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.. the branches whip back and hit us. After scrambling over several large boulders, we came to another path, much wider than the first. "Ah. here we go, this is much better, we must be on the right path now." I was glad to be on a more defined trial, it was a good sign that we weren't blazing up too far away from our destination. We walked a few steps, and another path connected to the one we were following.

This new path was wide enough for a car, and ran perpendicular to the one we were on. The two paths hooked up and continued up the hill. We looked down the perpendicular path only to see the main road running down the hill. "Well, we're almost at the top, it's gotta be just a little further up." I said, as I started to run up the wide path, trying not to be seen by cars driving down the road. The next obstacle on the path was a 12 foot tall gate, that had barbed wire at the top. From the distance we were, it was hard to tell just how long this gate was, but it was obviously going to block any cars driving up the path.

We approached the gate, only to see that it was just long enough to block the trail, but people had just walked around the gate. "Why the heck would they make a gate that tall, then put barbed wire on top of it, if it's not going to be very long?" Tom questioned, and then laughed at the gate as he walked around it. "Yeah, like somebody would walk up to the gate, and try to climb over it." I laughed at the aspects of this barrier. "Well, it keeps the cars from getting in, right?" Said Rudy, almost sarcastically. "Well, I guess..

Hey." I looked at over at Tom and Rudy as we walked, only to see two big grins. "Uh, I hope that's not all of it." Tom said, rather disappointed at the view. "Heh, there's gotta be more over to the left, it looks like a big clearing." We had come to a small pool of water, that was surrounded by a cliff about 3 feet high. Rudy began down a small trail to our left, Tom followed, and I brought up the rear. I had not taken more than 10 steps when I heard Rudy gasp and say "Ho-my-gosh." I crept further, next to where Tom was standing, and peered out. Looking over this enormous cliff made my legs feel weak, and I made my center of gravity very close to the ground to feel stable.

"Damn, that's high!" To me, the cliff seemed at least 500 feet high at that point in time, in reality it was more on the lines of 75-100 feet. The walls were sheer granite, covered with graffiti "tags" that people had left. "Jim wuz here, '85" I read off one of the many big boulders that were around the cliffs. "Yeah man, people come here a lot." Rudy said. "No kidding, yah think?" I retorted. Tom laughed.

"Actually, I think somebody has died here once every year on average." "Well, lets just make sure it's not us today." Rudy replied. "Come on, lets go over there." Rudy pointed to a large pile of boulders that was on the other side of the black pool of water below us. "How in heck are we going to get over there?!" I asked. It wasn't the most brilliant question, I knew Tom and Rudy would find some way. "Just walk along this path here." Rudy said as he made his way long the cliff.

We made our way down, onto a long, flat rock that ultimately defined the bottom of the pool. The sky was a perfect blue, with the big puffy cotton ball clouds. Tom, who was wearing all black wiped his brow with his sleeve. "Damn, it's hot." "Yeah, It's wicked damn hot!" We were all sweating now, because we had been climbing, and we were no longer covered by the shade of the trees. "I'm going to the shade." Tom climbed over some more boulders and back under the cover of some trees. There was another cliff leading upwards and more to the right of our entrance point right near the tree upon which Tom rested.

I walked over next to Tom, and watched Rudy start to climb the new cliff. "Uh, that's the hard way man. There are foot holds over here." I started to climb up fast, trying to beat Rudy to the top, to prove that my way was quicker. When I reached the top, I saw the most amazing view. It made the whole day worth it. Even if we didn't end up swimming, or jumping off the cliffs, the view from the new spot was spectacular.

You could see 5 or 6 different pools of water, each had it's own color and cliffs to jump from. There was a red pool of water, a green pool, a blue pool, a black pool, and almost every mix of blue/green that one could imagine. Some of the pools were merely surrounded with boulders and cliffs, others were held by huge slabs of bowl shaped granite. Tom and Rudy joined me in looking out on the Quarries. They both had a look of astonishment on their faces.

"Woah, this place is cool. We've gotta come back sometime." Rudy stated. Tom nodded his head in agreement. "It seems like we are in one of those adventure movies." Tom added. "Hmm.yeah, like Stand By Me or something." I was glad that my suggestion to cure boredom had revealed such an astonishing place.

An experience that I was able to share with two good friends. I haven't returned to the quarries yet, I still plan to however. Tom and Rudy have to come with me, and we'll just have to bring more people to see the awesome site that is hidden with in the woods of just another average Massachusetts town.

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