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  • Animal Behavior - 2,263 words
    Animal Behavior Biology lb Abstract Animal behavior is predictable. Their behavioral tendencies are influenced by the relationship of its anatomy to their environment. By observing various forms of life, and associating the mechanism of their abilities to perform a behavioral action, evolutionary influence thereafter, can be analyzed and deduced from that point. Introduction The science and study of animal behavior involve an enormous array of complicated factors. For instance, stereotyped responses are unlearned behavioral reactions to some environmental stimulus predicated upon an organism relationship to its physical environment and anatomy. This obviously begs the question; is the observ ...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 1,038 words
    ... to determine what constitutes a lethal dose of a particular substance. The test spans a time period from two weeks to sever years, depending on the amount of toxic chemicals in the product being tested. The animals are observed daily. Since chemicals are bitter-tasting and have an unpleasant smell, animals refuse to swallow them. The animals are then forced to swallow the substances in the form of capsules or pellets. they are also force-fed liquid chemicals by stomach tube, or through a hole cut in the animal's throat. Some animals die from the sheer bulk of the dosage administered or from the severe burns they Albrecht 7 receive in the throat and stomach from the chemicals used in pro ...
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  • Charlies Treatment - 708 words
    Charlies Treatment Charlie, the main character in Charlie, by Daniel Keyes is treated differently by everyone he knows. Imagine you had mental retardation. You only know the basics of anything. You cant spell and have an extremely limited vocabulary. Suddenly you have an experimental operation. This makes you extremely smart. Now you can understand emotions. With this new understanding you know how everyone has been treating you. Compared to everyone else Charlie is treated nicely by his father. His father protects him from most everyone. Even his mother. Not only does his father accept him but excepts the fact that Charlie is retarded. "How do you know? What do you know about this man? If t ...
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  • Essay On Flowers For Algernon - 751 words
    Essay On Flowers For Algernon In this story, the intelligence of a mentally challenged man is greatly enhanced by neuro-surgical treatments. He forms an attachment with a mouse named Algernon who has already undergone this same treatment shortly before him. Charlie is asked to keep a dairy and the novel consists of his daily reports. As his intelligence grows Charlie becomes more aware of his status. He soon develops into a super genius and finds he is just as isolated and lonely (if not, more so) as he was before the treatment. I felt that I could see the characters develop before my eyes, especially the young Charlie who haunted the older Charlie while he was in his genius state. Daniel Ke ...
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  • Gi Jane - 1,114 words
    G.I. Jane G.I. Jane The film G.I. Jane takes place in the 1990s and shows discrimination of a women in the United States Navy. Lieutenant Jordan O Neal played by Demi Moore, is a naval intelligence officer who has ambitions of moving beyond her military desk job, to become a member of the Navy Seal. Thanks to the political maneuvering of a female senator, O Neal becomes the first female candidate for the Navy Seals. The Seals are the militarys elite Special Forces team. O Neal becomes the guinea pig of senator Lillian DeHaven in this film. DeHaven bullies the Navy into taking ONeal as a Seal recruit in order to become the first female member of the Navy Seal. ONeal is put through a series of ...
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  • Great Expectations By Charles Dickens - 548 words
    Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Great Expectations, by Charles censored is fascinating tale of love and fortune. The main character "Pip" is a dynamic character who undergoes many changes through the course of the book. Throughout this analysis the character Pip will be identified and his gradual change through the story will be surveyed. The main character Pip is a gentle character. His traits include humble, kind, and loving. These traits are most likely the cause of his childhood poverty. In the beginning of the story, Pip is a mild mannered little boy who goes on his own humble life. That though will change as he meets Magwich; a thief and future benefactor. Pips kindness goes out ...
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  • Lung Cancer - 1,671 words
    ... . There are three subtypes within this group. Some types grow more quickly than others. Ask your doctor to explain which of these you have. There are a few other rare types of lung cancer not covered in this document. Staging is the process of finding out how far the cancer has spread. This is very important because your treatment and the outlook for your recovery depend on the stage of your cancer. There are different staging systems for small cell and non-small cell lung cancer. Small cell lung cancer staging For small cell lung cancer a two-stage system is most often used. These are limited stage and extensive stage. Limited stage usually means that the cancer is only in one lung and ...
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  • Stop Testing On Animals - 611 words
    Stop Testing on Animals By Noah Bracking March, 1999 Testing on animals started many years ago with the Greece people. It helped to improve medical technology and kept people safe. However, testing on animals has been taken too far. A healthy guinea pig or a playful dog have been put through troublesome experiences. Needles have been stuck through their eyes, poisonous medication has been shoved down their throats, their fur is shaved off, and they are fed unknown trial foods. All to get products out in the markets. I am against animal testing, because I believe that it does not work. It is only to make money from the government. In this world, animals dont have equal rights. There are too m ...
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  • Synopsis Of A Clockwork Orange - 1,034 words
    Synopsis Of A Clockwork Orange Synopsis of A Clockwork Orange In A Clockwork Orange, the main character is that of a mildly young child of 15 who, along with his fellow friends, or Droogs, partake in evenings of Ultra-Violence. Ultra Violence consists of random beatings, theft, destruction, and rape. The main character, Alex, is the self-proclaimed leader of the pack, and makes judgment on their actions pending on his mood. His Droogs eventually find themselves under his direct rule, following his every word, and decide to challenge his authority. The three Droogs (Dim, Georgie, and Pete) join Alex on his romp to a local fat farm to pillage the goods therein. Inside, Alex stumbles upon the o ...
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  • Synopsis Of A Clockwork Orange - 1,027 words
    ... wards the opposite sex. Therefore, Alex doesn't view his snake as an equal, but as a greater being capable of becoming a close friend and a security blanket. The snake is also used in many different cultures to represent the evil and hate that man kind dwells on. When something evil happens, culture blames all of it's fears upon the snake, the idol of fear. The love that Alex feels for his snake could fall under the love of understanding. With this love, Alex feels that he can relate to his snake, and to what society views the snake as. Alex finds the snake to represent sin and the hate that spawned the world as we know it today. In Genesis, the serpent convinced eve to disobey her god a ...
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  • The Psychedelic Effects Of Dlysergic Acid Diethylamide Lsd Were Discovered By Dr Albert Hoffman By Accident In 1938 In The - 2,191 words
    ... epletion of 5-HT through negative feedback in pre-synaptic autoreceptors.7 The depletion of 5-HT was thought to be responsible for the effects on the previously described systems innervated by the serotonergic neurons. A number of subsequent observations have called this theory into doubt however. Low doses of LSD effect behavior but do not depress firing in the RN.8 The behavioral effects of LSD outlast the modification of RNN firing.8 While repeated dosage of LSD results in a decrease of behavioral modifications (tolerance), its effects on the RN are unchanged.8 Other hallucinogens such as mescaline and DOM do not effect R neurons.8 Depletion of 5-HT does not eliminate the effectivenes ...
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