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Bob Jones Miss Hanson English, Period 2 March 29, 1999 The White Flag It was a usual summer day, as I woke up and ran to the bathroom. Then I went downstairs and grabbed a bowl of cereal and the remote control. I ate my peaches n' cream oatmeal while watching my favorite television show, Rainbow Brite. Wow! She had to be the bravest girl ever, and she was my childhood hero. Ding-dong, the door bell rang.

As I ran to get the door I suddenly felt myself falling down on my face. As I face planted it , I saw the cause. My older brother, Jason, had left his dumb shoes out again! Climbing up, regaining my balance the door rang again, and I yelled, "I'm coming!" I opened the door and saw my best friend, Lacey. " Hey Brooke, can you play?" "Yeah, I have to change my clothes first though." So we went upstairs and met Jason and his friend, Scott, Lacey's older brother, at the top of the stairs. We brushed past them and went into my bedroom.

I was just opening up my underwear drawer, when the boys burst in. Jason grabbed some of my underwear, revealing to Scott that I wore Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony underwear. I was absolutely mortified at the sight of two boys seeing my underwear and laughing at them. I jumped up, snatched my underwear and shoved the boys out while yelling, " Get out, get out you jerks!," and slammed shut the door. "How could he do that!" raged Lacey.

"Yeah, how dare they do such a thing!" I exclaimed back at Lacey. Mean while, while Lacey was rambling on about the boys I was thinking revenge! "I know, I said, what's better than getting mad is getting even, and I'm going to give him a taste of his own medicine!" "But how?" Lacey questioned. "Just follow me." I said excitingly. I lead the way to my plan. We marched into Jason's bedroom, and headed straight toward the underwear drawer. We got out every pair.

"Holy Cow! He wears whitey-tighties?" questioned Lacey. "Yeah, that's not the worst of it! They are huge and even have a hole in all of them!" I said. (Now at this point you have to understand that at seven years old we didn't quite know about these sort of things.) "Start tying them together!" I ordered. We tied together every pair of those white pieces of cloth, and had a long strand. We dragged it over to his open window and lunged it out, just as the neighborhood babe, Kristen Redford, was walking by and saw the whole thing.

She ran off laughing hysterically. Oh, Jason was so in-love with her, and this was working out too perfect. Yep, I knew it! A very out-raged, Jason, red-faced with both embarrassment and anger stormed in, grabbed and tackled me, and beat the living tar out of me. Oh but is sure was worth every bruise and cut!.

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