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  • Computer Simulation - 1,068 words
    Computer Simulation WARSIM 2000 is simulation software, used by the armed forces. Extensive, thorough, and tiring work has been done on thgis program. It covers almost all aspects and situations required for realistic, meticulous and a complete simulation. Information Technology has lead to the advancement of the tools required to build the simulator. Information Technolgys guideleines and technolgy have reinforced this creative simulator General Description of Operational Capability. WARSIM 2000 will increase the effectiveness of commander and battle staff training by dramatically increasing the realism and the scope of the available training environment. In conjunction with other services' ...
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  • Earth Summary - 430 words
    Earth Summary Earth An Inner Terrestrial Planet Size: About 8,000 miles in diameter Distance: 1 A.U. from the Sun Day: About 24 hours Year: About 365 days General Description: Earth may be the most unique of all planets because of the life forms we know exist here and the way they utilize the Suns energy. The Earth is composed of a great amount of water, mostly in the form of oceans, which make up most of its surface. It also contains various gases, of which make it possible for us humans to exist and is a system that exists between plants and animals here. Core/Interior: The Earth has three layers to it's interior, the inner core, outer core, and mantle. Of these the outer core is thought t ...
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  • Earthquakes - 2,685 words
    ... education and preparedness plans can help significantly reduce death and injury caused by earthquakes. People can take several preventative measures within their homes and at the office to reduce risk. Supports and bracing for shelves reduce the likelihood of items falling and potentially causing harm. Maintaining an earthquake survival kit in the home and at the office is also an important part of being prepared. (On shifting ground p.97) In the home, earthquake preparedness includes maintaining an earthquake kit and making sure that the house is structurally stable. The local chapter of the American Red Cross is a good source of information for how to assemble an earthquake kit. During ...
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  • Nail Clipper - 536 words
    Nail Clipper Description of a Standard Nail Clipper Introduction-General Description The standard nail clipper is a portable tool used for trimming fingernails and toenails. It can also be used for filing your nails and removing the dirt from behind your nails. The nail clipper has two main parts that are bolted together and provide the necessary leverage to trim the nail. Attached to the base of the nail clipper is a file that is connected by a circular shaft that allows you to rotate the file 360 degrees about the shaft. A bolt to the base connects the second part that provides leverage and this rotates about the bolt to either a position that is parallel to the main part or at a point tha ...
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  • Plato - 1,175 words
    Plato The most comprehensive statement of Platos mature philosophical views appears in The Republic, an extended approach to the most fundamental principles for the conduct of human nature. Using the character Socrates as a fictional spokesman, Plato considers the nature and value of justice and the other virtues as they appear both in the structure of society as a whole, and in the personality of an individual human being. This naturally leads to discussions of human nature, the achievement of knowledge, the distinction between appearance and reality, the components of an effective education, and the foundations of morality. Plato formulates a conception of the complexity of psychological m ...
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  • Rotator Cuff - 1,043 words
    Rotator Cuff It is often difficult to tell where concepts actually begin. It is certainly not obvious who first used the term rotator or musculotendinous cuff. Credit for first describing ruptures of this structure is often given to J. G. Smith, who in 1834 described the occurrence of tendon ruptures after shoulder injury in the London Medical Gazette. (Smith, 1834) In 1924 Meyer published his attrition theory of cuff ruptures. (Meyer, 1924) In his 1934 classic monograph, Codman summarized his 25 years of observations on the musculotendinous cuff and its components and discussed ruptures of the supraspinatus tendon. (Codman, 1934b) Beginning 10 years after the publication of Codman's book an ...
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  • Sexual Harassment - 1,515 words
    Sexual Harassment Over the years, many people have believed that the issue of sexual harassment should not be discussed in public. Sexual harassment was to be discussed behind closed doors. In spite of this, the social and political systems have changed instantaneously. This social problem has affected men and women throughout time, however, it seems that the women of our society more closely look at this issue. This social topic has encouraged women to establish organizations in order to help them discuss the issues more openly and to demand equality including fairness and justice throughout the workplace and in their social lives as well. In recent years, sexual harassment has been one of ...
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  • Story Writing Helper - 429 words
    Story Writing Helper There are lots of people in the story, so it is sort of hard to follow. In the beginning there is an introduction where the author tells what a hobbit is. This introduction gives the general background, which makes the story easier to understand. The plot development in the middle isn't complicated. The ending is expected since the author gives hints about it. As in the introduction when he says that the hobbit would gain something, this means he doesn't die. The last climax takes a long time to occur, the fight between good and evil. After the climax there is the long trip home. It is really boring since there is nothing to expect and the reader knows that the hobbit w ...
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  • Subtlety Plays A Most Significant Role In The Setting Of The Lottery The Setting Set Forth By Shirley Jackson In The Beginnin - 736 words
    Subtlety plays a most significant role in the setting of "The Lottery." The setting set forth by Shirley Jackson in the beginning of the short story creates a mood of peacefulness and tranquillity. It also creates a visual image in the mind of the reader, the image of a typical town on a normal summer day. Shirley Jackson effectively uses setting in "The Lottery" to foreshadow an ironic ending. This is developed through a description of the physical setting, a general description of the residents, subtle hints throughout the story and the names of the main characters. These concepts all give the reader a better understanding of the setting and therefore a more enjoyable read. Shirley Jackson ...
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  • Table Of Contents Page Introduction 2 Darwinian Theory Of Evolution 4 The Theory Of Biological Evolution: Contributing Elemen - 4,398 words
    ... ics38. Thus did they believe a dilution of desirable traits evolved even more diluted desirable traits - these traits now decidedly muted. It was more than two decades after Darwin's death that Mendelian theory of the gene finally came to light at the turn of the century39. Because of this initial scepticism with Darwin's natural selection, when Mendel's work became widely available biologists emphasized the importance of mutation over selection in evolution. Early Mendelian geneticists believe that continuous variation (such features as body size) hardly factored in the formation of new species - perhaps nothing to do with genetic control. Inferences on the gradual divergence of populat ...
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  • The Influence Of Religion On Humankind Can Be Traced Back To The First Records Of History Religion Has Served As A Pillar Of - 1,312 words
    The influence of religion on humankind can be traced back to the first records of history. Religion has served as a pillar of strength to some and binding chains to others. There are vast amounts of information and anthropological studies revealing the interaction of religion and humankind. However, for the purposes of this paper, the time periods of study will be broken up into three sections. Each section will give a general description of how religion affected the institution of the state and its Sovereignty in a Euro-centric perspective. The first period is the early period, which will encompass from Christianity and the Roman Empire to the Medieval times (approx. 311 to 1100 A.D.). The ...
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  • Thyroid Cancer - 1,030 words
    Thyroid Cancer Cancer of the thyroid may be one of the less frequently occurring forms of cancer, but it is the most common malignancy of the endocrine system. Each year, more than 1,100 Americans are diagnosed with thyroid cancer and most of them can expect to live a normal life span (Health Conn. html). The overall incidence of being diagnosed with thyroid cancer is about 1 out of every 1,000 people (Health Answers. html). As with other thyroid conditions, more than twice as many women as men develop thyroid cancer. Most men and women who are diagnosed with this type of cancer are between the ages of twenty-five and sixty-five years (Health Conn. html). General Description Cancer is a dise ...
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