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Boot Camp Why Shock Incarceration Works! I. Introduction A. Population of facilities going up 1. Need another way to rehabilitate (boot camps) a. Jenny Jones b. Sally B.

Today I hope to convince you that shock incarceration can be an effective substitute for prison time C. I will explain the actual boot camp experience, show a typical day at boot camp, and illustrate the effectiveness of boot camp II. Actual Boot Camp Experience A. Many feel it promotes positive behavior B. 54 adult boot camps in 34 states 1. 7250 inmates C.

Activities 1. Physical training (pass out pictures) 2. Hard labor 3. Military drills and ceremonies 4. Summary punishment a. Push-ups, sit-ups, run with backpack, chin-ups D. Programs 1.

Rehabilitative Programs a. Drug and alcohol treatment b. Life skills training c. Vocational education d. Therapy e. General education classes III.

Typical Day at Boot Camp A. Wake up at 5:30 AM B. Cal and drill 5:45 AM C. Run 7:00 AM D. Breakfast 8:00 AM E. Formations 8:30 AM F.

Work/School 12:00 PM G. Lunch 12:30 PM H. Work/School 3:30 PM I. Shower 4:00 PM J. Network Community Meeting 4:45 PM K. Dinner 6:00 PM L. Counseling 6:45 M.

Bed 9:30 PM N. Time spent 1. 31% on community projects. 2. 30% in substance abuse treatment and other programs teaching responsibility 3. In prison they would just sit around taking up space III.

Effectiveness A. Boot camp has 5 basic goals 1. Incapacitation a. Break the person mentally in order to mold them into a better person for society 2. Deterrence a.

Make it so they never want to come back, thus causing them not to commit any more crimes 3. Rehabilitation a. Rehab for drugs, alcohol, and anger 4. Reduction of prison costs and overcrowding 5. Punishment B. How the convict changes 1. Boot camp has a positive impact on attitudes 2.

Graduates are more likely (then regular inmates) to remain in the community after one, two, or three years 3. More programs are offered in boot camp, which give the people better skills for society a. Skills for the workplace b. Skills for everyday living with other people and themselves C. Effects on us 1.

Reduces prison bed space and saves money (our tax dollars!) a. New York Department of Correctional Services (1). Calculated $542 million in savings in inmate housing due to inmates in boot camp getting out on average as 11 months early IV. Conclusion A. Today I have explained the actual boot camp experience, shown a typical day at boot camp, and illustrated the effectiveness of boot camp. B.

I hope I have convinced you that shock incarceration can be an effective substitute for prison time Economics Essays.

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