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  • A Practical Approach To Television Violence - 1,249 words
    ... rial previously rated or labeled by the television industry as to violent content.(H.R.2888 3) After decades probing the issue in one congressional committee after another, it is time to acknowledge, emphatically, that the simple choice is between censorship and responsible voluntary conduct. There is, on this topic, no middle ground. While the government can cajole the industry, even talk over the industry directly to the American public, it is ultimately the public that must decide whether to watch, protest against, or turn off particular violent programming. It cannot be legislated on a program, by, program basis. We face a far more diverse information and entertainment marketplace th ...
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  • Bowfishing - 1,158 words
    Bowfishing Not many people know about a sport called bowfishing. When people think of bowfishing, they think that you must lose a lot of arrows because the archer has no way of retrieving his or her arrow after launching it off its rest. This is a very big misconception in a very misunderstood and mysterious sport. As most people dont understand about bowfishing, then dont know that most bowfisherman rely on the darkness of night to cover them as the approach their prey. A specially rigged bowfishing boat with archer aboard the pvc platform, as the floodlights gaze onto the waters edge, the archer draws back his arrow and settles its sights on the unsuspecting Asian carp, the archer releases ...
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  • Editha By Howells And Reconciliation By Whitman - 802 words
    Editha By Howells And Reconciliation By Whitman The story "Editha" by William Dean Howells and the poem "Reconciliation" by Walt Whitman are part of a true "national literature." They are both told in a way that only we as Americans could ever understand. They speak of war in all of its glory, and they speak of all of the pain left behind. "Editha" is a story about a woman who loves her country so much that she would be willing to give up anyone who does not feel as she does. Her fianc George was not enthusiastic about the war. To George the war was about senseless bloodshed, but to Editha it was about taking pride in a country that she loved. She told George, "I call it a sacred war. A war ...
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  • God Helps Them That Help Themselves Poor Richards Almanack, 722, A Phrase Commonly Quoted From Poor Richards Almanacks, Illus - 1,350 words
    God helps them that help themselves (Poor Richards Almanack, 722), a phrase commonly quoted from Poor Richard's Almanacks, illustrates the types of selfishness often seen during Benjamin Franklin's time. Or does it? Is wanting and striving for a better self so bad? Would the reader of such phrase think to himself Wow, the author is really self-absorbed or The author must be a hard worker who values self improvement? Either way, the real question is why doesn't it say ..... those that help others instead ..... them that help themselves. You are taught as a young child the importance of thinking of others first and group effort. It is continuously reinforced throughout all areas of your life, ...
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  • Hannibal - 1,484 words
    Hannibal Since his meteoric life and tragic death, Hannibal Barca comes across the centuries as the military commander with few, if any equals. A courageous leader, brilliant tactician, and steadfast soldier in the service of his beloved Carthage, Hannibal existed for one sole purpose: to defeat and, if possible, to eliminate the power of Rome(Livy p.207). Hannibals destiny was already chosen for him before his own birth. The only thing that couldnt have been foretold was the outcome of his struggles. His father Hamilcar Barca, another fearless commander from Carthage, was in charge during the first Punic War. Hannibal was taken to Spain at the young age of only nine. There he was forced to ...
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  • Molly Brown - 1,311 words
    Molly Brown The woman who would come to be known as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" was born on Denkler Alley and Butler Street in Hannibal, Missouri on July 18, 1867. She was born during a very bad thunderstorm and her mother predicted right then that Molly would not be "just another pretty face." Margaret (Molly's birth name) grew up in a small town with a surprisingly small population of less than 20,000 people. (Heroine of the Titanic, 1) Margaret attended school for thirteen years. It was during these years that she earned her nicknames Maggie and Molly. She had a very open and close family. There were eight people in her small childhood home. These eight consisted of her two parents, her ...
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  • Puerto Rico - 986 words
    Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is an island. Its rectangular in shape. Its coasts measure approximately 580 kilometers. It is the smallest and most eastern island of the Greater Antilles. Puerto Rico has many Mountains; they cover 60% of the island. The territory also consists of a large amount of rain forests, deserts, beaches, caves, oceans and rivers. A few of the largest mountains in Puerto Rico are, the Cerro La Punta (4,389) Rosas (4,156), and Guilarte (3,952). Many of the rainforest that covered the island has vanished. The 28,00 acres that are left remain at El Yunque peak. Locations of mountains- This is the Carribean national Forrest. In this Forrest you can find many varieties of plant a ...
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  • Racial And Ethnic Relations - 1,861 words
    Racial and Ethnic Relations. Jed Smart March 8, 1999 Racial and Ethnic Relations. Summary of Pages 65-74, A Nation of Immigrants: An Overview of the Economic and Political Conditions of Selected Racial and Ethnic Groups. The North American economic development has seen several stages of development. The first stage of economic development was a plantation-slave economy mixed with mercantilism, the second stage of development was a competitive industrial economy, and the stage third stage of economic development is multinational capitalism. Economic institution and related governmental actions have formed the tides of migration and the resulting patterns of immigrant adjustment. The original ...
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  • Terrorism - 1,827 words
    Terrorism Terrorism vs. Terrorism On an early Tuesday morning, many families arose for another typical day. Unaware of a nearing attack, they carried out their daily routine. Tragically, instead of taking their children to school and going to work, they would be cowering for their lives. Attacks carried out by terrorists destroyed their homes and places of work. These terrorists came from a foreign nation, and attacked from the sky. They did not attack in hopes of pleasing a god, or to have family members released from prison. Instead, they came with F-16 fighter jets representing the United States of America, in hopes for keeping a steady cash and oil flow to their nation. To many citizens ...
    Related: terrorism, world trade center, united state, last time, allah
  • The Hundred Years War - 1,114 words
    ... he French army began to flee, while the English army stood strong. England had won the first great land battle of the long war. They had already won control of the English Channel and a few years later, the town of Calais surrendered to them on September 28, 1347. For the next ten years, fighting was slowed. This was due mainly to the Black Death which killed more than a third of the population. 14 Initially, England feared they would never be able to defend themselves against a French invasion. France had enormous wealth, military prestige and a dominant position in European politics. However, the Battles of Vrecy and Poiters were major victories for England. In both battles, England wa ...
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  • What Were The Causes And The Effects Of The French Revolution - 1,144 words
    What were the causes and the effects of the French Revolution? The major cause of the French Revolution was the disputes between the different types of social classes in French society. The French Revolution of 1789-1799 was one of the most important events in the history of the world. The Revolution led to many changes in France, which at the time of the Revolution, was the most powerful state in Europe. The Revolution led to the development of new political forces such as democracy and nationalism. It questioned the authority of kings, priests, and nobles. The Revolution also gave new meanings and new ideas to the political ideas of the people. The French Revolution was spread over the ten ...
    Related: french government, french history, french revolution, french society, eighteenth century
  • Wildlife - 871 words
    Wildlife The"cry of the wild" can still be heard across this great land. I have heard the bugle of an elk on the Great Plains...the shrill of a bald eagle along the banks of the mightily Mississippi...the roar of a brown eagle bear on windswept tundra...and the gobble of a wild turkey among western foothills. Amazing beauty can still be found in the natural landscapes of this great land. I have seen through televisions, articles, books, and newspapers the towering forests...pristine wetlands...wide-open prairies...majestic mountains...and vast deserts alive with color. I am in awe by the complexity and wonder of the natural world. Truly, it is where you can find solace and peac ...
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