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  • Kali Hindus - 774 words
    Kali Hindus Kali Hindu goddesses personify Nature its bounty, beauty, wisdom and mystery. In benevolent forms, they nurture life. But in malevolent forms, they destroy everything. They are therefore adored and appeased with offerings of flowers and bridal finery. Unlike most other religions, Hinduism does not advocate the worship of one particular deity. There are numerous gods and goddesses worshipped by Hindus all over India. Among these is Kali, the black earth mother whose rites involve sacrificial killing. She is associated with dark, obscene rites and devil worship. She has black skin and hideous tusked face, smeared with blood. Kali is the Hindu primal Mother Goddess who brings Life ...
    Related: kali, devil worship, mother goddess, ancient religions, wisdom
  • Tifa Mac The Pimpstress Kali The Sabertooth Kitty - 966 words
    Tifa Mac The Pimpstress & Kali The Sabertooth Kitty Tifa Mac The Pimpstress & Kali The Sabertooth Kitty PROFILE Real Name: Amy McIntire Kali the CatOccupation: Fabric Store Clerk House CatPlace of Birth: South Side L.A. AmazonParents: Deceased Lion King & Simba Group Affiliations: P.M.S (Pretty Mean Sisters) P.M.SBase of Operations Macs Fabrix Macs Fabrix SUPER POWERS Tifa Mac The Pimpstress Kali The Sabretooth Kitty Super Human Strength: Enormous strength- attained from carrying bolts of fabric all day. Claw of Death: Powerful paws that sink poison into anything that it comes in contact with.Yard Stick: Turns into a bolt of fabric with sewing needles sticking out of them. Hiss of Terror: De ...
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  • Abex Chemicals, Inc - 1,160 words
    ... t term yang diberikan semakin lunak untuk membuat produk menjadi lebih attraktif. ABEX Corporation mempunyai tingkat sales yang meningkat tajam pada year 8 akibat naiknya harga jual per unit petrochemical. Kenaikan harga ini membuat sales meningkat tajam (lebih dari 100%) yang kemudian berakhir pada tingkat receivable yang juga meningkat. Receivable yang tinggi ini kemungkinan besar diakibatkan oleh penjualan petrochemical dibandingkan dengan pipelines yang salesnya stabil. Kemungkinan penyebab lain adalah buruknya usaha penagihan yang dilakukan oleh ABEX terhadap outstanding receivablesnya dan adanya penundaan dari customernya sendiri untuk melakukan pelunasan receivable ABEX. Kemungkin ...
    Related: life cycle, financial risk, cash flow, coupon, operation
  • Bab 5 - 2,420 words
    ... STRATEGI TEKNOLOGI Strategi Teknologi diintegrasikan dengan framework untuk pertimbangan dan penentuan dari teknologi yang ada bagi ruang lingkup perusahaan saat ini (dan masa datang). Bagian ini akan membahas beberapa kepentingan teknologi yang harus berhubungan selama pemformulasian dari strategi bisnis perusahaan. Mempertimbangkan dan memahami hal ini, seperti pada tabel 5.7 akan membantu mendapatkan sebuah pendekatan yang seimbang untuk formulasi strategi. Tabel 5.7 Framework yang mengidentifikasi Komponen Primer dalam Memformulasikan Strategi Teknologi Penentuan Teknologi Menentukan sumber internal dalam fleksibilitas Menentukan trend lingkungan melalui peramalan teknologi Pemiliha ...
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  • Hinduism - 1,750 words
    Hinduism Hinduism Presented by Eve April 6, 2000 Dr. Colwell, Professor Religion 110 Hinduism Hinduism is the name given to one of the most ancient relioon practices in India. Vedanta is the true name of this religion. When british began to populate India this ancient religion evolved into what is known today as Hinduism. Hinduism constitutes an extremely intricate religion upon which a single definition cannot be composed. The premier feature of this religion is the huge difference of beliefs and rituals among its practitioners. Hinduism was created through the mixing of two distinct cultures involving the Aryans and the Indus Valley civilization. At about 1500 BC, the Aryan invaded India a ...
    Related: hinduism, ganges river, caste system, true essence, retaining
  • Hinduism - 1,710 words
    ... is taught that Vishnu is the supreme cause, thus identifying him with Brahma, and also that his special work is to preserve: In the beginning of creation, the great Vishnu, desirous of creating the whole world, became threefold; Creator, Preserver, Destroyer. In order to create this world, the Supreme Spirit produced from the right side of his body himself as Brahma; then, in order to preserve the world, he produced from his left side Vishnu; and in order to destroy the world, he produced from the middle of his body the eternal Shiva Some worship Brahma, others Vishnu, others Shiva; but Vishnu, one yet threefold, creates, preserves, and destroys: therefore let the pious makes no differe ...
    Related: hinduism, prime mover, young woman, ganges river, kingdom
  • Hinduism And Buddhism - 1,924 words
    ... , many centuries. Hinduism and Buddhism have different similarities and are in some ways connected to each other. Some of the practices of the two religions are similar in various ways and there are several examples to show this. Hinduism first started in India around 1500 BC. The word Hindu comes from the Sanskrit word sindhu, or river. The Hindu community define themselves as those who believe in the Vedas, or also those who follow the way, or dharma, of the four classes and the stages of life. The four classes being the varnas and the stages of life being the ashramas. Like Hinduism, Buddhism also started in India. It is based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, who is called the ...
    Related: buddhism, hinduism, tantric buddhism, rites of passage, middle path
  • Hunger - 663 words
    Hunger. I opened my eyes. Complete blackness. Stillness. I lie motionless for a moment, listening. There was no one to be heard for miles in this city. This is bad, I thought. Could it have happened so fast? Everyone? I didn't want to believe it. I left my blackened chamber and stepped out into the quiet night. Utter stillness. "What are you going to do now...", I whispered to myself. *** The moonlight shown down like it always and forever will, playing on windows and gliding over puddles. How I loved the moon. I didn't really miss the sun, but then again no one I knew did either. The gate wasn't locked; no surprise. The reason was perfectly clear from the freshly dug pit. It was just less t ...
    Related: hunger, black death, last time, great plague, fixed
  • Sex Education - 1,208 words
    Sex Education Kali Thompson Audience Analysis: I am writing to the seven chairmen of the Manatee County School Board. They are a made up of a group of five men and two women. They are most likely all parents who have a common concern on the material being taught on the issue of Sex Education in schools. Fellow parents vote on them to insure that they make the correct decisions on what their kids are learning in school. They are all from some form of the Christian religion. They are from ages 30 and older. They represent all races. They all have a college degree and the majority of them have doctorate degree in education. They are mainly from the upper economic levels in society. The chairmen ...
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