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  • Abortion - 669 words
    Abortion Wim Van de Keere English comp I Prof. Fjordbotten A matter of life and death About 29 years ago, Norma McCorvey, who then adopted the pseudonym Jane Roe, became the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit to challenge the strict anti-abortion laws in Texas. The case was appealed to the Supreme Court, which handed down its controversial ruling on January 22, 1973. The decision legalized abortion in all fifty states and sparked a sociopolitical debate that remains charged to this day. However, McCorvey never had an abortion and eventually gave away the child for adoption. In 1995, she converted to Christianity and became a fervent adversary of abortion. The woman who had fought for women to have ...
    Related: abortion, abortion laws, decision making, important role, jane
  • Blockbuster - 554 words
    Blockbuster Teddy Owens English Comp 1 Carol Johnson 12 November 2000 Blockbuster Has It All In blue and yellow, Blockbuster advertises movies to everyone who drives by. The movie ticket as the logo draws people in. Every person who enters the store is greeted by a, How are you doing? from John the employ who checks people out when they have found their evening entertainment. John has been working at Blockbuster for 2 years now and believes he has found the answer to return customers, If you treat them like your friend then they will return. The are hooked once you ask how their day was, or when you tell them to have goodnight with a smile. Blockbuster is kind to its customers and in return ...
    Related: blockbuster, english comp, carol, employee
  • My Own Choice To Die - 1,010 words
    My Own Choice To Die English Comp II February 4, 1999 One quiet summer afternoon I lay gazing into the big, blue sky watching the clouds form into immense moving objects that catch my eye for a second. I saw everything from birds to alligators and occasionally a car or bus. While staring at the sky in a world of my own I heard a clamor coming from the front of the house. I turned over on my stomach peering through the tall pampas grass that landscapes our backyard. I lay gazing through the grass as if I was a jungle cat searching for its next victim. I could not see anything so I faced the sky, once again, and enjoyed the sights and sounds of summer. I was in a daydream when I opened my eyes ...
    Related: english comp, last time, best friend, skinned, blanket
  • Stop School Violence - 327 words
    Stop School Violence Nathan Eick October 10, 2000 English Comp. 1 Preventing Violence in Schools There are many things in this world that make me angry. For example, people driving to slow in the left lane or people not taking responsibility for their actions. The thing that makes me furious is people blaming school violence on material objects and not people. Sure, video games and movies are capable of corrupting youth, but why are they allowed to have those things if they cause corruption. My theory is that the parents are the reason for school violence. With everyone being busier here in the twenty first century, the family has taken a back seat to work and activities. Many children are f ...
    Related: school violence, violence, english comp, late night, angry
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