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  • Buddhism - 1,161 words
    ... rtha revealed that he had become the Buddha, and described the pleasure that he had first known as a prince, and the life of severe asceticism that he had practiced. Neither of these was the true path to Nirvana. The true path was the Middle Way, which keeps aloof from both extremes. "To satisfy the necessities of life is not evil," the Buddha said. "To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom and keep our mind strong and clear." Buddha then taught them the Dharma, which consisted of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path. The five holy men and others soon joined Buddha, accompanying him everywhere. As more joined, Buddha ...
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  • Charles Darwin - 969 words
    Charles Darwin Charles Darwin Charles Robert Darwin, as he was known in full, brought many interesting ideas to the world of science. He was credited for developing the evolutionary theory by natural selection and also for discovering a species of frog while in South America. Darwin has many followers of his theory of evolution but there are many people who are trying to disprove his theory. These people have showed that their different theories prove Darwin could not have been correct in every aspect of his theory, but there is no absolute right or wrong to the theory of evolution. The world will continue to be divided on the subject of evolution. Charles Darwin was born on February 18, 180 ...
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  • Israel - 442 words
    Israel Introduction p.1 I. Geography of Israel p.2 II. Population of Israel p.3 III. History of Israel p.4 IV. Government of Israel p.5,6 V. Religions of Israel p.7 Bibliography p.8 Introduction In the past few decades, atleast since 1948, no other country has been in the news more often or has gotten more international attention than Israel. First, Israel got attention because it was to be a refuge for the poor unfortunate Jewish people who survived the Holocaust. They would, once and for all, have a Jewish homeland, where the key to citizenship was simply being Jewish. The majority of the world had sympathy for the Jewish people, at that time. Along with this sympathy the world had expecta ...
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  • The Manhattan Project - 1,669 words
    ... neral Groves had built a half-billion dollar secret factory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. It was only producing tiny amounts of pure U-235, and Oppenheimer was informed he could count on enough of it for just one bomb by mid-1945. Groves other secret factory, near Hanford, Washington, was working to produce the other fissionable material, P-239. By 1945 it was estimated that Hanford was producing enough of the plutonium for multiple bombs. Everyone was absolutely convinced that the detonation of a uranium bomb by the gun-method would work. However, by early 1944, it became increasingly obvious that this would not work with the plutonium bomb. This meant that Neddermeyers implosion method woul ...
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