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  • Comparison Of Spartan And Samurai Warriors - 1,435 words
    Comparison of Spartan and Samurai Warriors Comparison of Spartan and Samurai Warriors Both Feudal Japan and Ancient Sparta are renowned for their outstanding soldiery. Each had distinctly different military styles owing to the differences in their lifestyles and beliefs. The Japanese soldier had a balanced view of himself as a whole person, studying both martial and literary techniques, whereas the Spartan soldier was born and raised to become a soldier. Both techniques were extremely successful in developing a fighting force that was the elite of their times. The Core of feudal japans military force was the samurai. The development of the samurai in ninth-century Japan occurred when the cen ...
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  • Grave Set Kiras Head Before It, Thus Declaring Their Lords Honour Redeemed - 537 words
    grave set Kira's head before it, thus declaring their Lord's honour redeemed. The Shogun was deeply impressed with the loyalty demonstrated by the 47 ronin. While sympathetic to their heroic act, however, Tsunayoshi ordered Oishi and 45 of his men to execute themselves as honoured warriors, sparing the youngest of the ronin. Oishi and the other 45 ronin all committed seppuku simultaneously on February 4, 1703, dignifying themselves in their valiant sacrifice and were buried side by side next to their master at Sengaku-ji Temple. In addition to a play in honour of the 47 ronin, each year thousands of Japanese visit the gravesite of the 46 ronin to pay homage to the honor and loyalty of the 47 ...
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  • Japan In Isolation - 829 words
    Japan in Isolation Japan in Isolation The problem question being dealt with is "To what extent was Tokugawa Japan's policy of isolation a benefit or drawback when examined in terms of social stability, treatment of foreign influences, and standard of living?" The benefits of isolation when looked at by the subject of social stability are numerous. The social stability of Japan during isolation was something to be looked at upon with great respect. Isolation gave Japan stability and internal solidarity at a time when these factors were urgently needed. Under the new system of Tokugawa merchants were at the bottom however, encouraged by the availability of money, they bought, sold, traded and ...
    Related: isolation, japan, technological change, social status, peasants
  • Samurai Vs Knight - 1,734 words
    Samurai Vs Knight Many people often see little similarity between the country of Japan and Europe. However, there are actually several similarities between these two countries. In fact, Reischauer and Jansen note that Feudal Japan had departed so far from East Asian norms that it was more similar to medieval Europe than it was to China. Thus, the knight of Europe and the samurai of Japan despite a lack of contact with one another shared several common elements. This was a result of many similarities social and cultural influences experienced by the two distant countries. Japan has a history that dates back thousands of years. Researchers believe the Japanese people descended from many groups ...
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