. Another of the main barriers to creating a learning organization, Senge says, is the difference between compliance and commitment. The employees are loath to accept change that starts at the top of the managerial hierarchy. A value is a value only if voluntarily chosen. We cannot force others to le ...
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  • Teacher As Leader - 1,098 words
    ... rcumstances. This can be effective with very mature students in whom a teacher wants to create independence and expand their thinking. This simply stated is the teacher giving a problem, minimal instructions, and expecting the student to find the solution. In some aspects this can be effective only if the students have a basic understanding and the fore knowledge of how to solve the problem. With too little amount of instruction this will be a disaster! The participating style centers on both the students and the teacher. The teacher gives the students a problem, gives instruction and possible solutions, and asks the students for input. The teacher, although dependent on recommendations ...
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  • The Leadership Moment - 448 words
    The Leadership Moment The Leadership Moment is a collection of nine true stories of triumph and disaster and their lessons for us all. The stories are familiar: Eugene Kranz and Apollo 13; John Gutfreund and Salomon Brothers; Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the Civil War, to name a few. The stories are drawn from the past and present, represent a wide-range of challenges that include both natural and man-made disasters, and illustrate lessons of success and failure. The author, Michael Useem, is the director of the Wharton Schools Center for Leadership and Change Management. He does a superb job of relating the events and definitive moments of each narrative. Events unfold with the right mix ...
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