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Archetyple Heros In literature, the term archetype refers to a pattern or model of an action, a character type, or an image that recurs enough in life and literature to be considered universal. Medival heroes and modern ones share many characteristics; however, their approaches to dangers are quite different. First, the medival hero is thought to be brave. He goes out questing in search to set bad to good, rescue damsels in distress, and instore the chivalric code Might for Right. Next, the hero is often aided by the supernatural. He has the use of magical powers, wizardly weapons, and unearthly people.

Sometimes in these stories, the supernatural being such as wizards, psychics, aurgers, and dwarves becomes the heros mentor or advisor. Finally, the hero does not deal with ordinary people. Usually he is serving or rescuing kings, queens, nobles, or other knights. However, the medival hero under the code of chivalry practices morality and other religious practices. The medival hero is often a symbol of good versus evil.

He is highly honored but very humble. Finally referring back to the chivalric code, the medival hero does not go whacking away but instead uses his might for right. Like the medival hero, the modern hero James Bond is considered brave. He is sent out on dangerous missions rescuing women and innocent people, recovering top secret information, and stopping the villian. Next, he is aided by technology.

James Bond uses state of the art, high tech gadgets and weapons to assist him on his missions. Also he is aided by many technological geniuses such as Q and Felix. Finally, James Bond does not deal with normal people. He is usually saving the world from a wealthy madman, serving the Queen of England, and rescuing rich and famous women. However, James Bond follows the code of the government.

Under this code, there is no required practice of religion or morality. In all of his movies, James engages in sexual intercourse numerous times. James Bond is also thought more of a sex symbol. He is a young, strong handsome man that most everyone wants to be like. Last, James Bond is licensed to kill.

This means he can kill whoever gets in his way and most of the time he does. Medival heros and modern ones share many characteristics; however, their approaches to dangers are quite different. The term archetype is a pattern of character type that recurs enough in life and literature to be considered universal English Essays.

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