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  • Ethnic Diversity - 1,286 words
    Ethnic Diversity Affirmative action can be defined as action taken to compensate for past unfairness in the education of minorities. The current system of affirmative action allows universities to admit applicants from certain ethnic and minority groups with lower credentials. The main purpose of affirmative action is to produce a diverse campus population that is comparable to today's society. The use of race as a facto by which someone is admitted to college in the long run will compromise the quality of the university. Implicating affirmative action to solve the problem of diversity on today's campuses has lead to the creation of problems. The discrimination against Caucasian and Asian Am ...
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  • Israel: Political, Cultural, And Religious Description - 1,441 words
    Israel: Political, Cultural, And Religious Description ISRAEL A Political, Cultural, and Religious Description of the Current Atmosphere As Exists in Israel Israel, in the 1990's, is in a continual state of political, cultural and religious flux. Religion continues to play a central factor in the difficulties which the state has been and continues to experience. This unique country is characterized by an amalgam of cultural and ethnic diversity. This historical and cultural fact ensures that the difficulties the state has been experiencing in realizing self-adjustment will continue. At the same time, there exist mostly positive and persistent facets of the culture which continue unabated as ...
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  • Knowledge And Perceived Risk Of Major Diseases - 1,285 words
    ... r some of the areas have not significantly affected the results of the study (Wilcox and Stefanick, 1999). Information about the women who filled out the survey was their age, marital status, education level and ethnic origins. The sample size used in this study was small and therefore race was not equally represented. The racial makeup of the sample group was made up of mostly Whites and there was a small percentage of Non-Whites in the study so the conductors of the study decided to divide the participants into two groups racially, Whites and Non-Whites, for all the "primary analyses" of the survey. Other variables reported in the study that were measured were the risk factors women de ...
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  • Malaysia - 932 words
    Malaysia Malaysia Like many other countries, Malaysia has much history. The country's ancestors came to Malaysian area between 2500 and 1500 B.C. The earliest inhabitants are the Orang Asli of the Peninsula, Penan of Sarawak and the Rungus of Sabah. These people did and still live as nomads. The ancestors migrated from China and India. The next group of people to arrive to the country were the Malays. Many of these people were traders who later settled in Malaysia. Along with the immigrants, the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam also settled into the inhabitants. As years past, Europeans, including the Portuguese, Spaniards, Dutch, and British, conquered Malaysia, which ended up with Ma ...
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  • Mark Shaffer - 475 words
    Mark Shaffer James Banks James Banks believes that there should be more multicultural education taught in schools. Education about ethnic diversity treats cultural pluralism within a nation-state by studying different traits from different groups, which determine one group from another. He believes that a major goal of education in a free society is acceptance of cultural pluralism as a national strength and not an obstacle. Individuals of various minority groups may maintain their ethnic identities while sharing a common culture with Americans from many different ethnic backgrounds. ( A suggestion made on how to incorporate more multicultural issues is tha ...
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  • People Of The World - 354 words
    People Of The World People of the world are, or sometimes feel distant to me because I never interact with them as a whole. Most of the time when I meet someone from another country they are in the U.S. and speak English. I would like to meet people from around the world in their own environment, other than Canadians (I have been to Canada). I guess all I cam reflect on is what I have dealt with here at Fayetteville State University, and what I have encountered from other travels. The only other country I have visited Canada and it seems as if all of the people there are seven-day Adventist. They are very nice people don't get me wrong but they push their views on to you. I'm not saying one ...
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  • Population Redistributions Based On Ethnicity Have Defused Intense Rivalries In The Recent Past, And Could Be A Solution To T - 1,982 words
    ... Population redistributions based on ethnicity have defused intense rivalries in the recent past, and could be a solution to the internal ethnic crises for nations such as the former Yugoslavia. Currently described by the media as ethnic cleansing, Population redistributions have been the focus of much controversy throughout U.S. and world history. To those affected, Population redistributions can be economically and emotionally devastating. It can also lead to enormous tragedies causing thousands of deaths when conducted in a brutal manner. The results of various population redistributions are examined throughout this paper with the focus on the Japanese Internment camps in the U.S. and ...
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  • Poverty, Chastity, And Change : A Book Review - 1,518 words
    Poverty, Chastity, And Change : A Book Review "Poverty, Chastity, and Change": A book review In her book "Poverty, Chastity, and Change", the author Carole Garibaldi Rogers interviewed ninety-four nuns from forty different religious communities in North America. She gathered oral histories regarding the nun's academic, religious, and emotional difficulties that were encountered throughout their lives. Each interview lasted a couple of hours and three basic questions were asked. "The three basic questions are: Why did you enter religious life? What were some of the crisis points or times of change in your religious life? Or, to put that another way, how have you become the person that you are ...
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  • Racism: - 1,300 words
    RACISM: It IS Still Alive Today The Ku Klux Personal NAZISM Dozens of Political parties vied for power in the chaos that was Germany following World War I. Most were small, and one of the smallest was Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or the German Workers Party, later to become known as the Nazi Party. This tiny group of malcontents should evolve into a force that would threaten to conquer the world was due to the twisted genius of one man- Adolf Hitler. His passionate German nationalism would not allow him to embrace any philosophy that preach ...
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  • Spain - 1,246 words
    Spain The country of Spain lies on the continent of Europe. It is located forty degrees north and four degrees west. The capital of Spain, Madrid, is located in the central region known as the Centro-Meseta. The country of Spain is made up of four regions: El norte, El este, El sur, and Centro-Meseta. Spain's large area of 195,988 square miles covers about five sixths of the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the largest countries in Western Europe. At its widest point, Spain stretches 635 miles from east to west. It stretches about 550 miles north to south. Spain's longest coastline lies along the Mediterranean Sea and stretches for almost 1700 miles from the eastern end of the Pyrenees mounta ...
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  • Sun Microsystems, Inc - 3,129 words
    ... t, four major areas must be studied to get a view of what external forces affect the long-run activities of a business entity. These areas are: 1. Economic ~ this is mainly concerned with money and its exchanges 2. Technological ~ ideas and inventions for problem-solving 3. Political-Legal ~ involves justice and regulations on law and distribution of power 4. Socio-cultural ~ involves customs and morals, and values of a society To keep the information pertinent, comments will only be made on factors that are directly influencing Sun at the current time. The Economic environment has been a little uncertain in the past month, due to the chaos of the presidential election in the United Stat ...
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  • Tax Increment Financing: Contrasting Effects - 2,134 words
    Tax Increment Financing: Contrasting Effects suburbanization in america Limmer (1) AHousing is an outward expression of the inner human nature; no society can be understood apart from the residences of its members.@ That is a quote from the suburban historian Kenneth T. Jackson, from his magnificent piece on suburbanization Crabgrass Frontier. Suburbanization has been probably the most significant factor of change in U.S. cities over the last 50 years, and began 150 years ago. It represents Aa reliance upon the private automobile, upward mobility, the separation of the family into nuclear units, the widening division between work and leisure, and a tendency toward racial and economic exclusi ...
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  • Virginia - 521 words
    Virginia Virginia is located in the eastern coast of the United States. It is surrounded by the states of West Virginia, which lies to the north west of it, Kentucky, west of it, and North Carolina, which is to the south. It has also the Atlantic Ocean to the east of it. Virginia has a coastal plain with tidal swamps and marshes flowing into rivers that lead into the Chesapeake Bay. The James, York, Rappahannock, and Potomac rivers split the mainland into three peninsulas. The size of Virginia is a total of 42,326 square miles. It also has the population of 6,733,996, which is the estimated in 1997. It is made up of 77.4 percent of whites and 18.8 percent blacks. Virginias metropolitan areas ...
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