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Research paper example essay prompt: Caesar And Mark Anthony - 355 words

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Caesar And Mark Anthony Caesar and Mark Anthony Today I think Caesar would be a great leader in today's society. I see him as a running mate for President of The United States. His vice President would be Mark Anthony. I see Caesar, as a well liked candidate by the people because he promises to give them the things that they are in need of. He is sincere in these promises. I imagine Caesar not much of a social person in his private life and always seeking advice from others.

He reads a lot and spends time on the computer to better himself and using it to see what others are saying. With the modern technology of the Internet Caesar takes full advantage of the information available to him. The people see him as a great fighter for their causes. He is very public as far as his campaigning and you will always see his wife at his side. Mark Anthony right there along with Caesar and his wife.

Caesar although a great leader is much to trusting with the public. He makes too many public appearances knowing that there is a lot of controversy and enemies not liking what he wants to do. Mark Anthony warns him often to stay further away from the public and guard himself more. Mark Anthony is campaigning along with Caesar. He believes in Caesar's greatness as a leader.

Mark Anthony is a loyal and dedicated candidate for Vice president. He is very intelligent and a wonderful speaker. Mark Anthony is more attuned to political problems than Caesar is. I think that is what makes him a great adviser, speaker and in reality a better political candidate. I am sure one day Mark Anthony will run for President.

Mark Anthony does a lot of public speaking and is more social. Golfing with all the political colleagues' friends as well as enemies are one of Mark Anthony's favorite pastimes. Also a great political move to keep abreast of things. As a team they will make a great White House. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of the elections. Shakespeare Essays.

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