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  • Heroes : The Child Within - 1,865 words
    Heroes : The Child Within Heroes : The Child Within The epic tale has entertained and inspired since the beginning of recorded history. Whether told by a wise elder or read about in an old, leather-bound volume, accounts of heroes traversing the unknown and encountering mystical beasts have always aroused feelings of excitement in children. However, beneath these feelings, the essence of a child is cultivated; throughout a lifetime, the conscience is a significant force which guides and directs. Since young children are easily influenced, the exposition of literature will have a lasting impact, and themes that are presented will undoubtedly leave an impression. Tales such as Alfred Lord Tenn ...
    Related: heroes, second half, lord tennyson, epic hero, exemplified
  • Lord Of The Rings: Picked Apart - 1,185 words
    ... s to save him from deadly leap off of the highest point of a high precipice. Jesus simply turns Satan away again. Also, one of Bilbos descendants, Frodo, was burdened with the temptation of the Ring. Frodo knew of the power that the Ring held and knew that he could either be a great evil power himself, or that this great evil thing must be destroyed. The end of the "Lord of the Rings" results in the destruction of the Ring and, along with it, the death of Frodo. "Frodo learns- and thus teaches- what for Tolkien is the deepest of all Christian truths: how to surrender ones life, how to lose ones treasure, how to die, and thus how truly to live." (Wood, 208) Another Christian-like manifest ...
    Related: lord of the rings, common good, power over, united church, pity
  • Lords Of The Rings - 944 words
    Lords of the Rings Who was the title character (describe thoroughly): The title character is a hobbit named Frodo Baggins (one of Bilbos younger cousins and also his favorite). Frodo is a Brandybuck and a Baggins. Frodo and Bilibo have the same birthday (September 22). Since Bilbo and Frodo had the same birthday and Frodo was Bilbos favorite, Bilbo decided to ask Frodo to come to live with him so they could celebrate their birthday together. The Fellowship of the ring Frodo receives the ring. The way Frodo receives the ring: Frodo gets the ring from an envelope that Bilbo gave Gandalf and Gandalf gave Frodo. Bilbo did not want to give up the ring but Gandalf took the ring. After Gandalf took ...
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  • Symbolism Of The Ring In Jrr Tolkiens The Lord Of The Rings - 2,272 words
    Symbolism of the Ring in JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Symbolism of the Ring: The Embodiment of Evil "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them" (1 LotR II,2 The Council of Elrond) One of the masters of British Literature, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien has the unique ability to create a fantasy world in which exists a nearly endless supply of parallelisms to reality. By mastering his own world and his own language and becoming one with his fantasy, Tolkien is able to create wonderful symbolism and meaning out of what would otherwise be considered nonsense. Thus, when one decides to study The Ruling Ring, or The One Ring, in T ...
    Related: lord of the rings, ring, symbolism, northern europe, norse mythology
  • Symbolism Of The Ring In Jrr Tolkiens The Lord Of The Rings - 2,225 words
    ... Frodo has when he wears the Ring is the essence of temptation put forth by the evil forces at work. Frodo is obviously tempted to use the Ring for his own prosperity, for the power of perception is very great with the Ring. At this time, he is unable to see the danger of the Ring that is ever-growing. This section of the trilogy is one of the most important of all, and it is a turning point in both the readers understanding of the Ring as well as Frodos. There is an interesting parallel here, concerning an issue which will be expanded on at a later point, a parallel between Frodos individual struggle with temptation on the summit and Christs temptation on the summit. Not necessarily to s ...
    Related: lord of the rings, ring, symbolism, turning point, ultimate goal
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