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Research paper example essay prompt: Being A Dental Assistant Would Be A Great Job Because It Has A Variety Of Interesting Duties It Has Goo Hours, Pay And Benefi - 290 words

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Being a dental assistant would be a great job because it has a variety of interesting duties. It has goo hours, pay and benefits. There are always advancement opportunities. Jobs will be available because the dental assistant is needed to help the dentist. Being a dental assistant has many good qualities.

After getting the job of a dental assistant you get right to work. The jobs can vary from keeping appointment books to assisting with operations. Most assistants work forty-hour weeks. At starting they can make $11.35 an hour, plus they get benefits. After gaining experience you can make annually $23,000 with paid vacations and free dental work. Once becoming a dental assistant you can take classes to move up I your field.

Most become dental hygienists, Advancements can lead you to management, dental specialties, insurance companies, or even dental laboratory technicians. Some dentists start their own businesses. Your advancement will depend on the amount of experience and education you have and with the right advancement you will make more money. In the 1800s assistants were needed to help dentists with operations and examinations. Most dentists need the extra hands because they couldnt operate alone. Today with new technology and knowledge of what needs to be done to teeth, dentists find themselves with greater workloads.

Assistants sure are a big help in these situations. Now you know a little more about the dental assistant job. The hours and pay are reasonable. The duties can vary. You can move up with education and the experience you will gain in this position. You also know your job is pretty secure because dentists can always use the help.

Knowing now what this position has to offer I hope you will choose a dental assistant position.

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Research paper topics, free essay prompts, sample research papers on Being A Dental Assistant Would Be A Great Job Because It Has A Variety Of Interesting Duties It Has Goo Hours, Pay And Benefi