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  • Criticism Of Anne Tyler - 1,353 words
    Criticism Of Anne Tyler The Pursuit of True Happiness Anne Tyler has said that she uses the family unit to show how people manage to endure togetherhow they grate against each other, adjust, intrude, and protect themselves from intrusions, give up, and start all over again in the morning, (Applebee et al. 1007). From this quote, a reader can assume that Tyler encourages perseverance and courage. Life all too often presents challenges, but it is how you handle those challenges that matters. Throughout many of her fictional works, characters are placed in unsettling conditions that take a toll on their lives as a whole, usually in a negative way. These unhappy characters seek escape from famil ...
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  • Criticism Of Anne Tyler - 1,328 words
    ... ances of individuals in troubled marital lives that also escape toward a better life. Delia Grinstead in Ladder of Years is a neglected and attention-starved housewife whose husband, Sam, had joined her fathers medical practice with other personal aspirations which included marrying a Felson girl, any daughter would do. Getting a wife was just on your agenda, you never loved me at all, (Ladder 29). Disrespected by her children as well, Delia struggles to have conversations with her children about issues other than what they need at the grocery store. Her children interrupt her when she begins talking about her day and even find it too difficult to give her phone messages left on the answ ...
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  • Teenage Wasteland By Anne Tyler - 860 words
    Teenage Wasteland By Anne Tyler Building Blocks of a Family The short story Teenage Wasteland by Anne Tyler is a revealing story about the trials of a mother and her son. Donny is what is known as a problem child, and Daisy cannot to seem to figure out what his problem is. Through many attempts she tries to reach to him through counselors, and outside help. This story reveals a lack of communication, feelings of inadequacy, and lack of parental control. Daisy reminisces on what Donny used to look like. He used to have blond hair -almost white- cut shorter than the other children's so that on his crown a little cowlick always stood up to catch the light (Schwiebert 286). Times changed, and so ...
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  • The Accidental Tourist By Anne Tyler - 1,079 words
    The Accidental Tourist By Anne Tyler Life just is. You have to flow with it. Give yourself to the moment. Let it happen. -Jerry Brown If an individual allows changes to occur in ones life, then love can be the wonderful result of that acceptance. The theme of reasons why we love and how we love different people is demonstrated throughout the book The Accidental Tourist, written by Anne Tyler. There are two main characters that undergo and accept the changes in their lives, and one character that stays static throughout the book, helping one of the characters to change. Macon Leary is first grounded by loneliness and comfort, then slowly opens himself up to what appears to be a whole new worl ...
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  • The Accidental Tourist By Anne Tyler - 1,082 words
    ... a slight and almost unnoticeable attempt to get back together with him much later in the book during a conversation between her and Macon: It [the rain] looks like strips that just fade away about halfway down from the sky. I wish I were there to watch it with you, Sarah said Macon? Do youWhats her name? The person you live with? Muriel, he said. Which he knew before she asked, he suspected. Do you plan on staying with Muriel forever? I really couldnt say, he said. (289-290) Sarah is now the one longing for Macon. Macon thinks that the only thing to do is go back to Sarah, since, after all, he had been longing to get her back for some time. Macon returns to his house with Sarah, leaving ...
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  • A Closed Family In Anne Tylers Dinner At The Homesick Restaraunt - 853 words
    A Closed Family In Anne Tyler's Dinner At The Homesick Restaraunt A Closed Family: Growth Through Suffering The novel Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant is one of Tyler's more complex because it involves not only the growth of the mother, Pearl Tull, but each of her children as well. Pearl must except her faults in raising her children, and her children must all face their own loneliness, jealousy, or imperfection. It is in doing this that they find connections to their family. They find growth through suffering. "Cody Tull, the oldest child and the one most damaged by the failure of his parents' marriage he becomes an aggressive, quarrelsome efficiency expert."(Voelker 126) He feels that it ...
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  • Two Kinds And Teenage Wasteland - 811 words
    Two Kinds And Teenage Wasteland The stories Two Kinds by Amy Tan and Teenage Wasteland by Anne Tyler have many similarities, yet are different in many ways. Both of these stories contain a conflict between parental figures and their children. The conflict in Teenage Wasteland involves Donny and his two parents, Daisy and Matt. They want Donny to succeed in school, both gradewise and socially. Donny, on the other hand, has a hard time in school whether it be because he doesnt fit in or because he doesnt apply himself. Donnys parents want him to be the average all American kid and they try their best to get Donny to fit into this groove. Donnys parents even go as far as hiri ...
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