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  • Charles Dickens - 392 words
    Charles Dickens Charles Dickens (1812-1870) was a nineteenth century English writer who wrote such classics as: A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, A Tale Of Two Cities, Great Expectations, and many others. He was born into a middle class family, but when he came home from boarding school at the age of ten he found his family living in poverty. He was unable to return to school in order to help out at home. When he was twelve, his father was sent to prison for his debts. While the rest of the family lived in Marshalsea prison Charles was forced to work long hours in order to support himself. This left a powerful lifelong wound, social humiliation, and defeat. This was an extr ...
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  • Extra Sensory Perception - 1,427 words
    Extra Sensory Perception Have you ever had the feeling that youve been in an establishment before youve actually gone inside? Did you ever feel like youve known that something was about to happen before there were any signs that it was about to occur? If youre not a skeptic about the powers of the mind, then there might just be an explanation for your seemingly coincidental premonitions. Its a phenomenon called extra sensory perception, better known as ESP. The textbook definition of this classification of parapsychology is "sensing" anything beyond the normal.( Most scientists do not believe that this phenomenon exists. Nevertheless, controversial evidence can be used ...
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  • Improving Efficiency And Effectiveness Of A Business - 1,476 words
    ... two issues are noteworthy that need attention in order to be solved. These are presented in the weaknesses section. Namely, these are the: (1) the problem of supply of ACCA lecturers and (2) the need for additional services at Global. However as Mr. Kiritsis, the CEO of Global Training implies, the two problems are closely related to each other. As he characteristically argues, they are a single problem inside my mind. The first problem is analyzed: Global Training employs lecturers from abroad due to their experience and certification, usually from Cyprus and the UK. These countries have been using the ACCA as a recognized professional degree for decades and therefore are more familiar ...
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  • Interlingua Is Doomed - 519 words
    Interlingua is Doomed The dream of Interlingua-a common language that all the people of the world speak-has long existed in many peoples minds. They and their organizations have for many years tried to push this through, but the odds are still against them. The benefits of a common language on the planet are obvious, language barriers would no longer exist, books and newspapers could be printed in a single international edition distributed worldwide. In order to achieve this however there are plenty of obstacles along the way. The first question, which already throws us into a major snag, is which language do we choose? To many of us English is the obvious answer, since its expansion is enor ...
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  • Preface In An Extensive Article In The Summerautumn 1990 Issue Of Top Secret, Prof J Segal And Dr L Segal Outline Their Theor - 1,218 words
    PREFACE In an extensive article in the Summer-Autumn 1990 issue of "Top Secret", Prof J. Segal and Dr. L. Segal outline their theory that AIDS is a man-made disease, originating at Pentagon bacteriological warfare labs at Fort Detrick, Maryland. "Top Secret" is the international edition of the German magazine Geheim and is considered by many to be a sister publication to the American Covert Action Information Bulletin (CAIB). In fact, Top Secret carries the Naming Names column, which CAIB is prevented from doing by the American government, and which names CIA agents in different locations in the world. The article, named "AIDS: US-Made Monster" and subtitled "AIDS - its Nature and its Origin ...
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  • Pulp Fiction - 3,234 words
    ... t a killer, but a thinker and a skeptic [sic] with vulnerability. And Samuel L. Jackson, in perhaps the film's best performance as Vega's partner Jules, gives his character an incredible intensity whether he's reading his victim a passage from the Bible as a prelude to execution or arguing about the intimacy of foot-massages. He shows how Jules has begun to develop a conscience and reveals the inner conflicts that it causes. The depth of the characters is greatly due to Tarantino's wit and insight."11 I would claim that the argument quoted above is only partly right: Tarantino does concentrate on the characters rather than on the action, but goes nowhere near the exposition of the charac ...
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  • Terrorist - 1,599 words
    Terrorist The Good, the Bad, the Terrorist? Terrorism by nature is difficult to define. Acts of terrorism conjure emotional responses in the victims as well as in the practitioners. No two writers agree on what is terrorism. Even the U.S. government cannot agree on one single definition. The old adage, One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter is still alive and well today (Terrorism Research Center: Definitions 1). Although many people believe that terrorism is evil, it is merely misunderstood because there is no set definition. Terrorist are responsible to most of the freedom movements in every country. Terrorist have used violence to get their point across to the public. These ...
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  • The Current State Of Devlopment In Latin America - 2,015 words
    ... few indigenous peoples that survived the plague of disease brought on by the Europeans. So began the complex social stratifications embodied within every facet of culture and politics. With the defeat of the Spanish Armada, symbolically the power of Spain was diminishing and thus, the ambitions of the colonies were increasing. Charles III was the last in a succession of rulers, which attempted to consolidate control over the colonies. This was attempted by both re-designing the administrative system governing the colonies and allowing free trade to occur from any of the ports to Spain, as contained in, the Declaration of Free Trade. The unsatisfied colonies were finally forced to loose a ...
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  • The Flies - 508 words
    The Flies Title: "The Flies" (Les Mouches) Author: Jean-Paul Sartre Publisher: Vintage International Edition, October 1989 Genre: Dramatic play Setting: City of Argos, Greece Minor characters: Aegistheus- He overthrows Agamemnon, makes Clytemnestra his wife and takes rule of Argos. He invents lies in order to make his people fear him. This only proofs that he is poor when it comes to having an actual strong character. A king shouldn't have to create lies. His people should both respect and fear him for his authority, but due to his lack of authority he takes it upon himself to create these conditions so that he may get what he wants from his people. Tutor- He is Orestes' advisor who is basic ...
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