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  • A Date With Kosinski - 1,590 words
    A Date With Kosinski A Date with Kosinski Being James Bond is every man's dream. The beautiful women, fancy cars, dangerous journeys, and beautiful women. Many men would love to be in his place where all the danger and excitement take place. We don't have that capability to become an international spy, but in the novel, Blind Date by Jerzy Kosinski, we are exposed to a life similar to that of James Bond. He goes through secret negotiations. Jerzy Kosinski's use of words greatly contributes to the novel's excellence. He forces the reader to imagine everything that happens in the novel using very descriptive words and phrases. The main character of the novel is George Levanter. He poses as an ...
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  • And This I Am Proud Of - 1,726 words
    And This I Am Proud Of And this I am Especially Proud of - Q Introduction - Throughout the years, the weapons and gadgets that have come from the hands of the Q Branch, has never turned James Bond down, they are the coolest and are the best in spy paraphernalia. I. Bonds choice of equipment A. Walther PPK B. Aston Martin DB5 C. Watches II. Comparison to some spy gadgets of the army A. Bonds popular equipment B. Militarys popular equipment III. As technology continues to grow A. Weapons will get better 1. Equipment from newer movies a. Goldeneye b. Tomorrow Never Dies B. Gadgets of the older movies C. Other items of Qs Lab IV. What do we expect of Bond A. More high tech weapons and gadgets B. ...
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  • Archetyple Heros - 416 words
    Archetyple Heros In literature, the term archetype refers to a pattern or model of an action, a character type, or an image that recurs enough in life and literature to be considered universal. Medival heroes and modern ones share many characteristics; however, their approaches to dangers are quite different. First, the medival hero is thought to be brave. He goes out questing in search to set bad to good, rescue damsels in distress, and instore the chivalric code Might for Right. Next, the hero is often aided by the supernatural. He has the use of magical powers, wizardly weapons, and unearthly people. Sometimes in these stories, the supernatural being such as wizards, psychics, aurgers, an ...
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  • British Authors Think Great Britian Is Shaping World Events Through - 1,905 words
    British Authors Think Great Britian is Shaping World Events Through Intelligence Agencies British authors believe that their country of Great Britain is shaping world events potentially and morally through its intelligence agencies. Morally , there are several methods in which they have shown this. In Ian Fleming's books, James Bond embodied the idea of a consumer society which have morally affected society. The sadistic infliction of pain is another formula used in many of Ian Fleming's James Bond books that morall y affects society. They have also potentially affected world events with their intelligenc e agencies. In several cases, the British have solved the potentially serious problems ...
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  • Hero In Myth And Film - 616 words
    Hero In Myth And Film Hero in america and he saved the day, got his girl and everyone lived happily ever after. Sweet, short, cut and dry, that was the typical ending of our childhood books and early movies. There was the perfect hero and the bad villain. That was in the pre-modern era, now our hero isnt always perfect and has his flaws. The hero in todays movies needs these flaws and needs to travel through a combination of paths to become a hero. In order to sell movies which decide who a hero is in todays society. A hero in todays society needs to admit that he needs help and isnt superman, he needs to have problems and prove that he doesnt belong up on a pedestal where his image is total ...
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  • History Of Philippine Cinema - 2,166 words
    History of Philippine Cinema Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter! History of Philippine Cinema Introduction The youngest of the Philippine arts, film has evolved to become the most popular of all the art forms. Introduced only in 1897, films have ranged from silent movies to talkies; black and white to color. Outpacing its predecessors by gaining public acceptance, from one end of the country to the other, its viewers come from all walks of life. Nationwide, there are more than 1000 movie theaters. Early in the 1980s, it was estimated in Metro Manila alone, there were around 2.5 million moviegoers. As an art form, it reflects the culture and the beliefs of the people i ...
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  • I Know The Assignment Was To Deal With A Certain Aspect Of Terrorism, But I Cant Seem To Keep My Opinions Based On One Kind W - 1,242 words
    I know the assignment was to deal with a certain aspect of terrorism, but I can't seem to keep my opinions based on one kind without comparing it to other acts of terrorism. Terrorism is defined in Webster's New World Dictionary as, to use force or threats to intimidate, etc., especially as a political policy. Intimidate is similarly defined as, to make afraid, as with threats. Threats is a common word used in both definitions and when people are threatened, they feel terror therefore they are terrorized. Terrorism doesn't always come with the stereotypical Russians or Middle Eastern rebels that want to attack the US. Terror can come from all ages, races, political beliefs, and countries. An ...
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  • It Is Commonly Accepted That The Beowulf Epic Was From The Anglosaxon Period - 720 words
    It is commonly accepted that the Beowulf epic was from the Anglo-Saxon period. It is so commonly accepted because of the strong evidence in the story. Then, because of all of these parallels that can be drawn it is safe to say that a reader who is unaware of Anglo-Saxon society cannot fully understand this epic. That is why I plan to explain the basic principles of this society to better comprehend the epic at another level. There is obviously very little reference to women in this story. In class it was discussed that it may be due to the little importance of women during the time period. However, I have found that during the Anglo-Saxon period females were not of little significance. They ...
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  • Marxist Theory - 2,882 words
    ... oplifting would be legalised, Banks and companies would collapse. A moment's thought shows this is obvious: the legal system has to "fit" the property system, the existing class system. Capitalist law is designed to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. This is recognised in the common sense saying that "there's one law for the rich, another for the poor": of course there is, that's what it's there for! Now, let's think about the political system. Look at any major capitalist country the US, France or Germany. All the government parties in these countries are pro-capitalist parties. The newspaper and TV channels are all owned by big business and churn out capitalist ideas. An idea that d ...
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  • Mr Subliminal - 262 words
    Mr. Subliminal Mr. Subliminal Two types of subliminal advertising, or at least as close to it as exists today, are stealth advertising and hidden corporate providence. Stealth advertising occurs when a company pays to have their product in a movie or TV show, and the product is then shown on camera. An example of this would be BMWs agreement with the producers of James Bond movies. The agreement is that James Bond will a BMW in each movie and that the car will be shown to be a BMW. For example, in Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond drives a BMW 750iL and when Q gives James the car, he specifically states that the car is a new BMW 750iL. Hidden corporate providence occurs when a big corporation ...
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  • Pornoviolence By Tom Wolfe - 252 words
    Pornoviolence By Tom Wolfe Judging by your most unfavorable reactions to these conversations, I can tell that you don?t like what you hear. Well, what you just heard were the first six paragraphs, the introduction of Tom Wolfe?s 1976 essay entitled Pornoviolence. This story that talks about a convention of tabloid authors begins with those banal introductions. Wolfe felt as if names were obsolete, as the authors that submit these stories are ?stringers? or correspondents from around the country and as a result, they are all known by their stories? titles. Wolfe provides a definition of pornoviolence by distinguishing it from the ??old pornography.?? He argues that the media previously attrac ...
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  • Steven Spielberg Biography - 1,264 words
    ... use their imaginations, he told Film Comment (Graham 530). Stanley Kaufman described the films finale as one of the most overpowering, sheerly cinematic experiences I can remember (529). Having released his second box office smash in a row, Steven also earned his first Oscar nomination as well. Unfortunately, he would lose in what would be the beginning of an Oscar losing streak. This time period would also mark his meeting and collaboration with another director whom he met at a film festival, George Lucas. Steven saw Lucas as both compadre and competition (Empire 5). The two would develop a close friendship over the years that stands to this day and would collaborate on many projects. ...
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  • The Cold War - 1,286 words
    ... en equipment was out of order. "From an intelligence point of view, the original cover story seemed to be particularly inept... A cover story has certain requirements. It must be credible. It must be a story that can be maintained [no live pilots knocking about] and it should not have too much detail. Anything that's missing in a cover story can be taken care of by saying the matter is being investigated."6 The further lies the State Department released about the incident only strained U.S. and Soviet relations. These included reports of an unarmed weather research plane, piloted by a civilian, that had trouble with oxygen equipment going down over the Soviet Union. Under questioning by ...
    Related: cold war, armed forces, president eisenhower, information officer, spies
  • The Computer Underground - 4,790 words
    ... d be free. 3. Third, mistrust authority and promote decentralization. 4. Fourth, hackers should be judged by their prowess as hack- ers rather than by formal organizational or other irrele- vant criteria. 5. Fifth, one can create art and beauty on a computer. 6. Finally, computers can change lives for the better. PHRACK, recognized as the "official" p/hacker newsletter, expanded on this creed with a rationale that can be summarized in three principles ("Doctor Crash," 1986). First, hackers reject the notion that "businesses" are the only groups entitled to ac- cess and use of modern technology. Second, hacking is a major weapon in the fight against encroaching computer technology. Fi- na ...
    Related: computer networks, computer software, computer system, computer systems, computer technology, underground
  • The History Of Graphic Artsdesign - 1,231 words
    ... g the 1950's and 1960's the world moved towards photo compositions that used machines with unpredictable changes. Technological advances started in 1961 by IBM opening the door to the type of graphic design we know today. IBM created a machine that had the capability of changing its characters to different faces and sizes. In 1960 the introduction of "dry" transfer lettering, which was a clean non-messy lettering system appealed to many graphic designers and paved the way for the desktop publishing systems of today. (Laing,5 ) The quick success of dry transfer lettering led to a sense of fun in type face design; people could now create special effects through distortion and trickery, by ...
    Related: graphic, graphic arts, graphic design, graphic designers, history
  • Warning: There Is A Demand For Change - 1,190 words
    Warning: There Is A Demand For Change Caruthers 1 Warning: There is a Demand for Change The sixties, was a period of growth and development for many Black writers and artist. It was a period that allowed them to come together, and by doing so they formed what is known as the "Black Arts Movement ". This movement allowed the artist to free their minds, and to focus their attention on the struggles of their time. The Black Arts Movement's focus was on Black people, the art had to have a purpose and its purpose had to be for the Black people**. Poet, Haki R. Madhubuti, was one of the many artist involved in the Black Arts Movement. Like; Larry Neal, who felt that the artist ...
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  • What Will You Be Like At Your High School Reunion - 665 words
    What will you be like at your high school reunion An automobile, a vibrant yellow sportscar, pulls up to the front of the school. Its mirrored windows reflect the faces of a large crowd, waiting breathlessly for the car door to open. A man steps out of the driver's side, dressed in a formal suit, with the roguish appeal and smile of James Bond, the famous 007 agent. He walks around the front of the car and helps his date get out. The two of them stride hand in hand towards the school as flashes go off and people point at them. As the beautiful couple enters the building, an old station wagon chugs its way through the parking lot. I get out, wearing a jacket and tie, and run toward the school ...
    Related: high school, good book, mechanical engineering, james bond, impressed
  • Y2k Bug - 760 words
    Y2k Bug David Eggleston Review of Literature 2/24/99 Teri Ferguson Y2K Bug The turn of the century is rapidly approaching. This should be a time of high hopes for the future; the United States has advanced in all sorts of technology. The United States has advanced a great deal with computers, which are able to automate many difficult jobs, calculate extravagant equations, and make life easier for most people. The computer is an amazing tool allowing the United States to excel in the world. But, computers can also be the loadstone of the United States in the year 2000. The computer bug commonly known as Y2K can cause this. Y2K will cause a computers date registry to read 00 in which the compu ...
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