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  • At First Glance The Wizard Of Oz Seems To Be A Simple Childrens Story, A Fairytale Of Sorts Further Examination However Revea - 834 words
    At first glance The Wizard of Oz seems to be a simple childrens story, a fairytale of sorts. Further examination however reveals that there is much more to this story. The movie, which is based on the book The Wonderful World of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum, contains many intriguing symbols. Included among these symbols are the Wicked Witch of the East, the Munchkins, the Wizard, the ruby (silver) slippers and more. Baum chose these symbols to create an allegory of the populist movement of the late 19th century. The most obvious symbol is perhaps the most important. Baum uses the Land of Oz to represent the United States. We can see that the land of the Munchkins represents the East Coast, as ther ...
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  • Beowulf And Achilles - 1,198 words
    Beowulf And Achilles Beowulf is a story about a man named Beowulf who desired fame and fortune in life. The Iliad had a character named Achilles who is similar to Beowulf because he also desired glory. But they are two completely different stories written at different times and different places by different people. Both stories have unique qualities such as dragons in one and multi-gods in the other and that is what makes fictitious stories like these classics. Since achieving fame is a goal of these two characters, and since these are great works of literature, people can relate to wanting to be famous in life. So this essay is about Beowulf and Achilles and what they went through to be fam ...
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  • Betty Boop - 767 words
    Betty Boop Betty Boop The best case study in animation to illustrate the powerful influence society has over the types of films that are produced is the story of Betty Boop. She was a major cartoon character before the Production Code of 1934 was put into place, and her dramatic and fatal transformation illustrates how a product created under one set of standards often withers when placed in a new set. At the same time, the Code alone cannot explain why this dizzy little flapper degenerated so quickly. Betty Boop exists today solely as a merchandising item. Betty's face and figure can be found on T-shirts, posters, and all sorts of things. Her current popularity in merchandise is somewhat pu ...
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  • Canterbury Tales - 1,037 words
    Canterbury Tales Though the characters in the Canterbury Tales are described vividly and often comically, it is not necessarily true that these characters are therefore stereotypes of The Middle ages. The intricate visual descriptions and the tales the characters tell help to direct the reader in finding a more accurate and realistic picture of the pilgrims, bringing into question the theory that Chaucer was just collating stereotypes from his time. The fact that there is one representative for each of the chief classes (under the higher nobility) would suggest that this work is an attempt to provide a catalogue of characters from the middle ages, and it can be assumed from this that this de ...
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  • Darwins Theory Of Evolution - 1,182 words
    Darwin's Theory of Evolution Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution to explain the origin, diversity and complexity of life. I will will disprove evolution by showing that natural selection only explains small evolutionary changes, collectively known as microevolution. Natural selection cannot drive large evolutionary changes, macroevolution. I will also show that the primordial soup, in which life supposedly evolved, did not exist. Neo-Darwinism incorporates the discoveries of modern science into Darwin's original theory while leaving the basic beliefs intact. Darwin proposed that individuals with favorable traits are more likely to survive and reproduce. Darwin called this process ...
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  • Emma Deprestion - 830 words
    Emma Deprestion Emma's life was greatly influenced by her reading. She lived in a world of fiction rather than in the real world. She wanted the things she read about to come alive in her own life. The idea of romantic nights, old castles, and moonlight meetings supplied a satisfaction in her that she couldn't find anywhere else. She needed constant excitement and change. If she never read these romantic novels, then she would not have been a dreamer and a sentimentalist. Her normal life of everyday living would have kept her content rather than intolerable. Emma discovered romantic novels as a young girl living in a convent. Unable to see the real world or the realities of everyday living, ...
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  • Is Phyiscian Assisted Suicide Ethical - 689 words
    Is Phyiscian Assisted Suicide Ethical? Physician-Assisted Suicide is Ethical Jack Kevorkian addresses many aspects of physician-assisted suicide. First, he addresses the Hippocratic oath, stating that there is no oath concerning a doctors moral codes. Next, he addresses the slippery slope argument. Kevorkian states that the only way the slippery slope argument will take place, is if everyone is insecure and cannot control their individual actions. Finally, Kevorkian proves that physicians are no longer the mediators of death. By using the Mercitron, a physician would not be responsible for the death of another human being. Through all of these aspects of euthanasia, Kevorkian explores moral ...
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  • Kate Chopin - 1,173 words
    Kate Chopin Kate Chopin is a brilliant writer. Her writing career is during the late 1800s. She lives in a time where women are sexually suppressed and their opinions are not valued. Her writing holds more in common with our time than the time just after the Civil War. Although her life was full of death, she still lived as happy a life as she could by writing in such a bold and daring way. Kate Chopin was born as Catherine OFlaherty. She was born July 12, 1850. She is the daughter of Thomas and Eliza OFlaherty. Kates father, Thomas OFlaherty, was born in Ireland in 1805. He came to the United States in 1823. In 1825 he became a merchant in St. Louis. In 1855 he died suddenly in a train wrec ...
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  • Midsummers Night Dream - 1,933 words
    Midsummer's Night Dream So often, when books or plays get made into movies, the whole story is butchered, and the final outcome is uninteresting. This is not the case for A Midsummer-Nights Dream. The movie A Midsummer-Nights Dream was extremely well acted out , and had an entertaining plot that kept its viewers intrigued. Its plot was fun and dream-like that kept its viewers entertained. The story line and critical elements were well acted out exciting to follow. Shakespeare created many parallels between this play and that of Hamlet. Overall this was a very good movie, one that I would definitely one that I would tell a friend about. The action in A Midsummer-Nights Dream takes place in my ...
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  • Mysteries - 1,722 words
    Mysteries There are many mysteries that question the mind, but none that can compare to the intrigue in the supernatural. Ghosts, goblins, poltergeists, Death Omens, curses, unexplainable phenomena, and hauntings; mysteries of the paranormal could go on and on. There are centuries of ghost stories and tales that have been passed down from generation to generation. From the Bermuda Triangle mysteries, phantoms of the ocean, ships, and glowing ghosts of little boys, to the curse of James' Deans' car, The Little Bastard and the Amityville Horror. A little background history of this bone-chilling horror may help one decide whether or not to believe in the existence of the beyond. Everywhere on e ...
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  • Narrator Influence - 1,120 words
    Narrator Influence "The role of the narrator influences the type of relationship we have not only with him or her but also with the story" (Landy 75). This quote was taken from our Literary Studies book in which we have read several stories concerning different styles of narration. Narration is one of the most important components of a story. The characters, plot, setting, and theme are also significant, however the narrator sets the mood and also the pace of the story. Two good examples of narration is the short tale The Zebra Storyteller by Spencer Holst and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. These are stories in which the narrators retain certain styles of narration. An out ...
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  • Natalie Houston - 807 words
    Natalie Houston 1995 Poetry No.11 Poetry is often written as a result of reflecting on an intense emotional experience or a significant event. Examine the techniques used by one poet to convey the significance of an experience or an event, which gave rise to a poem, or sequence of poems. The Almond Tree by Jon Stallworthy describes through the eyes of an expectant fathers supreme emotional joy at the prospect of the birth of this child. The excitement and joy turn to despair and hopelessness when he is told that his son is a Mongol. The poem begins on an optimistic tone and the poet conveys this prospect by giving life to objects, which are normally dull and go, unnoticed; Trees of black iro ...
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  • Opinions On Esoteric Practices - 1,429 words
    ... ed into a tea, act as remedy for many forms of migranes (especially those caused by severe eyestrain - like sitting in front of a terminal for 20 hours or more). Learning, using and cultivating these various plants is a worthwhile endeavor, and anyone spending money and effort in this field of Esoterica is doing so with my applause (we d o some of this here at Shadow Weaver Grove, but even with three of us working at it its a huge project!). HYPNOSIS : the great wonder field developed by Sigmund Freud and his contemporaries, I have found this field to be both a wonderful tool and a dangerous weapon. Never let yourself be put under trance state by anyone you do not trust totally as they m ...
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  • Postmodernism - 1,303 words
    ... With the end of colonialism and the emergence of a seemingly new world order, there raised a demand that research be useful and relevant, indicating that knowledge for its own sake was insufficient. As a result of this, what emerged was a new focus on 'development' and 'modernization' in the form of postmodernism. In these changing times, anthropology has come into contact with a variety of evolving concepts, including hybridity, montage, fluidity, and deconstruction. The question remains, how these concepts reflect the social, cultural and political changes that are occurring in study of anthropology today. Postmodernism is an intellectual movement that promotes itself as the 'antithes ...
    Related: postmodernism, world order, social structure, joint venture, comprehend
  • Richard Wagner Wunderkind Or Monster - 1,889 words
    ... gner, with blinding clarity, saw as the woman. Lohengrin remains the German fairytale opera, in which Wagner used orchestral colors that had never been heard before. Tannhuser did quite well in Dresden in 1845 but Wagner's real troubles with the work began in 1861, at the Paris Opra. During the second performance members of the local Jockey Club, who used to arrive late at the opera house, started a riot because they had missed the splendors of the ballet at the beginning of the first act; they were joined by a large group who were opposed to Wagner. After the third performance, he withdrew the work. Lohengrin too had mixed reception. Wagner wrote it backwards starting with the third act ...
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  • Shakespeares Biography - 1,285 words
    ShakespeareS Biography Shakespeare's Biography Shakespeare is one of those historical literary figures whose name carries the connotation of genius. His name is mentioned with the same reverence given to those masters of the arts who have become larger than life, so famous that they are known by last names only: Chaucer, Beethoven, Bach, Degas, Monet, Mozart, and Picasso. Shakespeare's plays have become so ingrained in part of the English-speaking culture that it is impossible to list all of his contributions to language, literature, and drama. Shakespeare is the most quoted English author of all time. Although Shakespeare's name and contribution to literature is awe-inspiring, the man himse ...
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  • Star Wars - 3,479 words
    ... d Han had to cope with a space station full of enemy soldiers, but the rescue is eclipsed by Luke's destruction of the Death Star at the end of the movie. This was presumably done because A New Hope was an action movie, which as a rule needs to present a final conflict at the conclusion rather than the climax. Therefore, Luke's Supreme Ordeal, the destruction of the Death Star, is separate from his prize, the rescue of Princess Leia. Upon entering the Land of Enchantment, the Hero is typically left to his own devices to complete his quest. If the Hero has learned his lessons well and fulfilled his role, he will do well and succeed. If not, his quest is doomed to fail. The Greek Hero Orph ...
    Related: death star, star, star wars, ancient cultures, princess leia
  • The Color Purple: Real Outcome Of Economic Achievement And - 1,158 words
    The Color Purple: Real Outcome of Economic Achievement and Alternative Economic View The main theme this essay will be focusing on is the distinction between the "real" outcome of economic achievement as described in The Color Purple by the lynching of Celie's father, and its "alternative" economic view presented at the end of the novel depicting Celie's happiness and entrepreneurial success. We will attempt the task at hand by relating the novel to two Models (Historical and Empirical Data, Manners and Customs) of representation in the "real" and "alternative" worlds of The Color Purple. By focusing on the letters describing the lynching of Celie's father, and the letter describing Celie's ...
    Related: achievement, color purple, economic stability, outcome, real world, the color purple
  • The Great Gatsbysuper Notes Automatic A - 5,715 words
    ... and overwhelm them. Tom clearly believes it. Tom is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson, the wife of George Wilson, who runs a garage in the valley of ashes. Myrtle seems to have a dark sexual vitality that attracts Tom, and he keeps an apartment for her in New York, where he takes Nick in Chapter II. Here he again shows how little he thinks of anyone beside himself when he casually breaks Myrtle's nose with the back of his hand, because she is shouting Daisy! Daisy! in a vulgar fashion. Between Chapters II and VII we see little of Tom, but in Chapter VII he emerges as a central figure. It is Tom who pushes the affair between Gatsby and Daisy out into the open by asking Gatsby point bla ...
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  • The Merchant Of Venice Is A Controversial Play Among Experts Of Shakespeare This Play Has Been Argued By Some To Be A Comedy - 2,728 words
    ... ed to the central plot of the play. Another minor character in this play was the Duke of Venice. He can be classified as a minor character because of his little role. His presence was only felt in the courtroom and even at that he did not affect the play in a major way. As we know minor characters can serve the purpose of portraying the publics feelings and setup a scene for a major character. In the courtroom scene the Duke does both of these things. During the trial Shylock wanted justice, and he wanted it quickly. He pressured the Duke to give him what he rightfully deserved but the Duke did something. He delayed his decision until he could hear from the good doctor Bellario. In this ...
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