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  • Book Of Genesis - 432 words
    Book Of Genesis In the Book of Genesis, an ancient Hebrew story from the King James Bible, we are given the account of Adam and Eve. Eve is led up the path of temptation and forced to make a difficult decision. The outcome of her selection not only affects her own existence, but also that of Adam and their descendants. In the story, Eve is forced to choose between what she knows is right or what will turn out to be only a temporary pleasure. The reader is fully aware of the role of the snake, presenter of the golden apple, an excellent example of the archetypal character the temptress. The apple is the forbidden fruit, the irresistible pleasure, what the decision-maker is fully aware of bein ...
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  • Genesis - 1,156 words
    Genesis I have never read the Bible before, in reading the chapters I find myself even more confused about God then I was before. I wrote what I thought was going on in each chapter and even asked a few questions. If this is not what you are looking for please let me know so I can do it right for the next time. Chapter 1 In this chapter God created heaven and the earth. We are to see God in this chapter as a spirit. On the first day God divided the light (good) from the dark (bad). On the second day God divided the waters and called the firmament heaven. (I do not know what the word firmament means. Can you please explain?) On the third day God made the earth with grass and trees that grew f ...
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  • Genesis - 1,217 words
    Genesis And Paradise Lost Paradise Lost written by John Milton is a detailed version of the book of Genesis from the Bible. Both stories revolve around a similar basic plot however, in Paradise Lost, the characters are portrayed differently in a negative sense. Paradise Lost gives the character Eve more reasons for being tempted into eating the fruit from the forbidden tree. Eve is also given a more submissive and unintelligent image in Paradise Lost. The qualities she attains basically sets up the stage for her to be the one easily tempted by the Devil. Since the beginning of her creation, Eve understands that she is somewhat inferior to Adam. She realizes that she was made from his flesh a ...
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  • Genesis As Myth - 606 words
    Genesis As Myth In the book, Genesis As Myth, by Edmund Leach. He stated that everybody had different views on myths in Genesis. For example German theologian who defined myth as the "expression of unobservable realities in terms of observable phenomena." This German theologian, who is relating this to the devout Christian, which indicates that all sanctimonious Christians believe that the bible is strictly a myth. I in the other hand disagree to that argument because, the Christians believed that the bible was not a myth, and the events that happened in the bible are true. My reasoning for that remark is, that most Christians were raised to believe that the bible was true and we werent able ...
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  • Genesis Review - 563 words
    Genesis Review Selected Chapters: 3, 6, 11, 12, and 27 Chapter 3: Adam and Eve disobey. When viewing this chapter and reflecting on my own life, I see that sin, individually and collectively, is a choice. The choices I have made to sin are all to embarrassing as well as shameful to put on a paper such as this but relating to the way each sin was proposed, indulges me to believe that Satan is not very creative. Both in the garden and in my life the first thing I often see happening is that Satan takes my focus off the blessings I have and redirects my thinking about what is prohibited. Ever increasingly every sin I have committed looked as enticing as the fruit was to Eve. Although the text d ...
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  • Gilgamesh Flood Story Vs Genesis Flood Story - 947 words
    Gilgamesh Flood Story Vs. Genesis Flood Story The amazing stories of the great flood that are described in, The Epic of Gilgamesh which is translated by N.K. Sandars and ""The Story of the Flood"" which is the King James version, both stories similarly. Many of the events of each story are very similar in ways and very different in some of them. From reading both stories I concluded that there was a huge flood that took place in that area of the world. Even though the way both stories describe the flood; The Epic of Gilgamesh is more imaginable. I say that because it is more realistic to have rain for six days, six nights than for forty days, forty nights. Both flood stories have a major sim ...
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  • In Reading The Book Genesis, It Is Hard To Discern What To Believe Since There Are Two Stories Of Creation, I Do Not Know Whi - 451 words
    In reading the book Genesis, it is hard to discern what to believe. Since there are two stories of creation, I do not know which one is correct or if either is correct because they differ in such great aspects. To make them match, you must bend the meaning of the words or look at the original translation. In a way, Genesis contradicts itself by doing this, thus leaving it to the reader to decide which one is correct. In the first story of creation, God produces the heavens and the earth. Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation...." (Gen. 1:11). God creates the plants and animals on the third day and on the sixth day, he creates man in an image of his likening. If you say in Gen. 1:11 ...
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  • Pan Gu Vs Genesis - 954 words
    Pan Gu Vs. Genesis PAN GU vs. GENESIS The question of creation has always been asked throughout history and will be continue to be an enigma for the rest of time. How did we [Human Beings] come to be? Every culture in the world has it's own theory or legend on how we were created. In the United States, the Christian view of creation that is often believed or referenced to, is called Genesis. In China the creation story is one of the God, Pan Gu. Both have helped people to cope with the mystery of creation. Genesis According to the Christian Biblical Account, taken from the first Chapter of the Book of Genesis, the earth and life were created in 7 days. A single God, who is referred as God, c ...
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  • The Seperation Of Genesis - 418 words
    The Seperation Of Genesis The separation of the J account and the P account in Genesis 1-3 is a much more effective use of the sources. Genesis 1-2.3 presents the P account. This first part of Genesis provides chronological framework and has a rigid repetitive style. The story of creation is laid out in a set pattern: "And God said ... Let there be ... And it was so ... And God saw that it was good ... And there was evening and there was morning, X day." This very structured writing points out God's specific works in order. God is only creating and letting things be so to speak. While the style of the P account leaves things in a set form, almost as if following a time line, the J account al ...
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  • Theology Of Genesis 111 - 2,483 words
    Theology Of Genesis 1-11 (A) Introduction Pentateuch is considered to be the most important part in the Old Testament. It recorded the account of creation, the fall of man, the Law Code as well as the experience of the Ancient Israel. Among them Genesis is the first book recorded incidents happened from the creation of the world to Joseph's time. In chapter one to eleven, the origin of the world and human race are introduced and in chapter twelve onwards are the stories of the Ancestors. In this passage, we will concentrate in discussing the theology of chapter one to eleven which contained much valuable and important message for the readers who were probably Israelites in post-exilic period ...
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  • Theology Of Genesis 111 - 2,601 words
    ... been applied. In some occasion, we found that the story told in Genesis was speaking again some concept in Canaanites or Babylonia religions, the creation story was one of the examples. We have seen in Section B that in Canaanites religion, there was struggle between Baal and Yam in the creation story. It seemed to tell us that Yam had power comparable to the creator Baal. The implication was that although Baal was the creator, he did not seize supreme power. However, in Genesis 1: 2, we found a divine wind sweeping over the waters. When one read through chapter one, one could find that God did divided the waters under the vault and above the vault, made the water under heaven to become ...
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  • Women In Genesis - 1,316 words
    Women In Genesis As a collective human element, women in Genesis often appear as obstacles to Gods broad overriding goals through noncompletion of their particular roles in the divine scheme. From the Garden of Eden right through to the story of Joseph, women, as wives, mothers, and daughters, are typically unreliable, inadequate, deceitful or, simply by virtue of their womanhood, an outright liability, and they frequently threaten to undermine God's will as it is expressed in the opening book of the Bible. God's first instruction to a human being occurs during the initial telling of the creation story in Genesis. Adam and Eve have the mutual responsibility to be fruitful and multiply, fill ...
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  • Women In Genesis - 1,304 words
    ... nger (25:23), whenever women in Genesis take assertive actions that ramifications, strife always ensues. Just because Rebecca received a prophecy, there is no indication that she was in any position to actively seek its fulfillment. Jacob, as a result of his mother's initiative, is forced to flee his home for fear that Esau will kill him. The enmity between the brothers endures, and just as Sara's infertility caused familial dissension, Rebecca's actions likewise cause divisiveness in the House of Isaac and its descendents. Unlike the instances where the men in Genesis take the fate of their families' lives into their own hands under explicit direction from God, the rare occasions when w ...
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  • A Comparison Of Early Civilizations - 1,178 words
    A comparison of Early Civilizations A comparison of Early civilizations After reading the articles on early civilization, I've identified several similarities and differences about the people who were from these three cultures. The civilizations in the articles include, the people from Mesopotamia, the Quiche' Indians, a tribe in early Meso-America, and "The book of Genesis" which offers a Christian or biblical explanation of how our own civilization originated. I will tell you about how they believed they came into existence and what they thought they should do to ensure their civilization continued. The three stories offered insight on how the different cultures lived by describing how the ...
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  • A Womans Role - 755 words
    A Woman's Role According to Judeo-Christian tradition, divine edict clearly relegates women to a position of subservience beneath men, as expressed in the Genesis creation account. This idea of female servility has dominated Western culture for thousands of years with virtually no significant changes; only in the past several decades has the notion of male dominance lost wide-spread acceptance in America. Prior to this cultural shift, American ideology mandated that women dutifully obey their husbands and confine themselves to managing the home and raising children, thus depriving them of any power beyond the sphere of the home and rendering them dependent on their husbands. This mentality i ...
    Related: female characters, mother maria, raising children, wiser, christian
  • Abe And Isaac - 777 words
    Abe And Isaac Having never even stepped on church grounds, besides for a wedding, this is the first time I have heard of the story of Abraham and Isaac, let alone having read it. After reading the passage I must confess that I was quite surprised and confused. My initial reaction was that of many questions. Why does Abraham obey God? What kind of sick test is this? Why should anyone be this scared of God that they would be driven to kill their only son? What would the consequence have been had Abraham said no? With these questions bearing on my mind I moved on to Adams' "Abraham's Dilemma." Adams' chapter on this situation provided insight on some of my questions while also enlightening me w ...
    Related: isaac, divine command, command theory, offering, consequence
  • Abortion And Bible - 835 words
    Abortion And Bible I am for abortion in most cases. It is my personal belief that an unborn fetus is not a living being. At the time of birth, when the fetus is out of the mother's womb and breathing on it's own, then it is to be considered a living being in my opinion. Let me touch on the religious aspect of abortion since the original author has elected to mention it. I did some research on the biblical aspects and was surprised to find some interesting interpretations on the subject. The Bible doesn't seem to tackle the topic of abortion directly. Roy Bowen Ward quotes two anti-abortion books in his essay on the personhood of the fetus: John T. Noonan (1970) said: "The Old Testament has n ...
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  • Abortion And Prolife - 1,874 words
    ... before as well as after, birth" (Wilke 94). The unborn are beginning to gain more rights. From state to state, legal rights of an unborn child can mean the difference between the death of a fetus being a criminal act to being just a matter of legal consequence. Mothers are now starting to be prosecuted for harming their babies through drug and alcohol abuse. Drunk drivers are also being punished in some states for injuring fetuses. Accidents like these would have gone without punishment up until a few years ago. Almost half of the states, such as Delaware, do not consider the killing of a fetus as murder unless the child is born and then dies (USA Today). Patricia Bast Lyman added to th ...
    Related: abortion, the bible, pregnant woman, hippocratic oath, american
  • Abortion History Of - 526 words
    Abortion - History of Ever since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, Abortion has changed its course in society. With the new decision made by the United States, abortion was now legal. Many abortions were performed before the Supreme Court decision, but the settlement made it less risky for the doctors involved. Abortion has caused society to be divided by a pro-choice group and pro-life group. Two groups with struggles that will never end. There are many different types of abortions that can be preformed. The type used depends on how far along in the pregnancy the woman is. In the very early stage of the pregnancy, up to 49 days after conception, the woman has two choices. The ...
    Related: abortion, history, partial birth abortion, partial-birth abortion, different types
  • Abraham - 955 words
    Abraham The son of Terah and founder of the Hebrew Nation was a man by the name of Abraham (originally Abram). His family descended from Shem and settled in Ur of the Chaldees (Genesis 11:28), Abraham's home town. Terah was apparently an idolater (Joshua 24:2), but had three sons, Abraham, Nahor, and Haran, one of which would go on to be called by God to create a chosen people. Abraham was married to his half-sister, Sarah (originally Sarai). After the death of his brother Nahor, Abraham and his family, including his nephew Lot and father Terah, left Ur to go to the land of Canaan (Genesis 11:27-31). In Acts, Stephen says that God appeared to Abraham in Ur, before he lived in Haran, and appe ...
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