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Wuthering Heights WUTHERING HEIGHTS MAIN CHARACTERS Catherine Earnshaw ~ She is the daughter of Mr. Earnshaw and the sister of Hindley. She is also Heathcliff's foster sister. Heathcliff and Catherine are in love, but she marries Edgar Linton instead. When Cathy died, she wanted both Heathcliff and Edgar to suffer because Edgar never understood why she loved Heathcliff and Heathcliff because he never knew why she married Edgar. Catherine Linton ~ She is the daughter of the older Catherine and Edgar Linton. Her mother Catherine died shortly after she was born.

She married Linton Heathcliff and became Catherine Heathcliff. Then after her husband's death she married Harenton and became Catherine Earnshaw. Mr. Earnshaw ~ He was a farmer and father of Hindley and Catherine. He is a kind- hearted man who takes Heathcliff in after he found him lying on the street, although his family protested he still took him in.

Edgar Linton ~ He is Isabella's older brother, who marries Catherine Earnshaw and is the father of there daughter, Catherine Linton. He is a gentle bred, refined man, a patient husband and loving father. Ellen Dean ~ Ellen is one of the main narrators. She has been a servant for the Linton's and Earnshaw's all her life. She knows all of them better than any one else.

People that are close to her call her Nelly. Frances Earnshaw ~ She is Hindley's wife. She was a rather giddy woman. She displayed a great fear of death, which tells us why she died of tuberculosis. Harenton Earnshaw ~ Harenton is the son of Frances and Hindley Earnshaw. He marries young Catherine and grows up with his Uncle Heathcliff; his both mother and father die. He is ruff and uncultured having been kept from civilization from so long by Heathcliff.

The Wuthering Heights belongs to Harenton even though Heathcliff runs the household. Hindley Earnshaw ~ Is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw, he is also Catherine's older brother. He becomes a violent alcoholic after his beloved wife Frances dies.

Also Hindley never got along with Heathcliff because Hindley felt rejected from his father's affection, because Heathcliff the favorite child of Mr. Earnshaw. Heathcliff ~ He is taken in by Mr. Earnshaw and raised along with Catherine and Hindley. Catherine was a moving force in his life, and he hated all those who stood between him and his beloved Cathy.

However, he was of unknown descendants and was found in Liverpool starving on the streets. Heathcliff married Isabella, and they had a child named Linton together. However, he only married her for her money. Isabella Linton ~ She is Edgar's younger sister, and marries Heathcliff and became Isabella Heathcliff. She and Heathcliff had a son together named Linton.

Before she married Heathcliff she was a little foolish, but a pretty young girl. After she married him, she became cruel, just like Heathcliff. She also developed a great hate for him with all her heart. Joseph ~ He is a household servant at Wuthering Heights, and his religion is to be unforgiving to others. Dr. Kenneth ~ He is the local doctor who helps people who are sick or dying.

His main concern is for his patients' well being. Mr. and Mrs. Linton ~ Are Edgar and Isabella's parents. They spoil their children and also turn young Cathy into a young lady. They are very unsympathetic to Heathcliff when he is a child. Linton Heathcliff ~ He is the son of Heathcliff and Isabella.

He had the worst qualities of both his parents. He was also a very weak and cruel person. Linton marries young Cathy, but dies soon after. So Heathcliff inherited all the property and money of the Linton family. Lockwood ~ He was one of the narrators of the novel.

He was from London and was not particularly sympathetic. Zillah ~ A housekeeper at Wuthering Heights. She was an impatient, but capable woman. CONFLICT One conflict was between Mr. Heathcliff and Mr. Hindledy, they were enemies because when they were children Mr. Earnshaw (Hindley's father and Heathcliff's foster father) liked Heathcliff better.

He was always Mr. Earnshaw's favorite and Hindley despised him for that. Hindley felt that Heathcliff just came in and took his fathers affection for him. So after their fathers death Hindley treated Heathcliff very badly, so those two never got along with one another from the day they meet. Another conflict was between Edgar Linton and Heathcliff because Edgar married Heathcliff's only love.

It wasn't that Edgar hated Heathcliff it was that Heathcliff' hated Edgar. Catherine was the only person that he had truly ever loved, but she married Edgar. Therefore, Heathcliff developed a great hate for him. Heathciff really never got along with any one except his beloved Catherine. SETTING The setting starts in the middle of the wild Yorkshire moors, in the year of 1801. It takes place at Wuthering Heights where the Earnshaws lived and The Thruscross Grange where the Lintons lived. The story also travels back into the past to the year 1778.

THEME What I think this book represents is Good vs. Evil and Love vs. Hate. I think that because there is the people that are kind- hearted people then there are the people who have great hatred for others when there is no reason for it. For example Edgar Linton and Heathcliff, Edgar didn't hate Heatcliff Heathcliff hated Edgar. He was jealous of Edgar because Cathy married him (but Heathcliff never understood why she married Edgar so she was upset with him).

Jealousy leads to hatred: hatred it a sign of evil. Heathcliff was the Evil and Edgar was the good. PLOT When Cathy married Edgar, Heathcliff became very hurt by it. Therefore, when his sadness was over he wanted to get revenge upon Edgar so that he could be with Cathy. However, he never had the chance to fulfill what he wanted to do because Cathy died shortly after she had her daughter, Catherine Linton.

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