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Power Of Tv The Power of TV Television as we know it today is one of the most powerful sources that we as citizens use to gather our information. This power has grown, and grown for years to where it is such an important part of political campaigns, information gathering, and even for the basic entertainment value. As you will see, a few elite people control what we see, and what we do not see. These people have a great deal of influence on American politics due to that ability. Television has a major control on our beliefs, and it creates a place for those running for office to convey their views onto all of the viewer's watching. These sometimes misleading campaign spots are made to persuade the viewers.

There are only handfuls of people that have a decision of what is on the news. The heads of the networks and the main news anchors make the decision and they make provisions to when and were they will be placed. The news channels can bring the facts about the political campaigns, and they do this when they find that the campaign slogan is too far fetched. The want to make sure that the people do get the facts about what is going on with the political parties, and the individual candidates. Television is such a great power due the number of televisions in circulation. Everyone has one, and every one uses them more than any other service available in today's society.

The powers that they hold by controlling what we see and what we do not see is totally up to their discretion. This gives them control over the political spectrum by the meaning of control of the news. That is all it takes to keep the general public from actually knowing what happens in the political world. To wrap up what I have been babbling about for the last page, television is such a strong influence on everything in today's society. The power that those heads of major stations have is such a factor in what we know and decide to make our opinion on politics.

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