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  • History Of Asian Economies - 1,244 words
    History Of Asian Economies Korea was one of the poorest countries in world after experiencing two wars. World War II and Korean war (1950 ~ 1953). The country even experienced a food shortage so that it had to heavily rely on the foreign aid. Yearly per capita consumption was a mere $88 as late as 1965. However, since 1965, Korea has been transformed from its underdeveloped agricultural economy to a leading Newly Industrializing Country. Between 1965 and 1981, its gross national product GNP multiplied twenty times from $3 billion to $63 billion and per capita GNP increased sixteen times from $88 to $1,554. There have been many explanations for Koreas successful story. Among those, the strong ...
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  • History Of Asian Economies - 1,286 words
    ... lpful to understand how major governments policies on financial sector have been varied with given the world economic situations like oil crisis and its own economic recession. The First Five Year plan (1962 1966) The first plan was prepared in a hurry by the military government that took power in 1961. The major contents of fiscal and financial policies as stated in the plan document were largely about the tax, budget, and monetary system, financial market and foreign exchange system. During this period, its main purpose was, however, to expand exports as much as possible by providing export firm with cheap loans, tax benefits, export compensation schemes, and various administrative su ...
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  • Miracle Economics - 1,755 words
    Miracle Economics In his book Asias Miracle Economies, Jon Woronoff examines the dramatically quick economic growth of five Asian countries. The five countries examined are Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Through his study the author demonstrates that there was no miracle involved in these countries growth. They applied specific strategies that were adapted to their local environment. Some of these strategies worked some didnt. The author says that by examining these nations, one may be able to repeat there success. The book is divided into three parts. In Part One: Places the author tells where these countries started from. Some were poorer than average. Some had little natu ...
    Related: economic conditions, economic growth, economics, miracle, russo-japanese war
  • Much Debate And Controversy Surround The Rise And Fall Of Richard The Third It Is Hard To Ignore Such Subjects Due To The Bon - 1,338 words
    Much debate and controversy surround the rise and fall of Richard the Third. It is hard to ignore such subjects due to the bonds and hidden reasons that many of the authors of the middle ages had towards Richard. In keeping an objective approach towards Richard III, the study of his rise and fall will be taken in the perspective of his royal acts and administration of England. Public sentiment over such things as the scandal surrounding the princes did have an effect over the rule of Richard, but there are many other underlying aspects that could have extended Richards rule, and changed the way history looks back on him. Many historian look upon Richard as a villain. Others attribute this vi ...
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  • The Rigors Of Cracling Indias Markets - 351 words
    The Rigors Of Cracling Indias Markets The Rigors of Cracking India's Markets The economic reform of India is running at a rather slow pace. The government still control's a lot of businesses and is not moving quickly to enhance the country's growth. The Government should allow private investments in business. This would allow more growth opportunities and more jobs skills for the people of India. The restrictions the government places on the media tries to cover the eyes and ears of the Indian people. The recent approval of satellites has enabled web access and the ability to read some international news, but there is still a need to loosen the restrictions so that the people of India are no ...
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  • Y2k - 997 words
    Y2k Y2K pessimists are approaching their moment of truth. In seven weeks the world will, or will not, run into more trouble than most people think. Investors will, or will not, suffer last-minute jitters as the millennium draws near. Yes, yes, I knowit's not yet the millennium, from a technical point of view. As a stern band of readers likes to remind me, only morons believe the millennium falls on Jan. 1. The 1,000-year span actually ends on the year's last day, Dec. 31, 2000. Well, that may be their millennium, but it's not mine. I'm partying now. A more interesting question than calendar dates is whether the stock and bond markets will be partying too. Has the Y2K selling already happened ...
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  • Yemen: Developing A Country - 1,134 words
    Yemen: Developing A Country Yemen: A Focus on Development for the Oil and Tourism Industries Yemen, a third world country desperately trying to achieve 2nd or even 1st world status, is in the midst of turmoil and tribulation in trying to bail out their economy and increase their level of reform. Since 1995, the Yemeni government began to implement a large scale program of reform. The program was formulated in cooperation with the IMF and the World Bank and it is considered a liberal program aimed at making the market the dominant regulator of the economy (6. Mallakh, 241.) Unfortunately, the outcome of this reform is not encouraging even though 1995 and 1996 were nominally successful years f ...
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