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  • Fifth Business - 511 words
    Fifth Business Guilt is defined as a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime or wrong committed. Guilt is a major theme in the novel Fifth Business. Dunny has been raised in a strict Presbyterian household which has encouraged him to feel guilt about many minor things. Even though Paul was not born at the time of the snowball incident, Paul Dempster still feels guilty towards his mothers simple mindedness. Percy Boyd Stautons repressed guilt does considerable damage and ultimately recoils on himself. In Fifth Business many characters feel guilt due to the snowball incident. Dunny Ramsay feels extremely guilty because he had anticipated that Percy, with whom he had been a ...
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  • Fifth Business - 627 words
    Fifth Business Fifth Business In the essay Fifth Business, each of the main character traits is developed more and more clearly throughout their lives. Childhood characteristics are evident in the characters of Dustan Ramsay, Percy Boyd Stauton and Paul Dempster. All paranoia, and memories of the town of Deptford are resurfaced in each of them after they all had left to start lives on their own. It was childhood that scared or marked them as people and the fact that parents often have influence on children so, there is no question that these characters were definitely influenced by the parents in Deptford. Also, it is evident that each character seems to run away due to the insecurities that ...
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  • Fifth Business By Robertson Davie - 679 words
    Fifth Business By Robertson Davie Robertson Davies novel, Fifth Business, revolves around guilt, competition, and two men who are foils of each other. Although Dunstan Ramsay and Percy Boyd Staunton are parallels to each other, they contrast in a great number of ways. Their awkward relationship plays a significant role in the number of elements which make Fifth Business such an interesting story. While Dunstan Ramsay had never been too interested in competing with Percy Boyd Staunton, Percy from a young age saw Dunny as a rival. When Percys brand new expensive sled isnt as fast as Dunnys, Percy gets angry and throws a snowball at Dunny, which in turn begins the setting for the novel. The two ...
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  • Gatsby Vs Fifth Business - 1,006 words
    Gatsby Vs. Fifth Business Behind every great man lies a great women. In some cases the women herself may not always be good or ideal according to society. Nevertheless it seems to add character to the man, and also influences his actions and maybe even his morals. In Shakespearean literature, Shakespeare tends to use people to develop certain characters throughout the play. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is the person with the most influence on Romeo. This influence allows him to develop as a character and also helps develop the play. This is also evident in Hamlet and Ophelia. In the novel The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway's realization of the equality of man altered through his origin sets him ...
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  • Gatsby Vs Fifth Business - 1,010 words
    ... ns why Liesl plays such an important role in the novel because without her, Dunny would have not developed into his final character and there would have no reason for the novel to be written. Dunny leads a double life that seems to be outwardly ordinary and normal. What he symbolizes is the journey that one sometimes takes in order to find ones inner self. It is Liesl that makes Dunny realize his flaws, and it is Liesl that gives him the initial push which ultimately helps finally complete his journey. The difference between Jordan and Liesl's approach are that Jordan does it naturally and Liesl just comes out in the open and splurges it out. As a result Dunny was quickly pointed out to ...
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  • Death Of A Salesman - 1,093 words
    Death Of A Salesman On one spring day four black widow spiders (two begin male and 2 begin female) went up a tree in couples of the opposite sex. One couple was foreign to America, the other was not. They were all at their sexual prime and to do a mating ritual called sex. When the foreigners were done the male became very tired and all he wanted to do was sleep, but the much larger female spider flighty and talkative. She wanted to talk of their recent sexual experience, but the male was far too tired and told her to shut-up. Like all women she became emotionally scared and in retaliation she killed her much smaller spouse. Not exactly the June Cleaver type of spider is she? On the other si ...
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