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  • Fern Hill - 741 words
    Fern Hill The poem Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas explores childhood memories and the melancholy reality of lost youth. Fern Hill compels the reader to come back over and over again to seek more insight into the joy and pleasure of a time of innocence lost. The figurative speech causes the reader to seek the elusive youth and boyhood days of the character and encourages the reader to mourn and celebrate with the writer for the once glorious days of his youth. From the opening line, the memories of boyhood days are revealed. The writer recalls his carefree life. A beautiful playground, a wooded valley full of apple orchards and fresh green meadows, which bring the boy great happiness, happy as the ...
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  • Fern Hill By Dylan Thomas - 377 words
    Fern Hill By Dylan Thomas The poem Fern Hill, by Dylan Thomas, is being told by a speaker who is recalling his youthful past. Many images, symbols, and metaphors increase the depth of the speaker's message to the reader. An image that is spoke about alot in the poem is the color of gold. Gold is usually used with youthful objects. Gold represents vibrance. Vibrance is usually associated with youth. Gold appears in the following locations: Golden in the heydays of his eyes Trail with daisies and barley Golden in the mercy of his means, And green and golden I was huntsman and herdsman, the calves And the sun grew round that very day. In the sun born over and over, Before the children green and ...
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  • Dylan Thomas The Life And Work - 622 words
    Dylan Thomas The Life And Work Dylan Thomas The Life and Work One: I am a Welshman; two: I am a drunkard; three: I am a lover of the human race, especially of women. A quote by one of the best-known British poets of the mid-20th century, he is remembered for his highly original, obscure poems, his amusing prose tales and plays, and his turbulent, well-publicized personal life. His name, Dylan Thomas. Dylan Marlais Thomas was born on October 27, 1914 in Swansea, Glamorganshire (Wales). He was educated at Swansea Grammar School and spent most of his childhood writing poetry and bunking school. His father was the senior English Literature Master at Dylan's school, but not even his father could ...
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  • Sonnet 64 - 1,162 words
    Sonnet 64 Derived from the early Petrarchan form, William Shakespeare's sonnets maintain an iambic pentameter however implore an uncharacteristic rhyme scheme and have a final couplet with such strength that the whole character of the form is changed creating a clear thought division between the twelfth and thirteenth line. Shakespeare's style unique sonnet style became, in his time, the predominate English form. However, some poems such as John Keats' On First Looking into Chapman's Homer retained the classic Italian form.(Crowell pg 945) Shakespeare's Sonnet Sixty-Fourhold's true to the classic Shakespearean sonnet form, having three quatrains and a finalizing couplet. Utilizing the techni ...
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